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OmniOutliner is feature-rich enough to see a novel from start to finish. You’ll have more flexibility by putting sentences or paragraphs in easily referenceable nodes, and with iPad Pro and keyboard support it’s even easier to write quickly.

“There's no better tool for that sort of thinking/creative process than OmniOutliner. Fantastic keyboard support, too.”


Use OmniOutliner to add structure to your information — something beneficial to more than just outlines. Expand or collapse what you need, when you need it, and zoom in or focus to move everything else out of the way. Reference other apps—like OmniGraffle!—using Split Screen.

“OmniOutliner is one of my favourite and most frequently used productivity apps for Mac and iOS. It allows me to transform my random, unstructured ideas into outlines that are as attractive as they are useful.”


Perfect for meetings, classes, or keying in need-to-know terms during a sailing lesson. OmniOutliner gets completely out of the way so you can type, return, and type some more. Start new documents with a template to keep everything uniform and expeditious. You’ll find yourself starting all future work here.

“I never cease to be amazed at all the roles OmniOutliner fills for me. I use it to make budgets, manage complex projects, and track billing and expenses, and more. All that, plus it's a really great basic outliner too.”


Edit all of your outlines on any Mac, iPad, or iPhone using OmniPresence. It’s free, reliable, and open. Your files are always intact and available—they’ll even be waiting for you with Background App Refresh in iOS.

What’s in Pro

Upgrading to OmniOutliner Pro for Mac adds a whole lot of choice for designing, working with, and sharing your document. Add automation, reference links, and oodles of styling and formatting.

Workflow Automation with AppleScript
Microsoft Word Export
Cross-Reference with Row Linking
Advanced Styling & Formatting
Truncated Row Text
Column Controls

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Mac iOS
Document Syncing
Smart Column Types
Text Zooming
Rich Text
Import, Export, & Sharing
Batch Find
Attachment support
Hardware Keyboard Shortcuts
Inline Notes
Document Theming
Document Templates
Audio Recording
Named Styles
Spotlight Search
Text Folding
Linked Resource Folders
Send to App
Column Visibility PRO
Microsoft Word® Export PRO
Quick Actions
Truncated Row Text PRO
Workflow Automation with AppleScript PRO
Advanced Style & Formatting Control PRO
Reference Linking PRO

System Requirements

Mac: OS X 10.10

iPad & iPhone: iOS 9

Latest Versions

Mac: v4.6.1

iPad & iPhone: v2.9.6


Mac: Release notes, Documentation

iPad & iPhone: Release notes, Documentation

Older versions

If your Mac doesn’t meet the system requirements, you may have better luck with a previous version from the downloads archive.


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