OmniFocus 3 for iOS 3.4.3

January 13, 2020

Requires iOS 13, watchOS 4

OmniFocus 3.4.3 is a minor update focused on bug fixes.

  • Background Activity — Fixed a condition that could cause a “Threading Policy Violation” when OmniFocus was foregrounded.
  • Crash — Fixed a crash bringing OmniFocus to the foreground.
  • Crash — Fixed a crash related to assigning tags.
  • Crash — Fixed another of our most frequent crashes.
  • Deleted Items — Fixed a problem that could result in a message like “Error encountered: Update of object which could not be resurrected Task…”
  • First Launch — Fixed a problem with localized subtitles in the first-launch video.
  • Sidebar — Fixed a problem where sidebar visibility would sometimes be forgotten when OmniFocus was backgrounded on iPadOS.

OmniFocus 3 for iOS 3.4.2

December 19, 2019

Requires iOS 13, watchOS 4

OmniFocus 3.4.2 is a minor update focused on bug fixes.

  • Crash — Fixed a crash on launch.
  • Forecast — Fixed a problem where the bottom toolbar wouldn’t update promptly.
  • Inbox — Fixed a problem where dragging the New Inbox Item to create a “grandchild” in an existing action group would corrupt the existing hierarchy.
  • Inspector — Fixed a problem with animation.
  • Today — Fixed a problem where the New Inbox Item button wouldn’t appear in some cases.
  • Undo — Fixed a problem with the Undo popover’s tint color. Fixed a problem using shake to undo while editing a note.
  • URL Scheme — Fixed a problem where omnifocus:// urls for containers would open the inspector instead of the outline view.
  • Clean Database — This operation now includes dropped items.
  • In-App Purchase — You can now make a standalone purchase while a subscription is active, after confirming that’s really what you want to do. Fixed problems with the purchase options screen.
  • Smaller Fixes and Improvements — Thanks for sending in feedback!

OmniFocus 3 for iOS 3.4.1

December 9, 2019

Requires iOS 13, watchOS 4

Looking for Shortcut inspiration? Check out our recent blog post with annotated examples!

  • Dark Mode — Added an option in Settings to use dark (or light) mode regardless of the system appearance.
  • Context Menus — Added Go to Project to the context menu for actions.
  • Crash — Fixed a crash processing omnifocus:///paste URLs.
  • Crash — Fixed a crash tapping Save + in the project inspector with a tag assigned.
  • Crash — Fixed a crash with drag and drop.
  • Inspector — Fixed an animation problem in the project sub-inspector.
  • Notifications — Fixed a problem where an item would be displayed, but not selected in the outline, after tapping its notification.
  • Subscriptions — Fixed a problem where subscription renewals weren’t recognized and OmniFocus would revert to Free Viewer mode.
  • Sync — Fixed a problem where sync would be blocked when an inspector was open but the app was backgrounded.
  • Toolbars — Fixed several toolbar animation problems.
  • Undo — Fixed a problem where Undo-ing via Smart Keyboard would undo two actions instead of one.
  • VoiceOver — Fixed a problem clearing locaton assignment in the tag inspector.
  • Smaller Fixes and Improvements — Including crash fixes. Thanks for sending in feedback and crash reports!

OmniFocus 3 for iOS 3.4

November 21, 2019

Requires iOS 13, watchOS 4

OmniFocus 3.4 adds support for iOS 13 features like system dark mode, multiple windows, and parameterized shortcuts. This release requires iOS 13 and watchOS 4.

  • Dark Mode — OmniFocus and its extensions now support and follow the iOS 13 system dark mode.
  • Multiple Windows — You can now work across multiple OmniFocus windows on iPadOS. Create a new window by dragging the OmniFocus icon from the Dock or via App Exposé, by using the Open in New Window contextual menu item, or by dragging a dragging a folder, project, or tag row to the edge of the screen.
  • Contextual Menus — OmniFocus 3.4 adopts the new iOS 13 contextual menu system, which is now accessible via long-press on rows in the outline.
  • Parameterized Shortcuts — This release adds four new shortcut actions:
    • Find Items lets you search for items in your database based on availability, project, tags, dates, and more and pass them to other actions.
    • Show in OmniFocus shows a project, folder, tag, or perspective chosen from a list, or an item passed from the previous action.
    • Get Database Object from Input is useful when getting input from other shortcuts which cannot pass the OmniFocus Item custom type. It expects JSON in the format {"type": "project", "primaryKey": "pwanCgZeLXG", "version": 1.0}.
    • Show Database Object in OmniFocus shows a given Database Object in OmniFocus.
  • Inspector — Completion Date and Dropped Date are now editable in the inspector once an item has been completed or dropped. Date Added and Date Changed are also shown as read-only rows.
  • Modal Presentations — Modal presentations (like the compact inspector) now use the iOS 13 “card” appearance where appropriate. This means they can be easily dismissed by swiping downwards.
  • Release Notes — Updates to these release notes are now automatically displayed on launch.
  • iOS Search — Items completed or dropped in the last seven days are now included in the iOS Search index.
  • Settings — Added a section for viewing and regenerating OmniFocus’ iOS Search index, for purposes of troubleshooting unexpected shorcut results.
  • omnifocus:// URLs — Fixed a problem with search URLs.
  • Outline — Fixed a problem where you couldn’t drag the New Inbox Item button to the end of a list to insert an item there.
  • Siri — Fixed a problem where you couldn’t mark an item as complete using Siri in iOS 13
  • Sync — Fixed a problem that could result in extra sync activity and poor performance if many copies of OmniFocus were syncing to the same location.
  • Sync — Fixed a problem where launching OmniFocus after an iOS background fetch could show Dropped actions as still Remaining.
  • Today Widget — Fixed a problem where the last item would sometimes not appear.
  • Search — In iOS 13 empty outline views automically reveal the search bar by default and set the search scope Remaining or Everything as appropriate.
  • Review — Updated “Next Review” sorting for custom perspectives to match OmniFocus for Mac, where projects needing review soonest are sorted to the top.
  • Smaller Fixes and Improvements — Thanks for sending in your feedback!

OmniFocus 3 for iOS 3.3.7

November 8, 2019

Requires iOS 11.3, watchOS 4

  • Crash — Fixed a crash when swiping to delete a project or action group on iOS 13.