OmniFocus for iOS 3.12.1

December 27, 2021

Requires iOS 14, watchOS 5

OmniFocus 3.12.1

OmniFocus 3.12.1 fixes a bug which could cause perspectives to go missing from the home screen.

  • Home Screen — Fixed a timing issue which could cause the home screen to lose track of its built-in perspectives.

OmniFocus for iOS 3.12

December 13, 2021

Requires iOS 14, watchOS 5

OmniFocus 3.12

OmniFocus 3.12 introduces Omni Automation actions for Shortcuts, improves sync performance in some cases, improves app activation times on iOS 15, and fixes some issues with renewing an active subscription. This update requires iOS 14 or later.

  • Omni Automation — We’ve added support for triggering Omni Automation scripts and plug-ins from Shortcuts, using the new Omni Automation Script and Omni Automation Plug-In actions.
  • Permissions — Rather than present a comprehensive permissions dialog when setting up the app, OmniFocus prompts for specific permissions as they are needed.
  • Sync Performance — Fixed a bug where an interrupted sync could leave the database in a state where its history would no longer compact, even when all devices were fully synced. This would lead to slower and slower sync performance over time, requiring manual intervention to compact the database and restore normal sync performance.
  • iOS 15 Performance — Improved app activation performance on iOS 15 by avoiding floating time zone updates when the time zone hasn’t actually changed.
  • Subscription Renewal — Fixed some issues which could cause the app to lose track of an active subscription, requiring a fresh Omni Account sign-in each time the subscription renewed. Signing in to an Omni Account should now keep you signed in until you explicitly sign out, remove the app, or change your account password.
  • Stability — Fixed a background crash encountered when the app was pre-launched by iOS.

OmniFocus for iOS 3.11.7

June 22, 2021

Requires iOS 13, watchOS 5

OmniFocus 3.11.7

  • Sync — Fixed a bug that could cause repeated sync password prompts.
  • Stability — Addressed a crash that could occur when exporting data to the Apple Watch app.

OmniFocus for iOS 3.11.6

April 14, 2021

Requires iOS 13, watchOS 5

OmniFocus 3.11.6

  • Omni Automation [PRO] — Fixed a bug that could cause access to libraries in plug-in bundles to be lost, resulting in an error.

OmniFocus for iOS 3.11.5

March 16, 2021

Requires iOS 13, watchOS 5

OmniFocus 3.11.5

  • Omni Automation [PRO] — Omni Automation improvements. For more detail, see the API Reference Release Notes.