OmniFocus for iOS 2.18.2

March 1, 2017

Requires iOS 10

OmniFocus 2.18.2 fixes bugs and adds awareness of a change to the way we handle attachments (coming in v2.19).

  • Repeating Items — Fixed a problem where a slow connection to your sync location could cause a long delay between checking off a repeating item and the next iteration’s appearance.
  • Today Widget — Fixed a widget crash that would result in “Unable to load” being displayed.
  • Crashes — Fixed a crash related to Reminders Capture, among others.
  • TaskPaper — Fixed a regression pasting TaskPaper text where the values of @autodone or @parallel were ignored when present.
  • Future File Formats — Updated OmniFocus’ “capabilities” system to provide more helpful errors when an un-parseable database is encountered.

OmniFocus for iOS 2.18.1

February 7, 2017

Requires iOS 10

OmniFocus 2.18.1 fixes bugs:

  • Crash — Fixed an eventual crash if you toggled App Lock by swiping the toggle switch instead of tapping it.
  • Undo — Fixed a problem where after dismissing App Lock, Undo would be unavailable until you navigated somewhere else within OmniFocus.
  • Localizations — Updated localizations. Some un-localized areas remain; sorry for any inconvenience!

OmniFocus for iOS 2.18

January 25, 2017

Requires iOS 10

OmniFocus 2.18 — January 25, 2017

OmniFocus 2.18 adds App Lock, a feature for hiding your OmniFocus data behind Touch ID (and/or a password). We’ve also fixed several bugs and made changes to make it easier for you to access data in the event of a problem (and for our Support Humans to help you with that!).

  • App Lock — Accessible via settings, App Lock keeps OmniFocus from displaying your data without first authenticating via Touch ID or the password of your choice.
  • Badge Summary — In Settings we now display a row that previews your App Icon badge and shows which categories have items. You can flip a switch to also show the explanation row in the Today Widget and 3D Touch Quick Actions.
  • Bulk Deletion — In order to help iOS-only customers who have enough completed items in their database to negatively affect performance, we’ve added a feature that prompts you when you have more than 1000 items that have been completed for more than six months and allows you to delete them. If you’re syncing with a Mac, you should use the Archive feature there instead.
  • Settings — Added a “Reveal Stored Password” row to Sync Settings which is protected by whatever device security you have enabled (i.e. Touch ID or PIN).
  • Apple Watch — We enabled digital crown for paging through the details of items in the current container.
  • Haptics — Added haptic vibrations for completing actions and toggling flagged status in the Editor.
  • Localizations — Added Brazilian Portuguese and Korean localizations! Updated the rest of our localizations and fixed some problems.
  • Action Groups — Fixed a problem where parents of action groups refused to complete if sync completed all children.
  • Apple Watch — Fixed a problem where if you were viewing the details of an item on Apple Watch and those details were changed elsewhere, the view didn’t refresh.
  • Counting — Fixed a problem where Contexts wouldn’t report an accurate Available count. Fixed an incorrect count when a device was offline during an item’s completion and due date passage.
  • Crashes — Fixed our most common crash in OmniFocus 2.17.x, as well as several others.
  • Encryption — Fixed a problem where updating your encryption passphrase would not update the underlying encryption keys, meaning that someone who had your old passphrase could still decrypt your data.
  • External Keyboards — Fixed a problem where tapping on an Editor tab broke external keyboard shortcuts for the rest of the editing session.
  • iPad 4 — Fixed a problem where the search field and search scope buttons didn’t appear correctly on this device.
  • Links — Fixed a problem where application links found after an http:// link in notes were not tappable.
  • New Inbox Item — Fixed a problem where the keyboard was slow to dismiss when saving or cancelling from this editor.
  • Notes — Fixed a problem where the notes view didn’t always scroll to reveal the cursor.
  • Share Extension — Fixed a problem where Sharing an image from Messages would result in an OmniFocus action with no attachment.
  • Sharing — Sharing from OmniFocus to Notes no longer results in blank images or broken links.
  • Today & Watch — Fixed a problem where custom Perspectives didn’t show in the Today & Watch settings.
  • Apple Watch — Changed the title of the details screen to “Details” instead of trying to identify the item itself, which proved to be unreliable.
  • Broken Links — We now display a more helpful error message when you follow an omnifocus:// link to an item that doesn’t exist.
  • De-synchronization — Update the prompt you receive when OmniFocus can’t reconcile your local database with what’s on the server to make the default replacing the local data, which is almost always the right thing to do.
  • Encryption — We now require you to enter your sync password before migrating to the encrypted file format. This should reduce the number of customers who wind up with database encrypted using a key they don’t remember.
  • Extensions — Changes made in extensions now trigger a Push sync, meaning that they should appear everywhere sooner than in the past.
  • Replace Server Database —We now allow you to skip taking a backup of the server database before replacing it in the case of a cancelled encryption passphrase prompt or error.
  • Smaller Fixes and Improvements — Thanks for reporting any problems you find!

OmniFocus for iOS 2.17.4

December 15, 2016

Requires iOS 10

OmniFocus 2.17.4 — December 13, 2016

  • Encryption — Fixed a problem where a distinct encryption passphrase couldn’t be set in iOS 10.2.

OmniFocus for iOS 2.17.3

October 10, 2016

Requires iOS 10

OmniFocus 2.17.3 — October 7, 2016

  • Crash — Reverted a change in 2.17.2 that increased the number of crashes rather than reducing them.