Omni’s Privacy Stance: Your Data Is Your Own

With each iteration of iOS 14, Apple has made it easier for customers to make informed decisions about their own data and privacy—and at the Omni Group we’re 100% behind these improvements.

Through all the decades of our history, customer privacy has been an important value for us. It’s fundamental to who we are, guiding our decision-making from day one.

When you visit our website, we don’t track any information about you or use analytics tools from third parties that would let them track you. The only thing we want to track is data about our own site and how well it’s is helping the people who visit it: so we keep some relatively basic, anonymized logs about visitors and usage, which are never associated with any visitor’s identity.

When you use our apps, there is really only one thing we need to know: whether you’ve licensed the app, or are simply using it for free (either as part of our free two-week demo, or as a free viewer once the demo expires). The best way for us to know whether you’ve licensed the app is for you to register a purchase with your Omni Account, so we can give you credit for that purchase no matter where you log in.

There are other ways we respect your privacy, such as using end-to-end encryption when you sync OmniFocus data through our servers. It’s super important to teams, critical in an enterprise, but just as important to an individual. You can learn about these approaches and more on our privacy page.

I could go on and on, and probably will in an upcoming Omni Show podcast. Apple’s support for privacy is not new, but the tangible step they’re taking in iOS 14.5 of asking for permission is meaningful—so this seemed like a great moment for us to articulate our support for the cause of protecting your privacy.

With the terrific improvements in iOS 14, we take heart that we’re not the only company with these values. We appreciate the support and attention this brings to treating each of you with respect. We would and will continue to value your privacy no matter what other organizations do, of course—but we hope that these changes will inspire more businesses to join in.