OmniFocus for Mac 2.11

September 25, 2017

Requires macOS 10.12

OmniFocus 2.11 addresses compatibility issues with macOS High Sierra. This release requires macOS Sierra.

  • Documentation — Updated OmniFocus Help.
  • Newsletter — Added a link to sign up for the Omni Newsletter to the OmniFocus Help menu.
  • About — Fixed a problem where the OmniFocus icon did not display in About OmniFocus on High Sierra.
  • Crash — Fixed a crash displaying notes with certain types of attachments on High Sierra.
  • Crash — Fixed a crash opening the print dialog on High Sierra.
  • Quick Entry — Fixed a bug where some placeholder fields in Quick Entry were rendered in the wrong color on High Sierra.
  • Main Window — The corner radius of the bottom right hand corner of the window now matches the other three corners.
  • Outline — Fixed a bug where icons for items in the sidebar and main outline were sometimes incorrect on High Sierra.
  • Quick Entry — Restored the rounded corners to the Quick Entry window on High Sierra.
  • Quick Entry — Fixed a bug which prevented pasting plain text (including TaskPaper text) into the Quick Entry outline.
  • Quick Open — Restored the rounded corners to the Quick Open window on High Sierra.
  • Repeat Inspector — Fixed a problem where the repeat inspector’s layout was incorrect on High Sierra.
  • Sidebar — Fixed rendering of sidebar text on High Sierra.

OmniFocus for iOS 2.21.1

September 15, 2017

Requires iOS 11

OmniFocus 2.21.1 is a minor update focused on bug fixes.

  • Drag and Drop — Drag and Drop fixes include enabling drags and drops that weren’t previously possible and improving feedback.
  • Forecast — If you drag an item to Forecast that already has a Due time, that time is now preserved.
  • Siri — If you try to create a task with a location attached but OmniFocus doesn’t have permission to access location, we now tell you so.
  • Crashes — Fixed some hard-to-hit crashes related to Drag and Drop.

OmniFocus for iPhone 2.19.1

May 1, 2017

Requires iOS 10

OmniFocus 2.19.1 fixes bugs:

  • Attachments — When viewing from Settings and sorting by Added, the added date is now displayed correctly.
  • Sync — Fixed a problem where OmniFocus didn’t recognize that an error returned by NGINX (that OmniFocus’ data/ directory hadn’t been created yet) was recoverable. OmniFocus should once again be able to sync to NGINX WebDAV servers without a workaround.
  • Crash — Fixed a crash with attachment preview generation that was the eventual result of a transient bug during our 2.19 test period.
  • Crash — Fixed our most common crash in OmniFocus 2.x.
  • Sync Errors — Updated the error message that appears when OmniFocus is unable to overwrite one of its own files on the server. This is a problem currently affecting customers syncing using Jianguoyun (坚果云).
  • Sync Settings — OmniFocus now warns you about possible data loss when disabling sync.
  • Localizations — Updated Localizations.


OmniGraffle for Mac 7.4.3

September 25, 2017

Requires OS X 10.11

Version 7.4.3

OmniGraffle 7.4.3 is a minor update focused on bug fixes.

  • Printing — Fixed a crash that would sometimes occur when opening the Print Dialog on High Sierra.
  • Automation Documentation — Fixed a bug that prevented the links in the Automation API documentation from working.
  • Fill Inspector — Fixed a bug that caused the application to hang when detaching the Fill Inspector from the sidebar.

OmniGraffle for iOS 3.2.1

September 22, 2017

Requires iOS 11

Recent Changes

Version 3.2.1

  • Drag and Drop — When dragging an object from one document to another document all the object’s attributes are now included.


OmniOutliner for Mac 5.1.2

September 25, 2017

Requires OS X 10.11

Version 5.1.2 - Monday, September 25 2017

OmniOutliner 5.1.2 fixes some general issues with attachments and improves compatibility with macOS High Sierra.

  • Keyboard shortcuts — A new menu option Go to Search Field has been added to the Find menu with the default shortcut of ⌥⌘F that will change focus to the toolbar Search field.
  • Attachments — Fixed multiple issues interacting with attachments after being opened including switching the display state of images between Show as Image and Show as Icon.
  • Attachments — Dragging in attachments as a new row when using the Control key modifier will correctly link the attachment.
  • macOS High Sierra — The OmniOutliner app icon displays in the About OmniOutliner panel.
  • macOS High Sierra — Audio recording attachments are useable.
  • macOS High Sierra — Input fields in the Row inspector use the correct width.
  • macOS High Sierra — Templates will not flash on screen while being installed.

OmniOutliner for iOS 2.10.3

September 14, 2017

Requires iOS 10

OmniOutliner 2.10.3 is a minor update focused on bug fixes and iOS 11 compatibility.

  • iOS 11 — In preparation for OmniOutliner 3 for iOS, the Local Documents folder can be accessed through the Files app as a way to migrate your outlines to the new version.
  • Exports — Converting an .oo3 file to .ooutline format will result in a flat file to make it easier to share.
  • Styles — Fixed a bug causing a clear background color to be applied to text when a Whole Document background color was set.
  • iOS 11 — Fixed multiple compatibility issues with iOS 11.


OmniPlan for Mac 3.7.3

September 21, 2017

Requires OS X 10.11

Recent Changes

OmniPlan 3.7.3 for Mac is a minor update intended to address compatibility issues with macOS 10.13 High Sierra.

Version 3.7.3 - Monday, September 25, 2017

  • About — Restored missing App icon in the About panel.
  • Calendar View — Fixed a High Sierra compatibility issue that could cause only Monday to be displayed in Calendar View.

OmniPlan for iOS 3.7

September 15, 2017

Requires iOS 11

Recent Changes

OmniPlan 3.7 for iOS introduces support for Drag & Drop and integration with the iOS 11 Files app. This release also includes a handful of updates to OmniPlan’s interface and bug fixes.

OmniPlan 3.7 for iOS requires iOS 11.

Version 3.7 - Tuesday, September 19, 2017

  • Drag and Drop Within OmniPlan — You can now drag tasks within or between OmniPlan projects. Tasks can be dragged out of the Gantt chart or Network diagram and dropped onto the Gantt chart (dropping isn’t currently supported in the Network Diagram). To drag multiple tasks at once, start dragging the first of your tasks, then tap the other tasks you’d like to include. When dropping multiple tasks at once they take the order in which they were added to the drag (this is also a quick way to reorder tasks in a project). To cancel a drag in progress, drag all the way to the edge of the screen.
  • Drag and Drop Between Other Apps — On iPad you can drag tasks from OmniPlan to any app that supports dropping text or calendar events. Dragging calendar events, reminders, plain text, or OmniFocus tasks into OmniPlan creates new tasks.
  • Drag and Drop in the Document Picker — The Document Picker supports Drag and Drop to make document management even easier. Drag files in to quickly import them, drag them out to copy them elsewhere, or pick up a group of documents and add them to a folder in the Document Browser to keep all your projects organized.
  • Files App Integration & iCloud Support — OmniPlan 3 now supports file management and iCloud Drive sync via the iOS 11 Files app. Local OmniPlan project files now appear in the iOS 11 Files app, and OmniPlan projects saved to iCloud Drive will open in place for editing. At this point in time we do not recommend syncing OmniPlan files with third-party sync services other than iCloud, as many of these sync services do not support OmniPlan’s file package format.
  • Icons — We’ve updated OmniPlan with bolder, more colorful icons.
  • Microsoft Project Import — OmniPlan no longer performs a destructive import of Microsoft Project files. The original .mpp Microsoft Project file is now left in its original location, and the imported OmniPlan .oplx project file is copied into OmniPlan’s Local Documents. (In previous versions of OmniPlan, the imported .oplx file overwrote the original .mpp file.)
  • Share Menu — It is no longer possible to share multiple files at a time.
  • View Type — It is now possible to switch between the Gantt and Network views via an option in the View popover (this allows OmniPlan to hide the view type toolbar button when the toolbar is too crowded).
  • Document Browser — Pulling down in the document browser no longer results in unnecessary blank space.
  • Server Repositories — The alert presented when deleting a file from a server repository is now spelled correctly, and provides the option to cancel.
  • Task Inspector — Restored the “i” buttons for inspecting task assignments and dependent tasks.


OmniPresence for Mac 1.5.2

April 11, 2017

Requires OS X 10.11

Version 1.5.2 — Tuesday, April 11, 2017

OmniPresence 1.5.2 is a stability update.

  • Stability — Addressed our most common crash, which typically occurred when OmniPresence was running in the background.