OmniFocus 3.2 for Mac: Notifications and Bug Fixes

by Brent Simmons on January 15, 2019

OmniFocus 3.2 for Mac brings notifications to the Mac!

In Preferences, in the new Notifications pane, you can set notifications to appear on any combination of due, deferred, and latest start date. You can choose sounds for your notifications, too.

You can also create one or more custom notifications for any given action: see the Notifications section of the Inspector, where you can set a notification to run at a certain amount of time before it’s due — or even at a specific date and time.

(Note: notifications require macOS Mojave.)

Here’s a screenshot of the Inspector while setting a custom Before Due… notification for 30 minutes before:

Screenshot showing how to set a custom notification in the Inspector.

And here‘s a screenshot of a notification as it appears in Notification Center:

Screenshot showing an OmniFocus notification in Notification Center.

Also in Preferences: the configuration of the Today widget has moved to a new Extensions pane, and the Badges pane has been reorganized.

Other changes include crash fixes, improved VoiceOver support, better recovery when server data is encrypted with an unknown key, and a bunch more — read the release notes for all the details!

OmniPlan 3.10.3 for Mac: Localizations, Help, and Bug Fixes

by Brent Simmons on December 28, 2018

OmniPlan 3.10.3 for Mac includes new localizations — most importantly, the new Sync & Sharing workflow, introduced in OmniPlan 3.10, is now fully localized.

The in-app Help has been updated to include information about the new Sync & Sharing workflow, and the Custom Template Tokens chapter includes additional tokens.

This release also includes a number of bug fixes. Just a few examples: the Server Accounts window now refeshes automatically; sync performance has been enhanced; a crashing bug — when editing a task’s title after it was deleted in Network View — has been fixed.

Read the release notes for all the lovely details.

Also, while we’ve got your attention… Happy New Year from everyone at The Omni Group!

The Omni Show: Tim Wood, Chief Technology Officer

by Brent Simmons on December 12, 2018

For our special holiday episode we bring you the interview you’ve always wanted — Tim Wood, CTO and founder!

Tim talks about writing tools and serving as educator and resource for our dozen or so engineers. We also talk about Omni frameworks, the Seattle Sounders and their fan organization, and pottery.

Enjoy! And please accept our best holiday wishes from The Omni Show!

Note: after this we’re taking a short break. Our next episode will be published January 9, 2019. We’ve got some great shows planned for next year. :)

OmniFocus for the Web in Public Testing

by Brent Simmons on December 11, 2018

If you sign up to help test OmniFocus for the Web, the browser-based companion app to OmniFocus for Mac and iOS, you should receive an immediate invitation.

We had been sending invitations in batches, so we could monitor performance and stay up with feedback — but we’re at the point now where we can just add people automatically.

Here’s what to do:

Log in to your Omni Sync Server account, and then scroll down to the “OmniFocus for the Web Test” section, then join the testing group. You should receive an email, pretty soon after, with getting-started instructions.

Thanks in advance for all your help!