OmniOutliner for Mac 5.12

September 25, 2023

Requires macOS 11

OmniOutliner 5.12 improves compatibility with macOS Sonoma.

  • Cloud Storage Providers — Improved compatibility with linked resource folders stored in OneDrive.
  • Stability — Fixed crash when using the Help menu search with an empty clipboard on macOS Sonoma.

OmniOutliner for Mac 5.11.1

November 7, 2022

Requires macOS 11

  • Stability — Fixed possible crash when trying to print.

OmniOutliner for Mac 5.11

October 23, 2022

Requires macOS 11

OmniOutliner 5.11 includes updates for compatibility with macOS 13 Ventura.

  • Printing — Fixed layout of print settings on macOS Ventura.
  • Stability — Fixed crash after canceling out of the Print sheet on macOS Ventura.
  • Crash Reporting — Updated OmniCrashCatcher for improved macOS Ventura compatibility.

OmniOutliner for Mac 5.10

March 29, 2022

Requires macOS 11

OmniOutliner 5.10 implements support for reading outlines written by the Symantec MORE outliner.

  • MORE Import — Added support for importing documents written by Symantec MORE.
  • iCloud Drive — Added entitlement to allow the Mac app to ask for the creation of the OmniOutliner iCloud Drive folder when necessary.
  • Localizations — Opted out of macOS Monterey’s keyboard shortcut localizing so shortcuts are consistent with past versions for all keyboard layouts.

OmniOutliner for Mac 5.9.2

January 13, 2022

Requires macOS 11

OmniOutliner 5.9.2 fixes a crash encountered in full screen mode on macOS 12 Monterey, and fixes some issues with renewing an active subscription.

  • Monterey Crash in Full Screen Mode — Fixed a crash reported by some customers when mousing over the edge of the sidebar in full-screen mode on Monterey.
  • Subscription Renewal — Fixed some issues which could cause the app to lose track of an active subscription, requiring a fresh Omni Account sign-in each time the subscription renewed. Signing in to an Omni Account should now keep you signed in until you explicitly sign out, remove the app, or change your account password.