OmniFocus for Mac 4.0.5

January 31, 2024

Requires macOS 13

OmniFocus 4.0.5 Mac

  • Menus — Complete is now available in contextual shortcut menu for action rows.
  • Perspectives Bar — Perspectives Bar now correctly displays favorited perspectives in Trial mode.

OmniFocus for iOS 4.0.5

January 31, 2024

Requires iOS/iPadOS 16, watchOS 9

OmniFocus 4.0.5 for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch

  • Menus — Complete is now available in contextual shortcut menu for action rows.
  • Forecast — Clean Up behavior following date change is now consistent in Standard and Pro modes.
  • Navigation — “Show in Projects,” “Show in Tags,” Show in Inbox” menu commands now work more reliably, keyboard shortcut (⌥⌘R) is now supported.
  • Outline — Addressed jittery scroll behavior when saving a new item.
  • Outline — Tapping anywhere on tag row now opens tag picker on iPhone.
  • Sharing — URL is now captured correctly when sharing from Safari on iOS 17.3.

OmniFocus for Web 2023.11.29

November 29, 2023

Requires web browser with JavaScript and active connection

This build of OmniFocus for the Web includes initial support for OmniFocus 4 Forecast and Custom Perspective features. Existing OmniFocus 4 testers can enable these features in a synced TestFlight build of OmniFocus 4 for Mac, iPhone or iPad. It is not yet possible to enable or disable these features from within OmniFocus for the Web.

  • Forecast:
    • • Display additional types of items, like flagged items and items with Scheduled Notifications.
    • • Flexible outline structure with support for displaying a “unified” list of Forecast items, and options for manual sorting and hierarchical project and action group display.
    • • Optionally hide items in On Hold projects.
  • Custom Perspectives:
    • • Support for manual sorting in custom perspectives with flexible outline structure.
    • • Preserve project and action group hierarchy in perspective outline.
  • Repeats — Updated repeat logic for items which complete every period on a custom schedule after completion.


OmniGraffle for Mac 7.22.5

January 25, 2024

Requires macOS 11

  • Grid — Fixed display of grid lines at 100% zoom on non-retina displays.
  • Lines — Lines always render on canvas with their set thickness.
  • Export — Vertical and horizontal lines are rendered in the correct position for bitmap formats.
  • Lines — Fixed line rendering for certain display resolutions on macOS Sonoma.
  • Connections — Highlight border when connecting objects no longer scales with zoom level on macOS Sonoma.
  • Images — Fixed display of PDFs in rotated objects on macOS Sonoma.

OmniGraffle for iOS 3.19.2

June 1, 2023

Requires iOS/iPadOS 14

  • Omni Automation — Fixed a bug that could sometimes prevent access to iCloud plug-ins.


OmniOutliner for Mac 5.12

September 25, 2023

Requires macOS 11

OmniOutliner 5.12 improves compatibility with macOS Sonoma.

  • Cloud Storage Providers — Improved compatibility with linked resource folders stored in OneDrive.
  • Stability — Fixed crash when using the Help menu search with an empty clipboard on macOS Sonoma.

OmniOutliner for iOS 3.10

October 23, 2022

Requires iOS/iPadOS 14

OmniOutliner 3.10 adds new toolbar functionality on iPads running iPadOS 16.

  • Toolbar — New document toolbar functionality has been introduced on iPads running iPadOS 16 (this functionality is not available on iPhones). Changes include:
    • Customizable toolbar support.
    • New optional toolbar buttons for Expand All, Collapse All, Insert Line Break, Split Row, Decrease Font Size, Increase Font Size, and Add Column.
    • Support for the new iPadOS 16 document title menu.
    • Access to options previously only accessible via the document browser toolbar, like the Reference Manual and Settings, via the document toolbar’s overflow menu.


OmniPlan for Mac 4.6

September 20, 2023

Requires macOS 11

OmniPlan 4.6 improves compatibility with newer versions of macOS.

OmniPlan 4.6 for Mac

  • Collaboration — Fixed a bug that could lead to incorrect event durations when publishing tasks to a calendar.
  • Stability — Fixed a crash using the Help menu search with an empty clipboard.

OmniPlan for iOS 4.5.5

September 6, 2023

Requires iOS/iPadOS 15

Recent Changes

OmniPlan 4.5.5 is a minor update focused on bug fixes.

OmniPlan 4.5.5 for iPad and iPhone

  • Toolbar — Restored “Set Task Default” option in toolbar Add menu.
  • Omni Automation — Fixed a bug that could sometimes cause iCloud plug-ins to fail to display on newer iOS/iPadOS versions.
  • Stability — Fixed a crash that could occur when calculating resource cost.
  • Stability — Addressed a bug that could trigger a crash when autofilling Omni Account credentials via a password manager.

OmniPlan for Apple Vision Pro 4.7.2

February 1, 2024

Requires visionOS 1

Welcome to OmniPlan for Apple Vision Pro

OmniPlan gives you the power to manage complexity by helping you view, edit, and organize projects. Easily track your progress, manage your team, and continuously improve your processes with powerful project management features including automatic project scheduling, resource leveling, collaboration, milestones, and critical path highlighting.

View your project as an interactive Gantt timeline, a customizable project outline, or as a beautiful Network diagram. Manage simple or complex projects—all at a glance.


OmniPresence for Mac 1.9.1

November 2, 2022

Requires macOS 11

Version 1.9.1

  • Icon — Application icon has been updated.
  • Window — OmniPresence window is now “detached” from the menu bar icon and no longer dismisses automatically when another application is activated.
  • Connect — Fixed bugs that could block typing or autofill in Account Name and Password fields.