OmniFocus for Web Test 2019.05.24

May 24, 2019

Requires web browser with Javascript and active connection

As of frontend revision 332531:

  • Login — Accurate error messages appear on login failure when not due to incorrect credentials.

OmniFocus for Web Test 2019.05.22

May 22, 2019

Requires web browser with Javascript and active connection

As of frontend revision 332277:

  • Misc — Marketing content added to the login page but not all linked content is live yet.
  • Misc — The test site is badged in multiple places to visually distinguish it from the production site
  • Misc — Added a link to manage your Omni Account under the OmniFocus menu.
  • inspector — The inspector visibility state is saved locally.
  • Forecast — The outline view displays items that are more than a few days out under their due date instead of grouping them into the Future container.
  • Inspector — Inspector will not show data when a Forecast date header is selected.

As of server revision 332196:

  • Groups — Marking an action group complete correctly sets the state on the child actions.

OmniFocus for Web Test 2019.05.10

May 10, 2019

Requires web browser with Javascript and active connection

As of frontend revision 331370.

  • Forecast — Fixed layout issue of the calendar elements.
  • Forecast — Disabled the View menu in the Forecast perspective as it doesn’t offer any applicable features there yet.

OmniFocus for Web Test 2019.05.09

May 9, 2019

Requires web browser with Javascript and active connection

  • Forecast — An unfinished version of the Forecast perspective has been added. There are still some style issues and bugs to fix but feel free to report any issues or feedback.
  • Localizations — Partial localizations have been added for German, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, Korean, French, Portuguese Brazil, Russian, Simplified Chinese, and Japanese.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts — Both ‘e’ and cmd-return/enter will start editing the title of the selected action.
  • General — An auto-reconnected will be attempted when your connection to the server is interrupted.
  • UI — Popover menus have been redesigned.
  • Misc — The Stay signed in text is now a click target for that option on the login page.
  • Tags — It is now easier to assign multiple Tags in a row without using the mouse.
  • Inspector — The Go to Project control will work when used on a nested action.
  • Outline View — Due dates set later than the due date of the containing action group or project display in the due date column.
  • Quick Entry — Text entered into the Due Date field will show the parsed result when editing ends on the field.
  • Tags — When assigning Tags, pushing the Return/Enter key in a blank Tag cell will not assign a Tag from a previously shown smart match menu.
  • General — Login status will display on a successful login after a failed attempt.
  • Smart Match Menu — The Create option at the bottom of the smart match menu can be reached with the up/down arrow keys.
  • UI — Fixed some layout issues when changing selection in the outline view.
  • Drag and Drop — Stop allowing a parent action to be dropped inside itself.
  • Editing — In-progress edits will be retained when switching to another tab, window, or application.
  • Smart Match Menu — Emoji display in the smart match results.

OmniFocus for Mac 3.3.2

April 26, 2019

Requires macOS 10.13

  • Crash — Fixed a crash when choosing Organize > Add Inside with nothing selected in the outline.
  • Crash — Fixed a crash on save of an item via Quick Entry after undoing creation of a project.
  • Crash — Fixed a sync-related crash.
  • Hang — Fixed a hang when deleting an action.
  • Sync — Fixed a problem that could result in an “Unrecognized date string for transaction” error.