OmniFocus Essentials: Back to Basics

by Ken Case on January 15, 2021

OmniFocus can be as simple or as complex as you choose to make it. It’s essentially an outline of tasks that can be tagged and filtered in different ways. This makes it incredibly flexible—much like paper—which lets it grow with your needs.

What does OmniFocus do, and how does it actually help you get things done? I know this is a tautology, but for something to be called a “to do list” it has to include (drumroll, please) a list of things to do! That list is the starting point for any tool that helps you stay on top of the work you need to get done.

OmniFocus starts with that basic functionality: it provides an Inbox where you can list things to do. It also provides lots of easy capturing mechanisms to help you get things into that Inbox:

  • You can add tasks by asking Siri to add a reminder.
  • You can forwarding email to your OmniFocus mail drop.
  • With a single keystroke you can open Quick Entry to create a new inbox item. Simply write down what you need to do, then press Return to capture that task and dismiss the capture window—returning to whatever you were working on without undo distraction.

When you open OmniFocus, you’ll can easily see all those captured items in your Inbox. You can drag them around (or use convenient keyboard shortcuts) to reorder them into your preferred order, and you can check them off to mark that you’re done with them.

We’ve designed OmniFocus to be a flexible and powerful system that can grow as your needs grow, helping you focus on what matters as your list outgrows that simple Inbox. But if your current workload is simple, you can stop right there! Capturing things in your Inbox and checking them off as you do them are all you need to know to start accomplishing more every day using OmniFocus. (Install OmniFocus, and begin your free two-week trial today!)

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The Omni Show: How Jason Atwood Uses OmniFocus - Part 2

by andrewjmason on January 11, 2021

Jason Atwood is COO and one of the founders of Arkus, Inc., a Salesforce consulting partner. He returns on this episode to provide some tips and tricks for the new year…direct from his OmniFocus system. For his entire team of 40 employees, Jason’s own passion for a combined OmniFocus and GTD approach has become the company operating system. The entire culture is fluent in this airtight approach that makes their clients feel heard and valued.
He returns on this episode to provide some personal OmniFocus tips and tricks for the new year…direct from his setup.  Jason and Andrew cover stress management via statistics, the power of a consistent weekly review, what insights a 40-person test lab provides, and how Jason spent his 50th birthday party.

To learn more about how Jason uses OmniFocus to stay productive—tune in to The Omni Show.

Achieve more of your goals when you download OmniFocus for Mac and iOS—and if you have any questions or feedback, email Our amazing Support Humans are standing by, ready to help.

Ken Case Joins 58keys to Talk About OmniOutliner

by Omni on December 22, 2020

Ken Case (our CEO) was invited onto the 58Keys podcast to discuss how he uses OmniOutliner for writing with William Gallagher, a bona fide writer’s writer, and Deputy Chair of the Writers’ Guild of Great Britain.

About recording the podcast, Mr. Gallagher said, “I think Ken is so interesting in the interview. He is a joyous treat.” He further explained that OmniOutliner is “the outlining app for writers whether they like outlining or not. OmniOutliner is an ideas manager, a way to massage the mess in our writing minds out into a message, whether that’s a novel, script or an event. Ken explains what the app brings for writers, reveals why the Omni Group created it, and gives just a little hint about where it’s going next.”

And here’s what Mr. Gallagher wrote about the podcast in advance of it:

Speaking of software, Ken Case from the Omni Group agreed to talk about his firm’s major writing app, OmniOutliner. Today is the first day in months I haven’t opened OmniOutliner, but only because it’s early. I know for certain that later today I will be planning out two complicated articles in it, for instance.

Actually, that might be the moment in next week’s more than two hours of interviews that tickled me the most. Ken confessed that he’d prepared for the interview by making some notes in OmniOutliner –– and I had to confess right back that so had I. We both had this app on our screens throughout. Love that software.

You can watch the entire episode right here:

And you can try OmniOutliner for 14-days or learn more about OmniOutliner here.

The Omni Show: How Oogie McGuire Uses OmniFocus

by andrewjmason on December 21, 2020

Today on The Omni Show, we talk with shepherdess Oogie McGuire. She guides a flock of Black Welsh Mountain sheep at her farm in Colorado. When she’s not farming, she can be found digitally archiving community photos, curating her Animal Tracker database, or thoughtfully planning and processing her business’s next steps.

In this episode, Oogie perfectly blends the organic and technological worlds as she shares the nuances of her OmniFocus system and how they assist her farming practice. Her stylized approach to fully embracing particular features and mindfully eschewing others is intriguing and unique.

To learn more about how Oogie uses OmniFocus to stay productive—tune in to The Omni Show.

Achieve more of your goals when you download OmniFocus for Mac and iOS—and if you have any questions or feedback, email Our amazing Support Humans are standing by, ready to help.

OmniFocus for the Web Adds Quick Open

by David Lonning on December 17, 2020

We are happy to announce that the new Quick Open feature is now available to all users of OmniFocus for the Web. This marks the final feature release for OmniFocus for the Web of 2020, a year that also brought custom perspective support, keyboard shortcuts, enhanced view options (including the Today tag in Forecast view), improved preference syncing between platforms, subscription-free trials, and a rebuilt API that paves the way for even more features to come.

Quick Open adds powerful keyword-based navigation between items and perspectives in OmniFocus. It is already enabling new workflows for users that help accomplish more with OmniFocus for the Web—but don’t take our word for it:

This is great! I have a perspective based on a tag in the project name, but not the individual tasks. Now, I can use the keyboard to open the project and review the tasks in the project. This is really good for sprint reviews. -Robert Floyd, Omni Group Slack member

Use Quick Open in OmniFocus for the Web by pressing the letter O any time you aren’t editing the contents of a cell.

Quick Open is an automatic feature upgrade for OmniFocus for the Web, a browser-based companion to OmniFocus for the Mac and OmniFocus for iOS. Visit to begin a trial of OmniFocus for the Web for free.