OmniPlan for iPad ready to share PDFs

by Derek Reiff on July 12, 2012

The #1 requested feature customers sent in for OmniPlan on the iPad has just hit the App Store, so go grab it!

Tap and hold a project in the document browser to email a PDF of the Gantt chart (a full canvas, or paginated) or an HTML report (a task report or a resource report for a standalone web page.)

Instead of emailing, you might also send it over to an app like Dropbox to put it in a shared folder.

If you have an AirPrint enabled printer, you can send your Gantt chart there, too.

Head here if you were waiting for v1.1!

OmniWeb and the Early Internet

by Derek Reiff on June 29, 2012

Earlier this week a nostalgic OmniWeb user emailed in looking for release notes from the early days of OmniWeb. Back when we were apparently trying to find the right pixel-width for IFRAME borders. This is all before my time at Omni, but luckily I can still go through our entire OmniWeb mailing list archives.

OmniWeb 1.0 was free to regular folk and $120, per seat, for organizations. It was exclusive to NEXTSTEP and OpenStep and kind of a great value: you could access the internet!

The printed documentation had some blood, sweat, and tears, too.


Documentation Colophon

Back of Box

OmniPlan for iPad — it’s here!

by Derek Reiff on June 7, 2012

It’s with great excitement we’re able to introduce OmniPlan for iPad — a great new way to manage and create projects on the go. You can get it right now on the App Store for $49.99.

OmniPlan is the last of our core applications to hit the iPad, and we’re delighted with the app you’re now able to use. The first bits were checked in over a year ago—we even showed off a fairly functional app at Macworld this year—but the last few months have brought an absolute flurry of changes.

Learn more about specific features on OmniPlan’s product page. If you have questions, shoot us an email.

Major releases like this one require a lot of effort from everyone, and now we can share it with you. Enjoy, and happy planning.

OmniFocus and the End of MobileMe

by Derek Reiff on May 23, 2012

Behold! A new cloud-y day is upon us. We shall make backups of old, look to the new, and say goodbye to MobileMe.

Apple decided about a year and a half ago to shut down MobileMe, iCloud would be the new, better solution, and iDisk functionality would cease to exist.

That affects some OmniFocus users: if you’re still using MobileMe to sync your OmniFocus data, you need to switch. Our latest updates to OmniFocus remove all mention of iDisk and MobileMe, but your existing settings will continue to work up until the day the service is shut down, June 30th.

Afterwards, take some time to make the transition from MobileMe to iCloud. (Don’t miss out on the improved calendar, contact, and bookmark syncing, along with Photo Stream and Document Storage.) You can do that at, and there’s a great Apple Support page here. (Update: Apple has removed both pages after the transition.)

Now a look at options:

The Omni Sync Server

Our own Omni Sync Server is fast, free, and extremely easy to set up (25 seconds if you move fast), and is run by a team of folks that are determined to craft the best server specifically for our applications.

You’ll also benefit from future, device-agnostic features.

Omni Sync Server Signup


  • If your data can’t leave the network, Bonjour syncing is handy. Public networks and firewalls occasionally cause pain, but can (usually) be remedied.

  • If you’re not using an iPhone or iPad, (physical) Disk syncing is another option. (Don’t use your Dropbox folder!)

  • Finally, use pretty much any WebDAV server. Search one out, set one up yourself if you know how, or have a friendly sysadmin set one up.

After picking a method or service, head to our “How do I Migrate?” page and finish up.

“How Do I Migrate” tl;dr: Sync all your devices, then sync your primary device again. Switch to your new sync server on each, starting with your primary device.

If you’re concerned about transitioning from MobileMe to something else, don’t hesitate to email us here or call at 800 315-6664.

Know of an encrypted (on disk), secure, or otherwise trustworthy WebDAV service worth passing on? Let others know in the comments.