Alternative Options and Shorter Shortcuts

by Derek Reiff on July 27, 2012

OmniGraffle 5.4 shipped in early June with a new set of keyboard shortcuts to zoom in and out of the current canvas. The new shortcuts follow the iWork suite: ⌘> to zoom in, ⌘< to zoom out. This is a deliberate change, but we’ve heard from a few people who’ve suggested other shortcuts — the biggest being the Adobe CS set.

Dr. Drang wrote about keyboard shortcuts in OmniGraffle a year ago, somewhat in the same vein.

But! You can definitely change things around, if you need to, by adding a few Application-specific shortcuts in the Keyboard pane of System Preferences. (In fact, you could add a setting so that any application that has a Zoom In menubar item follows the same shortcut. Caveats: In OmniGraffle and Numbers, ⌘+ is used for making font size larger; other applications might be using it for other things, too.)

Anyway, how’s it done?

  • Select the Keyboard pane of System Preferences, followed by Keyboard Shortcuts. Select Application Shortcuts in the list on the left.
  • Click the + button and add Zoom In to the Menu Title field.
  • Add a shortcut. In this case, to match Adobe’s suite, use ⌘+. (Side note, this is actually, of course, ⌘=. As far as I can tell, OS X won’t ever show + in place of =, even with ⇧.)
  • Do the same thing (+ button, Zoom Out, and add ⌘–) for zooming out.

You’re done! If you’d like that to be global, leave “Any Application” in place.

Hopefully you’re all enjoying Mountain Lion! Here’s to the early adopters.

Customer Stories: Crafting Interaction with Nick Finck

by Derek Reiff on July 16, 2012

We receive a lot of emails and phone calls every day. Some asking for Feature X, others to report a bug. A fair amount, though, are stories from customers about how they use our applications. Each story leaves us feeling grateful to be in the business.

About a year ago, we decided to bring a few of these to video.

This story is about Nick Finck, Deloitte Digital, and how they’re using OmniGraffle to design user interfaces and information architecture.

The Story

We’ll let the video do most of the talking, but Nick—who is User Experience Director at Deloitte Digital—has been focused on mobile UX and IA over the last seven years. In that time, OmniGraffle has been the tool to design interfaces to “help (people) and make their day better.”


We talked to Nick just south of the Fremont Troll. For more from Nick, check out his blog.

PS: If you’re in the mood for an OmniGraffle poster, Nick created a very printable document of OmniGraffle Shortcuts.

OmniPlan for iPad ready to share PDFs

by Derek Reiff on July 12, 2012

The #1 requested feature customers sent in for OmniPlan on the iPad has just hit the App Store, so go grab it!

Tap and hold a project in the document browser to email a PDF of the Gantt chart (a full canvas, or paginated) or an HTML report (a task report or a resource report for a standalone web page.)

Instead of emailing, you might also send it over to an app like Dropbox to put it in a shared folder.

If you have an AirPrint enabled printer, you can send your Gantt chart there, too.

Head here if you were waiting for v1.1!

OmniWeb and the Early Internet

by Derek Reiff on June 29, 2012

Earlier this week a nostalgic OmniWeb user emailed in looking for release notes from the early days of OmniWeb. Back when we were apparently trying to find the right pixel-width for IFRAME borders. This is all before my time at Omni, but luckily I can still go through our entire OmniWeb mailing list archives.

OmniWeb 1.0 was free to regular folk and $120, per seat, for organizations. It was exclusive to NEXTSTEP and OpenStep and kind of a great value: you could access the internet!

The printed documentation had some blood, sweat, and tears, too.


Documentation Colophon

Back of Box

OmniPlan for iPad — it’s here!

by Derek Reiff on June 7, 2012

It’s with great excitement we’re able to introduce OmniPlan for iPad — a great new way to manage and create projects on the go. You can get it right now on the App Store for $49.99.

OmniPlan is the last of our core applications to hit the iPad, and we’re delighted with the app you’re now able to use. The first bits were checked in over a year ago—we even showed off a fairly functional app at Macworld this year—but the last few months have brought an absolute flurry of changes.

Learn more about specific features on OmniPlan’s product page. If you have questions, shoot us an email.

Major releases like this one require a lot of effort from everyone, and now we can share it with you. Enjoy, and happy planning.