At Omni, Your Data Is Yours

We believe that you own your data. Not us, not anybody else. And we believe that you should be in control over where it lives and how it’s used. This principle, this truth, is central to who we are. We have the deepest respect for our customers, and we prove it with our full commitment to your privacy. It shows in the features we’ve built and the policies we’ve chosen.

No Social Media or Advertising Trackers

We don’t share data gathered from our apps or websites with social media or advertising services such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google (it’s why we’ll never ask you to sign in with anything but your Omni username and password). You’re already tracked by these companies too much — but Omni apps and websites are a safe haven.

We don’t use Google analytics on our website, and we don’t use social media or advertising services to provide metrics on how people use our apps.

Your Choice Of Data Storage

Store your OmniGraffle, OmniOutliner, and OmniPlan documents on your device or choose between iCloud, OmniPresence, and other document storage and syncing providers. Because where you store your data can be as important as how it’s stored.

With OmniFocus, if you want to sync using your own server instead of our free sync server, you can.

You might have additional security requirements, or you might just prefer to run your server yourself. OmniFocus syncing works over the standard WebDAV protocol, which is supported by common web servers such as Apache. You’ll still get the benefit of end-to-end encryption.


OmniFocus supports end-to-end encryption. It uses an encryption passphrase of your choice to make sure only you can read your data — even if you store it on our free Omni Sync Server. Your to-do list is yours, and will stay that way.

OmniOutliner also supports encryption. Because an OmniOutliner document may contain your most sensitive business information, too-early-for-feedback brainstorms, or notes you just don’t want shared, you can encrypt it so nobody else has access.

Encrypt any OmniOutliner document by setting an encryption password in the Document inspector. This makes it secure, no matter where it‘s stored. The encryption method is AES-256 in CCM mode.

App Lock on iOS

To prevent accidental viewing of your data, our iOS apps include the ability to set a password for opening the app. The apps will be locked even when your device is unlocked.

You can also add Face ID or Touch ID as an option, so you don’t have to type your password every time. This makes it convenient enough to leave on all the time, if you wish.


Omni apps store your documents on your Mac, iPhone, or iPad where they’re running. They still sync and offer cloud storage, but only if you want it.

Because the apps are talking to local documents on your device, there’s much less of your data going over the web — and this means fewer chances for your data to be snooped.

And, for people who need even more security, you can choose to store your data locally, and never let it out over the web at all.

Privacy Policy Change Tracking

Our commitment to your privacy means a commitment to our own transparency. We don’t make changes to our privacy policy often, but, when we do, we make sure everyone can see the changes — because your trust is vital to our success.

Our current privacy policy can be viewed on our website. You can review every past revision of the policy on Github.