OmniFocus for iOS 3.14.5

May 30, 2023

Requires iOS/iPadOS 14, watchOS 5

OmniFocus 3.14.5

  • Omni Automation — Fixed a bug that could sometimes cause iCloud plug-ins to fail to display on newer iOS/iPadOS versions.

OmniFocus for Mac 3.14.4

January 30, 2023

Requires macOS 11

OmniFocus 3.14.4 for Mac

  • Keyboard — On macOS 13, tab key never moves keyboard focus out of the active window pane. To shift keyboard focus, keyboard shortcuts are available for Go To Sidebar, Go To Outline, and Go To Inspector in the View menu in the menu bar.
  • Keyboard — Fixed a bug that could cause tab key to unexpectedly shift cursor focus to the Inspector in some outline layouts.

OmniFocus for Mac 3.14.3

December 19, 2022

Requires macOS 11

  • Keyboard — Fixed bug that could lead to unexpected behavior when using the tab key (this most often presented as difficultly navigating to the project field in Quick Entry, or cursor focus jumping from the outline to the Search field).

OmniFocus for Web 2022.12.14

December 14, 2022

Requires web browser with JavaScript and active connection

  • Perspectives — Groups can be collapsed in all perspectives regardless of how many items are displaying.

OmniFocus for Mac 3.14.2

November 29, 2022

Requires macOS 11

OmniFocus 3.14.2 for Mac

  • Mail Drop — Invalid XML characters in Inbox actions created via Mail Drop no longer trigger an error.