Privacy Policy Update

by Molly Reed on May 24, 2018

If your inbox looks anything like mine, it’s probably currently full of emails about updates to privacy policies of the various services that you use.

Omni has also updated our privacy policy to be compliant with the new data privacy regulations outlined by the European Union, known as “GDPR”.

Your privacy is important to you and that makes it important to us. There’s a high level of trust involved in the relationship that we have with our customers and we want to keep earning it.

The changes here aren’t dramatic, because we’ve always tried to give customers as much control over their data as possible. This updated policy is specific about what kinds of information that we collect and have access to and how you can go about exercising your right to control the information that we keep. Although this update is in response to new regulations effecting our European customers, we will extend the same options to all of our customers regardless of their location.

If you want to track specific changes, you can check out our GitHub repository.

We hope that this policy update seems reasonable to you. If it doesn’t, please contact us about your concern at

OmniFocus 3 for iOS Available for Pre-order

by Brent Simmons on May 24, 2018

OmniFocus 3 for iOS isn’t quite on the App Store yet, but you can pre-order it now.

You’ll get an alert once it’s available, and the app will automatically download to the device where you placed the order. (It will also download on any other iOS devices where you have enabled automatic downloads.)

The app itself is free to download. Standard and Pro versions are available via in-app purchases, once the app ships.

This means that pre-ordering it is free. No risk. Go do it now!

About discounts and upgrades: if you bought OmniFocus 2 for iOS, there will be a 50% discount for OmniFocus 3. And if you bought OmniFocus 2 for iOS after we announced OmniFocus 3 last October, then an upgrade to the same edition (Standard or Pro) will be free.

Also note: OmniFocus 2 for iOS has been removed from sale from the App Store, since OmniFocus 3 is shipping so soon.

The Omni Show: Custom Perspectives

by Brent Simmons on May 23, 2018

In the latest episode of The Omni Show, Ken Case, CEO, and Dave Messent, OmniFocus Product Manager, join the show to talk about custom perspectives in OmniFocus Pro 3 for iOS.

Custom perspectives now work with the new tags feature — and the editor has been made more powerful and easier to use.

Reminder: we’ve set a ship date of May 30 for OmniFocus for iOS. (It could change, depending on App Store review, but that’s the plan.)

Also remember that you can continue to sync using OmniFocus 2 for Mac.

Spark 2.0

by Brent Simmons on May 22, 2018

Our friends at Readdle have launched Spark 2.0, an update to their popular and innovative Mac and iOS email app that promises to “make you love your email again.” This new version introduces support for team email, with private comments and a real-time shared compose editor.

Spark 2.0 is free for personal use.

And! The Mac app includes integration with OmniFocus — which we’ve written about before — and the iOS app now also includes integration with OmniFocus for iOS. We think that’s pretty darn cool.