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What’s New in iOS 11


OmniFocus is flexible enough to be used however you want. Start with a workflow or system you know, like GTD®, or craft your own from the ground up.

Need another suggestion? Check out Inside OmniFocus.

Never lose a thing

With OmniFocus for iOS and Apple Watch around, you’ll never miss out on a game-changing idea. Walk by a grocery store and your wrist will get a tap; pick up some milk and bread. There’s no need for you to keep track of all that yourself. And OmniFocus has its own, bespoke, sync engine that uses web standards. Enjoy it with our free Sync Server, or use your own.

Quick Entry

The quickest way to add an action on each platform. Just a tap or keyboard shortcut away. You can even add actions using the system-wide share sheet or with 3rd party apps.

Location Awareness

With an iPhone or iPad that supports location notifications, use proximity alerts to know when you’re near a grocery or hardware store.

Siri Capture

Hey Siri, can you please add check out the museum of history and industry to my OmniFocus list? Thanks.

Built for iOS 11

Drag and Drop

Move text into and out of OmniFocus on your iPad—if the dragged item is in the right format, OmniFocus automatically brings in Flags or Start and Due Dates. You can even rearrange tasks by dragging them above, below, or inside other tasks or projects on iPhone and iPad.

Siri Integration

Speak directly to OmniFocus using Siri. Access your lists, create new tasks and projects, and more. You can even add reminders to tasks and mark them as complete!

3D Touch for iPhone


Get a quick look at the details of an action—just lightly press (not a tap!) an action, project, or context.


Press a little further to pop into the editor.

Swipe Up

Flag, Complete, Delete, or change the Due Date. When you’re done, you’re right where you need to be.

Quick Actions

Jump straight into a recently used perspective, or right to Quick Entry for a new Inbox item.

Beautifully constructed

OmniFocus Light & Dark

OmniFocus for Mac includes two built-in Color Palettes: light and dark. Both are easy on the eyes and look fantastic in full screen.

Font Collections

We’ve selected and customized three fonts just for OmniFocus. San Francisco, Georgia, and our own variant of Proxima Nova.

What’s in Pro

What makes OmniFocus 2 so special is an extra emphasis on simplicity—anyone can get started. But extra power reveals itself when you need it. We’ve tucked a bunch of powerful things into the Professional upgrade, like focusing on projects or folders, scripting, and creating perspectives for your every whim.

Workflow Automation with AppleScript
Custom Perspectives
macOS & iOS
Custom Sidebars
macOS & iOS

But that’s not all

Multitasking for iOS

On your iPad and iPhone, work faster and get more things done with Split View multitasking.

Hardware Keyboard Support

OmniFocus for iOS has serious keyboard support and shortcuts. Just hold the Command, Option, or Control keys down to bring up a list.

Encrypted Sync

OmniFocus’s Sync architecture delivers changes from one device to another, while encryption working behind the scenes keeps your data secure in transit and at rest on the server. Really secure.


Search for your projects directly from Spotlight. For both iOS and macOS. (On iOS, you can search for actions, too.)


Dress up your Watch face with a friendly reminder about What’s Next in OmniFocus.


Send an action to a partner right from the toolbar. Or share directly to your OmniFocus Inbox from any app in macOS or iOS that support it.

Attachment Support

Record audio to transcribe later, add photos from your Camera Roll, or view files you’ve attached from your Mac.

Calendar Integration

At-a-glance context to your day. Work around your events in Forecast view.

Quick Open for macOS

Press Command-O on Mac to jump directly to a specific Project or Context.

Inside OmniFocus

Check out different workflows from a few OmniFocus users, tools or services that integrate well the suite, and explore systems like GTD®, or design one of your own design. All original, and all at Inside OmniFocus.

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$59.99 USD

Education and Business pricing available for Mac.

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Mac iOS
Quick Entry
Attachment Support
Custom Views
Calendar Integration
Encrypted Sync
Notifications & Alerts
Today Extension
Share Sheet
Data Export
Review Mode
Spotlight Search
Hardware Keyboard Shortcuts
Dark Palette
Siri Capture
Swipe to Flag
Location-based Alerts
Multitasking on iOS
Quick Actions
Drag and Drop in iOS 11
Custom Styles
Quick Open
Custom Columns
Custom Perspectives PRO PRO
Customizable Sidebar PRO PRO
Focus PRO
AppleScript Support PRO
After a 14 day trial, Standard and Pro features are unlocked with an In‑App Purchase.

System Requirements

Mac: macOS 10.12

iPad & iPhone: iOS 11, watchOS 4

Latest Versions

Mac: v2.12.2

iPad & iPhone: v2.22.4


Mac: Release notes, Documentation

iPad & iPhone: Release notes, Documentation

Older versions

If your Mac doesn’t meet the system requirements, you may have better luck with a previous version from the downloads archive.


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