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Developing applications exclusively for Mac, iPad, and iPhone. We’re an employee-owned company dedicated to awesome software and enthusiastic customer support in beautiful Seattle, Washington.


Our Story

We think that Omni is a different sort of company and that it shows in both our products and our service. There are a bunch of things that make Omni a special place:

From our roots as a consulting company in the early ‘90s, the Omni Group has enjoyed sustained growth. Our early focus on the NeXT platform allowed us to transition to Mac OS X and iOS. We’ve enjoyed contributing to the success of those platforms and sharing in their phenomenal growth.

The Omni Group, like our software, is designed for the long haul. A quick growth, buy-out culture works for some, but doesn’t fit our philosophy of long-term support for our customers.

We try to keep the office fun. We treat each other with respect. We cultivate pride in our work. We put massive amounts of work into our products.

We’re privileged to be able to work each day with smart and talented people who are passionate about creating great software. All while treating customers with respect, making a living, and having fun.

Omni’s distinctive productivity applications have won three Macworld Editors’ Choice awards, a MacUser UK “Maxine” award, Macworld Expo Best of Show, two Mac Observer Editors’ Choice Awards, an iPhone Alley Editors’ Choice award, and five Apple Design awards.


An inside look at the people of the Omni Group.

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Grayson West
Design Manager

Grayson hails from the south coast of Oregon. A competitive cyclist since the age of 14, Grayson dropped out of college after one year and raced in Belgium, France and Holland. After breaking a femur during a race in France, he returned to the states and attended Savannah College of Art and Design and Northern Arizona University. He holds a B.F.A. in visual communication.

At Omni, Grayson does graphic design work and manages the Design department. He spends as much time as possible kiteboarding in Baja, and stays in shape by going beast mode on the latest CrossFit equipment.

Joel Page
User Experience Designer

Making pixels is easy. They’re just little squares of screen that look one color or the other. Now, figuring out where they need to go, that’s the hard part. More important still is knowing where they shouldn’t go. That’s what Joel does, in his efforts to make icons and other sundry images, and he often abuses his powers as OmniGraffle Product Manager to make that job easier.

Mark Boszko
Video Producer

Ever since Mark was a young lad in southern Maryland, when he saw the TV special about the visual effects for The Empire Strikes Back, he knew he wanted to get into movies. Or TV. Or music. Or engineering. Or design. Or software. One of those. He still can’t quite decide.

Mark used to work in cable TV, but now he spends his non-Omni hours watching every movie he can get his hands on, recording podcasts about them (and Star Trek), and searching for the ever-elusive perfect tiki drink.

Derek Reiff
Web Developer

After college, Derek moved from the Great Midwest. (Indiana) Now, of course, he’s in the Great Pacific Northwest. (And loves it.) He’s into “seriously considering” buying boats, sailing, fastpacking, attempting to roast better coffee, and brewing drinkable beer.

Derek writes some words here and there for Omni.

Chris Pruitt
Web Developer

Chris is working on his story!

Brent Simmons
Marketing Human

Brent — Chicago-born, Maryland-raised — moved to Seattle after high school. After working as a busboy, book pricer at Goodwill, secretary in a biology lab, and assistant to the Christmas buyer in a now-defunct home-and-hardware chain (not his fault), Brent stumbled into writing software, and he’s happily stuck there ever since.

Until he switched over to marketing, that is, and now we just don’t even know who he is any more.

Andrew Abernathy
User Experience Designer

Raised in Alabama (with a side trip to Scotland), Andrew spent a few years in the Atlanta area earning enough to buy a NeXTstation, before moving to Seattle in the mid-nineties. He joined Omni soon after and claims to still love it here. He appreciates the (all-too-short) Seattle summers and the beauty and variety of the region, though he misses thunderstorms and water warm enough to go swimming in. He enjoys refining concepts and rendering them to code, and capturing the world with his camera.

David Lonning
Documentation Wrangler

Dave hails from the wilds of Minnesota by way of eight years in Japan, where he was exposed to the mysterious mineral hot springs that are the source of his technical writing prowess. He honed those skills at a small software localization company before finding a home at Omni, where he treats crafting manuals and in-app help as a labor of love.

When not wordsmithing he can be found crafting tunes, running the regular Omni Pathfinder game, or immersed in the minutiae of sundry geek hobbies.

Ken Case
Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Ken Case is Chairman and CEO of the Omni Group, which he founded with Tim Wood and Wil Shipley. Ken is a computer geek at heart, and continues to contribute directly to building Omni’s products. Before founding Omni in 1992, Ken consulted for NeXT and worked for the University of Washington.

Ken has developed software for over eighteen operating systems, but since finding the NeXT / Mac / iOS platform he’s been happy to focus on the platform which he feels makes our team the most productive.

Tim Wood
Founder, Chief Technology Officer

Tim graduated from the University of Washington with two bachelor’s degrees, Computer Science and Pure Mathematics. After a long stint consulting for Fortune 500 companies, followed by a shorter one doing game ports, Tim is joyously immersed in growing Mac OS X consumer software. Tim is the team lead for OmniFocus and OmniOutliner as well as working on the Omni Frameworks and serving as the Vice President of Software Development.

Tim lives in Seattle with his wife, son, and daughter.

Molly Reed
Chief Operating Officer

Molly has a keen eye for detail and a desire to optimize. And that’s a good thing: she deals in what we call The Real World.

She’s in charge of keeping us insured, microwave-game prevention and/or fallout, and gets the call at 3AM if a door breaks down.

She’s happiest when she is buried deep in the function catalogue of a spreadsheet. Molly is a native PNWer that is actively offended by socks with sandals. She received her MBA at UW.

Aaron Bendickson
System Administrator

If you ask Aaron where he’s from he will most likely tell you Missoula, Montana despite not having lived there since he was 18. After studying music in Boston he found himself qualified for a long and successful career in the street corner windshield washing industry. Fortunately he also is pretty adept at fixing stuff. In his spare time he can be found cycling, playing (or fixing) pinball games, making music or corralling his brood of children.

Jane Hall
Kitchen Manager

Jane describes herself as “a modest woman,” but luckily there plenty of folks at Omni who will boast on her behalf. Dear reader, these facts are true: She rides a perhaps too cool blue motorcycle to work. She can often be seen rocking the skins in an arabic music band around the Seattle area. One of her previous bands was named “The Bucharest Drinking Team”. Last but not least, she once played a clown show. In Hong Kong. We couldn’t make this stuff up if we tried, people. Hear us now and believe us later: Jane is rad.

Jordan Johnson
Kitchen Assistant

Born to a walrus somewhere outside of Singapore in 1356, Jordan Johnson would quickly become known as “Skrabblebrabzle,” which in Malaysian loosely translates to, “He who rains friendly kidney pie on all of your children’s toes.” in honor of the great deeds of pie showering he performed. Jordan resurfaces in historical texts at the age of 20 stealing kidneys in Paris and selling them to the highest bidder. Eventually captured and imprisoned in the Bastille, he tunneled out 6 months with a baguette.

Kristen Powell
Kitchen Assistant

Born with a dollar and six dimes under the mountain Auyantepui in Salto Angel, Venezuela, his mother mistook him for a girl and named him Kristen in a moment of confusion. When she realized her mistake she decided to move him to the ghettos of California, but he ran away from the ‘hood to the safety of Redondo Beach. When he found out about the life in Seattle he said to himself, “this is the last boat I will be on….”

Ainsley Bourque Olson
Product Manager

Born in Nova Scotia, Canada, Ainsley arrived in Seattle following stints in Nevada and Eastern Washington. Having used Apple computers from an early age, she likes to tell the story about how she first used OmniGraffle as a ninth grader. Despite her natural affinity for computers and all things geeky, Ainsley graduated from the University of Washington with a Political Science degree.

In her free time, Ainsley can be found crafting, reading, and talking about how she should start running again.

David Messent
Product Manager

A Support Human Emeritus, Dave took over Product Management duties for OmniFocus in the Summer of 2014. Born and raised in Seattle, he enjoys a quiet life at home with his wife, dog, and a rotating cast of hobbies (ask him about “meta-woodworking”). Prior to joining Omni, Dave made coffee and PowerPoint presentations about mobile phones (though not at the same time).

Derek Motonaga
Product Manager

Derek is a native Seattleite and creator of things and cookies. He learned to program robots to do his bidding at UW, but preferred to avoid judgement day so he now breaks software and manages outlines. Rediscovering his passion for creating art of various forms, his house is now filled with art supplies. You can also find him out volunteering around the greater Seattle area with One Brick and helping to run it behind the scenes. His cats have their own Vine account.

Dan Walker
Product Manager

Dan’s first career was as a divemaster, where he lived aboard the boat and led both day and night dives during week-long cruises. In a bit of foreshadowing, he once managed to crash a dive computer while 50 feet underwater. Prior to joining Omni as a software tester, Dan tested at the University of Washington (his alma mater) and a large licensing agency (where he shifted careers to development but backtracked after spending some time with Java). Now he’s a Product Manager and at home he raises children and chickens with his wife. It’s a poultry life, up with the chickens in the morning to get the ducks in a row at work.

Tom Bunch
Software Developer

In 1995, Tom abdicated his position as a research consultant at the University of Washington, where his responsibilities included saving Pacific Northwest salmon stocks from near certain extinction to join Omni. (His reasons were sound!) Since joining Omni, Tom’s clients have included Standard & Poors, Adobe Systems, Inc.,, and MacPlay, Inc. Tom installs bugs in OmniPlan to keep Mr. Kwong busy. In his spare time, Tom wrangles his children.

Andrew Burkhalter
Software Developer

Andrew has, in chronological order: been born, earned degrees in computer science and music theory, escaped Indiana, married, saved the environment, come to work at Omni, and fathered two very cute children. His best attributes, in random order: nerd cred (he has been caught talking to himself in Ewok), a handsome face (he was once mistaken for Josh Groban by a woman wearing a Josh Groban jacket), and mad skillz (see: the ever-improving OmniFocus). He is also very humble, which is why his wife wrote this bio.

Jim Correia
Software Developer

Before moving to the Pacific Northwest to join Omni, Jim has studied physics, and written code for Bare Bones Software, and the SimCalc Project at the University of Massachusetts. He once spent a summer searching for exotic mesons. He also refuses to write a bio.

Tim Ekl
Software Developer

Tim wrote his first iOS app in 2008 as a quick project on a then-new iPhone 3G, with no intention of expanding his Objective-C skills. Years later, he somehow leveraged that project (and the dozens that followed) into a career with Omni, where he works mostly on OmniFocus.

Tim came to Seattle from Chicago, bringing with him a MacBook Pro and a 42U server rack. He maintains that the Nintendo 64 is the best console and has a deep affinity for Starbucks, which coincides well with Omni’s location.

Shannon Hughes
Software Developer

Shannon used to spend her spare time building apps. Having happily discovered that she can write code full-time and still have spare time, she now spends her spare time with her children, her knitting, and her apps. She is hardly ever bored.

William Lewis
Software Developer

Wim is afraid of both cameras and bios. ← That’s pretty much all this web page has ever said about Wim, but recently several years ago we learned some interesting information about Wim’s childhood that we thought we would share. Years ago, a youthful and enterprising Wim installed a theremin behind a wall in his family’s home - then he wired it into their intercom system. Whenever an unsuspecting victim would walk by, the instrument would come to life, filling the house with eerie wails.

Ryan Patrick
Software Developer

Ryan grew up in Syracuse, NY which explains why he thinks that Seattle has fabulous weather year-round. In a previous life, he was a mechanical engineer and spent a few years designing airplane engines (so, yes, you should be afraid to fly). Realizing that he enjoyed algorithms and conditional loops over gears and coefficients of friction, Ryan went back to school and got his Masters in CS from George Washington University in 2003. When not programming, Ryan can be found outside on either a trail or a bike.

Greg Titus
Software Developer

Greg was born and raised in the Seattle area, and strives mightily to achieve maximum stereotype status via coffee addiction, introversion, microbrews, game geekery, grunge music, and sailing on the sound with his lovely wife and two kids. He even enjoys the rain.

After a few rebellious teen years working at Microsoft, he came to the Omni Group, and has since touched - and broken - nearly every piece of code at one time or another.

Rachael Worthington
Software Developer

Rachael’s a knitter, a D&Der, a video game player, a sports fan, a wife, a sister, a friend, and that crazy lady down the way. Also, sometimes the walking undead. Not often, though.

Troy Brandt
Software Developer

Troy grew up near Seattle and has always known that this is his town. Keeping with the spirit of Seattle he fell in love with music and has devoted much of his studies to writing, performing and recording music. He has an “art” school degree in Audio Production where he learned the art of knob twiddling and that dynamic compression is way cooler than boring overused digital effects. Somehow, he wound up with us here at Omni where he currently spends his days building websites. And more.

Kristina Sontag
Software Test Manager

Kristina Sontag is the Software Test Manager at The Omni Group and a 20-year software industry veteran. In addition to gleefully contributing to Omni’s software quality, she knits, supports her local soccer teams, organizes code camps for middle-school girls and explores the Pacific Northwest with her son.

Michelle Knee
Software Test Pilot

Michelle hails from Boilermaker country where she found her love of sports of all sorts. After college she moved to Florence Y’all, finding she was a pretty slow developer because she spent all of her time testing software. Fate rolled a natural 20 and voilà! Michelle became a software tester.

Brand new to Seattle because of its proximity to Maui—and because working at Omni is awesome—Michelle enjoys her cats, hockey, gaming, Gen Con, crafts, and reading.

Steve Schenk
Software Test Pilot

Steve has roots in central Illinois and arrived in the northwest via Brooklyn, NY. He comes to us with years of field experience with Apple and a Psychology degree from the University of Illinois. In 2004, Steve decided Seattle was the place to be after taking a solo road trip in his 1977 VW Westy and enjoying coffee for the first time.

When he’s not at Omni taking calls, you’ll find him tackling TV show marathons with his girlfriend, playing guitar, and running. Steve is an INTP.

Evan McNulty
Software Test Pilot

Evan gets to use our newest, coolest stuff before you do. It’s in the pursuit of making it better for you. Maybe.

Aaron Kwong
Software Test Pilot

Aaron started out as a young Alaskan, surviving winters and finishing homework on his early Apple computers. He had to leave for reasons that are forever sealed in Alaska’s juvenile records, and he ended up in Seattle. High school followed by art school, and a tour of duty at Apple retail. He’s now testing and eating appz.

Orion Protonentis
Software Test Pilot

From being the geekiest member of a Shakespearean troupe, to being the most Shakespearean of a geeky troop, Orion brings a different take to tech. With a background in theatrical fisticuffs and swordplay, he is as fast with a quip as a dagger – and will use either, to solve a problem. Occasionally loud, and prone to dramatic turns of phrase, he’s been a geek since he first turned on a TRS-80… and that Macintosh 128K blew his mind! He’s been using Omni software since 2002, and is downright tickled to be part of the team.

Lanette Creamer
Software Test Pilot

Lanette hails from Seattle and combines a deep love of testing, glitter, kitties and terrible puns. Her test databases definitely have the highest incidence of cat pictures! Outside of work, she enjoys reading fantasy series, knitting and world travel. Enthusiastic about testing for over ten years, making cool stuff better gets her out of bed in the morning.

James Rowland
Software Test Pilot

Jim is still working on a bio!

Brian Covey
Support Manager

Brian grew up in the town where they put birds on everything. He spent 7 years getting a 4-year degree from a college that operates like a chapter out of “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance”. In ‘99, he moved to Seattle “for a few years”. He’s still here.

He’s part of Gen X, so his Amelio-era decision to get into Macs has not turned out at all like he expected. By virtue of being hired first, he’s spent over ten years building our league of Support Humans. He feels pretty fortunate.

Aaron Cherof
Support Human

Aaron comes to Seattle from Florida via Boston. After no winters and decidedly real winters, he enjoys the pleasant fake winters that can be experienced in the Pacific Northwest.

Ever the trailblazer, Aaron enjoys the convenience that comes with sharing the most popular first name in the company. In addition to his support work, he writes music and occasionally provides old-timey radio voiceover for our promotional videos. He also pretends to be a foodie.

April Ramm
Support Human

April grew up in South Park as a mechanic’s daughter. She had to learn how to rebuild an engine before she was allowed to drive. Grease is not fun, though — computers are. Fast forward a few years, add a husband, three kids, and a dog. She loves helping folks learn about our products. In her free time, she likes shows and movies about robots and spaceships, often when they’re making each other go Kaboom. She likes to do crafty things. Like woodworking, knitting, and sewing.

Anne Johnson
Support Human

Anne is a sturdy human female with no obvious deformities who rarely smells bad. She married a Southerner despite the obvious cultural challenges. Then, they created an adorable smaller version of themselves. She’s a beauty school dropout and former makeup-lady who sings in the Seattle Women’s Chorus. She loves sci-fi, but won’t watch dramas because of the feelings. And dramas that masquerade as comedies? No. She’s also been known to organize things that don’t need organizing.

Christian Young
Support Human

Christian hails from Kentucky…and assures me he’ll add more to this space.

Annette Fuller
Support Human

Annette lends her Rainbow Dash loyalty and Ravenclaw planning skills to the Support team at Omni. She met her husband in a sci-fi class in college, has lived in seven different cities in California and one in Washington state, and got her MFA in Fiction at age 23. She enjoys hearing her daughter laugh, surprising her husband when she manages to say something humorous, and promoting empathy and connection through reading and writing good books.

Support Human

Bethany is working on her story!

Kaia Persson
Support Human

Kaia hails from San Francisco by way of Santa Cruz, with extensive family roots in the Puget Sound area. When she’s not at work she’s designing background art for her friends’ video game projects, screaming into a microphone and making strange noises with her guitar that some might call music, longboarding, training in Muay Thai, and learning about information security and networking.