OmniFocus for Mac 2.12.2

April 11, 2018

Requires macOS 10.12

  • Database Format — Once all your devices are running OmniFocus 2.22.3 for iOS (coming soon) or OmniFocus 2.12.2 for Mac (or later), you’ll be prompted to migrate to a new database format. More information on migration can be found here.

OmniFocus for iOS 2.22.4

May 24, 2018

Requires iOS 11, watchOS 4

OmniFocus 2.22.4 — May 23, 2018

  • OmniFocus 3 — Fixed a problem where perspectives created in OmniFocus 3 for iOS test builds could sometimes get corrupted.

OmniFocus for iPhone 2.19.1

May 1, 2017

Requires iOS 10

OmniFocus 2.19.1 fixes bugs:

  • Attachments — When viewing from Settings and sorting by Added, the added date is now displayed correctly.
  • Sync — Fixed a problem where OmniFocus didn’t recognize that an error returned by NGINX (that OmniFocus’ data/ directory hadn’t been created yet) was recoverable. OmniFocus should once again be able to sync to NGINX WebDAV servers without a workaround.
  • Crash — Fixed a crash with attachment preview generation that was the eventual result of a transient bug during our 2.19 test period.
  • Crash — Fixed our most common crash in OmniFocus 2.x.
  • Sync Errors — Updated the error message that appears when OmniFocus is unable to overwrite one of its own files on the server. This is a problem currently affecting customers syncing using Jianguoyun (坚果云).
  • Sync Settings — OmniFocus now warns you about possible data loss when disabling sync.
  • Localizations — Updated Localizations.


OmniGraffle for Mac 7.7.1

March 1, 2018

Requires macOS 10.12

Recent Changes

Version 7.7.1

OmniGraffle 7.7.1 is a minor update focused on stability improvements and bug fixes.

  • Nudging Line Points — Fixed a bug that prevented arrow keys from nudging points on a line.
  • Artboard Export — Fixed a bug that caused some objects above artboard objects to not be included in exports when using the “Export from artboards only” option.
  • Bevelled Rectangles — Fixed a bug that prevented the Bevelled Rectangle shape from scaling correctly.
  • Copying Bézier Lines — Fixed a bug that caused Bézier lines to not be included when copied from OmniGraffle and pasted into another application.
  • Copying Lines — Fixed a bug that caused line endings on Straight and Curved lines with line labels to appear in the center of a shape instead of the edge of the shape when copied from OmniGraffle and pasted into another application.
  • Line Endings — Restored the Non Navigable line ending.
  • Stability — Fixed a crash that occurred when sharing a document via iCloud Drive on a MacBook Pro with Touch Bar.
  • Stability — Fixed a crash that could occur when editing a stencil document while the Stencil Browser was also displaying that document.
  • Stability — Fixed a bug in Visio import that would sometimes generate OmniGraffle objects with incomplete data causing a crash when exporting those objects to another format.
  • Stability — Fixed a bug in SVG import that would cause a crash if the default template had the “Size uses printer pages” setting enabled.

OmniGraffle for iOS 3.5

May 8, 2018

Requires iOS 11

Version 3.5

OmniGraffle 3.5 improves the algorithms used to route orthogonal lines that connect objects. Any document opened in this version will be updated to use the new algorithm, so you should double-check that the lines in your diagram still look the way you’d like them to.

  • Orthogonal Line Routing — OmniGraffle 3.5 brings significant improvements to OmniGraffle’s line routing algorithms. Any document that is opened with OmniGraffle 3.5 will automatically be updated to use the new line routing behavior.
  • Recent Documents — Added Recent Documents to the Document Browser Location List for quick access to any recently opened document across any of your sync services or stored locally.
  • Other Documents — Quickly access OmniGraffle documents saved in other file storage locations via the new “Open…” option in the Locations list.
  • Local Documents — “Local Documents” has been renamed to “On My iPad” or “On My iPhone” to match the iOS Files app.
  • Document Close Button — The toolbar button to close the current document and navigate to the Document Browser is now located on the left side of the toolbar and the icon has been updated to include a back arrow within the folder.
  • Disable Auto Layout on iOS — When you make changes to a document with OmniGraffle for iOS that uses Auto Layout then OmniGraffle will automatically disable Auto Layout for that document so that when you open the document on the Mac your iOS edits aren’t changed.
  • Freehand Drawing Tool — Fixed a bug with the Freehand Drawing Tool with Shape Recognition disabled that caused drawings to not render until drawing stopped.
  • Document Browser Animations — Fixed a couple bugs with the animations when switching between some views in the Document Browser.
  • Bevelled Rectangles — Fixed a bug that prevented the Bevelled Rectangle shape from scaling correctly.


OmniOutliner for Mac 5.3

March 15, 2018

Requires macOS 10.12

OmniOutliner 5.3 remembers the last used setting in the Search field and fixes Quick Look on macOS High Sierra. This release also fixes numerous bugs and crashes.

  • Search — The Search field in the toolbar remembers the last used setting between Filter and Batch Find.
  • Resource Browser — Templates can be reorganized in folders by dragging them around.
  • Resource Browser — Template folders can be renamed.
  • Quick Look — Quick Look now works on macOS High Sierra.
  • Filter — Rows hidden under two or more collapsed parents will appear in flat filtered results.
  • Outline View — Fixed a bug causing child rows to display in the wrong order after ungrouping or outdenting a row.
  • Performance — Made saving certain documents faster.
  • Copy/Paste/Duplicate — Copying and pasting, or duplicating a row with pop-up column values will retain those values.
  • Fonts — Fixed an issue with text not displaying sometimes when using the Kailasa font.
  • Encryption — Password hints on flat format .ooutline files are now stored in a sync-friendly way.
  • Exports — Fixed a bug with font colors being applied incorrectly in PowerPoint exports.
  • Export — HTML and HTML (Dynamic) formats no longer try to display Photoshop files inline.
  • Quickstart — When in trial mode, the Quickstart guide message about switching modes accurately reflects the current mode.
  • Omni Automation — Fixed a bug preventing from returning normal URLs.
  • Resource Browser — Recent files can be opened and new documents can be created, by double-clicking on file in list mode.
  • Stability — Fixed a crash caused by applying a theme that had multiple named styles of the same name.
  • Stability — Fixed a memory management crash on Sierra often encountered when closing a file.
  • Stability — Fixed a hang converting certain Pro documents to Essentials.

OmniOutliner for iOS 3.1

March 29, 2018

Requires iOS 11

OmniOutliner 3.1 adds the ability to apply the Strikethrough style to text, introduces searchable in-app Reference Manuals, fixes the most commonly reported crashes, and contains numerous other fixes and improvements.

  • Styles — Strikethrough is now available in the Font inspector.
  • Documentation — OmniOutliner 3’s Essential and Pro Reference Manuals are now available offline in a searchable in-app viewer.
  • Reader Mode — Trying to create a new document in free reader mode will instead bring up the in-app purchase screen.
  • General — Updated some error reporting to include more information to help diagnose the issue, suppressed multiple errors that were unnecessary, and stopped offering to report specific errors that are self-explanatory.
  • Encryption — Password hints on flat format .ooutline files are now stored in a sync-friendly way.
  • Batch Find — Selecting a Batch Find result will always make that row or note in the outline view visible.
  • iPhone SE — Slightly reduced the miniumum width used with Autosize for the outline column to fit the width of iPhone SE in portrait orientation.
  • Drag and Drop — CSV, .txt, .rtf, .md, files and other plain text variants can be attached via drag and drop to outlines.
  • Audio Recording — Applying a theme no longer interferes with an in-progress audio recording.
  • General — Improved auto-scrolling behavior when starting to edit a row near the top or bottom of the view.
  • iPhone X — Fixed some minor layout issues on iPhone X.
  • Export — HTML and HTML (Dynamic) formats no longer try to display Photoshop files inline.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts — Disabled the increase/decrease keyboard shortcuts in Essentials mode as it is a Pro feature.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts — Stopped showing Named Style shortcuts in the keyboard shortcut overlay when editing a cell as it is a Pro feature to apply Named Styles to runs of text.
  • Stability — Fixed a crash using the New Document option from the app’s 3D Touch menu when in free reader mode.
  • Stability — Fixed a crash tapping the note button after rotating the device with no row selected.
  • Stability — Fixed a crash using Undo after applying a theme with the theme picker visible.
  • Stability — Fixed a crash triggered by using the “Begin Free Trial” option when an internet connection was not available.
  • Stability — Backgrounding and reactivating OmniOutliner while renaming an open document no longer triggers a crash.
  • Stability — Incoming syncs that changes the number of columns or named styles no longer cause a crash when the Document inspector is visible.
  • Stability — Fixed a crash when resizing the split view mode on iPads with certain inspector panes visible.
  • Stability — Fixed a crash due to dropping an attachment at the very end of a row


OmniPlan for Mac 3.9.3

May 3, 2018

Requires macOS 10.12

OmniPlan 3.9.3 is a minor update focused on bug fixes.

  • Dashboard — The tooltip that appears when hovering your cursor over resource allocation bars in the Dashboard window now properly calculates resource utilization when the resource’s usage data is synced between multiple projects.

OmniPlan for iOS 3.9

April 17, 2018

Requires iOS 11

OmniPlan 3.9 for iOS introduces two new ways to access your OmniPlan projects from the document browser, and it fixes several bugs.

  • Recent Documents — View recently edited documents in one place, regardless of whether they’re saved locally or synced via services such as OmniPresence or iCloud
  • Other Documents — Quickly access OmniPlan projects saved in other file storage locations via the new Open option in the Locations list.
  • App Lock — App Lock has been updated to better support FaceID.
  • Free Viewer Mode — Attempting to create a new project while using OmniPlan in Free Viewer mode now opens the In-App Purchase window.
  • Locations — The Local Documents location has been renamed On My iPhone (or On My iPad).
  • Trial Mode — OmniPlan now presents a confirmation when switching between Standard and Pro trial modes.
  • Inspector — Restored the option to adjust the % assigned in the Task Resource Assignment Inspector.
  • Microsoft Project Import — Microsoft Project files that previously triggered import errors now import successfully.
  • Undo — The undo popover no longer shifts to the left edge of the toolbar after it’s been opened twice.
  • Undo — Open or closing the inspector no longer causes the undo button to hop around.
  • Stability — Fixed a crash that could occur when closing a project after making changes in the inspector.


OmniPresence for Mac 1.5.2

April 11, 2017

Requires OS X 10.11

Version 1.5.2 — Tuesday, April 11, 2017

OmniPresence 1.5.2 is a stability update.

  • Stability — Addressed our most common crash, which typically occurred when OmniPresence was running in the background.