OmniOutliner for Mac 5.0.4

May 15, 2017

Requires OS X 10.11

Recent Changes

Version 5.0.4 - Monday, May 15, 2017

  • General — The Paste command functions in the save panel and document name popover. This also allows TextExpander to work in these cases.
  • Exports — Exporting password protected documents to non-OmniOutliner file formats will correctly leave the output unencrypted.
  • Copy/Paste — Moving rows between an .oo3 file and an .ooutline file that has the note icon column in different positions will correctly map column values.
  • Outline View — Using the Show All Notes command when notes are collapsed in hidden rows will properly toggle the notes and update the command to change to Hide All Notes.
  • Outline View — When the Scale to fit page width print option is off, page break indicators will appear when resizing a column by dragging on the column edge.
  • Paste — Using the Paste command when content is copied from Nisus Writer will correctly paste without styles.
  • Paste — Using the Paste command when content is copied from Google Chrome’s address bar will correctly paste without styles.
  • Inspectors — The Long format label in the Column Type inspector for Duration columns has the correct background color.
  • Sidebar — The checkboxes for Named Styles in the Styles sidebar no longer flicker when moving between rows with the arrow keys.
  • General — Removed the locking ability of tabs in the sidebar and inspectors as they don’t serve any purpose in v5.
  • Style View — The Style View row highlighting will clear when clicking in empty space above or below the outline.
  • Document Stats — Note content will be counted in the Document Stats even when the column displaying the note icons is hidden.
  • Columns — All documents in Essentials mode will use an autosizing outline column regardless of how the setting is configured.
  • Exports — Fixed exporting to docx format when non-image attachments are embedded in the file. These files are not supported by the format and will be represented by the name of the attachment.
  • Exports — Fixed exporting to the xlsx format when cells contain nothing but a link.

OmniOutliner for Mac 5.0.3

May 1, 2017

Requires OS X 10.11

Recent Changes

Version 5.0.3 - Monday, May 1, 2017

OmniOutliner 5.0.3 is a minor update focused on fixing issues with Launch Services and the .ooutline format, and improving the experience of working with autosizing outlines.

  • General — OmniOutliner 5 should always be recognized by Launch Services as the default for .ooutline files regardless of what other apps are installed. If you’re still having trouble associating .ooutline files with OmniOutliner 5, please contact support with Help > Contact Omni.
  • Styles — Fixed cases where moving between rows with the arrow keys would not reset the style attributes to the default for the current row. This could have caused Essentials to create documents that would be detected as Pro.
  • Columns (PRO) — Changes to a column width due to typing a value in the Width field in the Column Type inspector are correctly saved.
  • Columns (PRO) — When the window border lines up with a column edge, it will not be possible to resize that column by dragging on that edge in the row content area. This is to prevent accidental changes to the column size when the intent is to change the window size. The right-most column edge in the column header area is still a valid target for drag-resizing in this case.
  • Columns (PRO) — Resizing additional columns through any means, including using the Resize to Fit option, will not turn off Autosize for the outline column. Instead the outline column will adjust width to accommodate the change after the resize is done, assuming size constraints are not encountered.
  • Columns — In full-screen mode, the Autosize setting for the outline column will be disabled and can not be changed. Adjusting the outline column width, or in turn adjusting the margins, will preserve the Autosize setting. This allows adjustment of margins in full-screen mode while still returning to an autosizing document in window mode.
  • Columns — In split-screen mode, the Autosize feature for the outline column will act like the document is in window mode instead of full-screen. This allows you to adjust the split-screen size without also having to manually adjust your outline width.
  • Interface (PRO) — Changes to the background color of the Column Titles style will properly update on screen.
  • Import (PRO) — Importing a plain text or rich text file to the Pro Edition will correctly enable the use of the sidebars.
  • General — Unlocking Essentials or Pro when open documents are in the read-only state will automatically enable those documents for edits.
  • PrintEssentials will not automatically scale print output to fit page width. Instead it will always wrap the content to the page width and respect the print scale in Page Setup.
  • Print (PRO) — The Print option of Filter rows by status checkbox > Include unchecked will include mixed state rows so unchecked child rows appear.
  • Interface — Fixed alignment of the Info button in the .oo3 file format upgrade bar.
  • Copy/Paste — Pasting data from earlier versions of Excel no longer result in a PDF attachment.
  • Exports — Changed the RTF export format to use multiple leading tabs per row level so that apps such as Mail that don’t properly support modified tab stops will appear with correct indentation. Wrapped text still may not appear correctly aligned in these cases.
  • Stability (PRO) — Fixed a crash triggered by collapsing a section in the keyboard shortcut list while the shortcut field had focus.
  • Toolbar — The Share button will have priority to be visible in the toolbar when there isn’t room for all icons to display due to it being non-functional when moved to the extras menu.
  • Exports — Exporting to the .oo3 format preserves the Status values when Status Checkboxes are hidden.

OmniOutliner for Mac 5.0.2

April 10, 2017

Requires OS X 10.11

Recent Changes

Version 5.0.2 - Monday, April 10, 2017

  • Interface — There are more ways to set the outline column to auto-size with the window. This option is now available in the contextual menu for the outline column and under View > Columns.
  • General — Fixed issues with unlocking the Pro Edition while the trial was in Essentials mode. This will fix the issue with only the Essentials templates appearing in the Resource Browser and documents temporarily showing the warning about Pro features at launch.
  • Copy/Paste — Pasting data from Excel no longer results in a PDF.
  • Copy/Paste — Pasting data from Numbers will retain the column structure.
  • Outline View — Text no longer starts to blur at wide widths when editing a row.
  • Toolbar — Fixed the vertical alignment of toolbar buttons in small size mode.
  • Interface — Stopped the outline view and word count from shifting unnecessarily while toggling the sidebars.
  • Interface — Resizing the sidebar in overlay mode while in full screen will keep the outline view positioned correctly.
  • Outline View — Column titles will always display their background color.
  • Attachments — Duplicate attachment names will be renamed in a more friendly manner.
  • Copy/Paste — Attachments can be pasted directly into row or notes instead of resulting in a file path.
  • File Upgrading — Converting .oo3 or .oo3template files will result in the flat format to avoid unexpected size increase due to being uncompressed.
  • File Upgrading — Converting an .oo3 file that is set to a dark theme will have the filter tab in the sidebar immediately after conversion.
  • Resource Browser — The Templates section of the Resource Browser will show the subfolders when the app is launched for the first time.
  • Stability — Fixed a crash when trying to edit a filter that ended up set to a setting not supported by the column type.
  • Stability — Fixed a crash when trying to edit a filter that has been set to filter for a pop-up list entry that no longer exists. The filter will still be set to the missing entry and will continue to work if that entry is re-added to the column. After changing the filter away from the entry, it will no longer appear.
  • Stability — Fixed a crash when tabbing out of the column width field after clearing the value.
  • Stability — Fixed a crash triggered by changing the column type while the pop-up list is open for that column in the outline.

OmniOutliner for Mac 5.0.1

March 30, 2017

Requires OS X 10.11

Welcome to OmniOutliner 5.

OmniOutliner 5 brings structured writing to a wider audience with the introduction of OmniOutliner Essentials and adds highly-anticipated features to OmniOutliner Pro.

OmniOutliner Essentials

OmniOutliner Standard has been replaced with OmniOutliner Essentials: A svelte, focused, and extremely affordable outlining app that puts the focus on your content and whatever task you’re working on—not on the tool you’re using.

  • Filters — Use the search field in the toolbar to do a quick keyword filter.
  • Document Stats — Row, word, and character count of the view are displayed in the bottom status bar.
  • Distraction-Free Mode — Automatically hide the toolbar when switching to full screen mode.
  • Side Margins — In full-screen mode, drag the margin borders to set the width of your outline independent of your display width.
  • Cell Highlight — The cell currently being edited is indicated by a highlight on the left edge to give you more context of where and how big the cell is.
  • Resource Searching — Use the search field in the Resource Browser to quickly locate a template or recent document.
  • Touch Bar — Use and customize the Touch Bar for quick access to features.
  • Dark Mode — OmniOutliner’s UI adapts to match your document theme’s background color.
  • Bottom Padding — You’ll no longer be stuck typing at the bottom of the window with the extra padding added below outlines.
  • Typewriter Mode — Keep your eye line constant by automatically keeping the active row in the middle of the screen.
  • Sharing — Add the Share button to your toolbar to easily a send plain-text representation of your selection to other apps.
  • New File Format — OmniOutliner 5 uses a new .ooutline format: a flat (zipped) file that is more compatible with third-party cloud sync platforms.
  • Pro Document Compatibility — Documents containing Pro features are fully viewable in Essentials, along with an option to import a copy that removes all Pro content.
  • HTML Export — Visibility of notes can be toggled in the HTML (Dynamic) format and a number of minor improvements have been made to both HTML export formats.
  • OPML Mode — When editing OPML files, features not supported by the file format are hidden or disabled.

OmniOutliner Pro

OmniOutliner 5 Pro includes all of Essentials’ great new features, everything good from OmniOutliner 4 Pro, plus all this:

  • Filters — Create and save complex filters based on status, column data, and boolean operations.
  • Password Encryption — Add a password to your documents to secure them with AES-256 encryption.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts — Easily customize keyboard shortcuts to your own liking within the app.
  • Distraction-Free Mode — Automatically hide the toolbar and any open sidebars when switching to full screen mode.
  • Smarter Paste — To avoid bringing in extra styles when copying data from outside sources, Paste now removes styles but retain links and images. Use the new Paste with Original Style to retain the styles from your source content.
  • New File Format — While .ooutline files are zipped by default, package files are still available for scenarios where that makes more sense, like for version control. Note— The previous .oo3 format can still be opened and edited but features requiring the new format will be disabled.
  • Inspector Sidebar — The inspectors are now contained in a sidebar, allowing you to show or hide them on a per-document basis.
  • Style View — When selecting a style in the Styles sidebar, rows that are affected by that style appear highlighted in the outline.
  • Side Margins — Lock the outline column to a specific width and keep your outline centered in the window with side margins. Customize the color of the margins per-document.
  • Specify Column Widths — The Column Inspector now has an editable field for the column width. The outline column can also be set to automatically resize with the window or be set to a specific width.
  • Resize Column to Fit — Select a column and have OmniOutliner adjust the width to fit your content for you with the Resize to fit button in the Column Type Inspector.
  • Column Resizing — Columns can be resized by dragging anywhere on their right edges. Dragging the left-most edge also resizes the outline column.
  • Style Preview — A preview of the style you are inspecting is shown at the top of the Selection Style Inspector.
  • Slide-in Sidebars — In full screen mode, moving the mouse cursor to either edge of the screen makes the corresponding sidebar appear temporarily.
  • Multiple-Row Focus — Focus on multiple selections by command-clicking them in the sidebar section list.
  • Focus Indicator — When focused, a focus bar appears to remind you that content is hidden and provide easy access to unfocus.
  • Excel Export — Export to the Excel (xlsx) format.
  • PowerPoint Export — PowerPoint export now places embedded images on corresponding slides. You’ll need to manually re-position them, though.
  • OPML Mode — Edit metadata for OPML files and set text encoding in the Document inspector.