OmniOutliner for Mac 5.2

November 16, 2017

Requires macOS 10.12

Version 5.2 - November 13, 2017

OmniOutliner 5.2 adds automation support through JavaScript and improves general performance. This release requires macOS Sierra or newer.

  • Automation — OmniOutliner now provides automation via JavaScript in addition to AppleScript. With the simple activation of a script you can programmatically create content and structure, conditionally change styles, or manipulate existing content. See examples and learn more at
  • Exports — Expanded PDF attachments in HTML and HTML (Dynamic) exports will render inline when browser support is available.
  • Performance — Multiple changes to improve overall performance when opening and using larger files.
  • General — A link to the signup page for the Omni Newsletter has been added to the Help menu.
  • Exports — Improved efficiency of docx, xlsx, and pptx export conversions.
  • Exports — Fixed multiple style related bugs in the docx and xlsx exporters.
  • Exports — Fixed layout issues in the HTML and HTML (Dynamic) exporters when viewed in Chrome or Firefox.
  • General — Toolbar buttons display their tooltips on hover.
  • Inspectors — Fixed the Handle label not fully displaying on non-retina screens with macOS High Sierra.
  • Internationalization — Fixed a frequent crash occurring with some input methods on Touch Bar MacBook Pros with macOS High Sierra.

OmniOutliner for iOS 2.11.1

October 23, 2017

Requires iOS 10

OmniOutliner 2.11.1 is a minor update focused on stability.

  • Stability — Renaming an open document will only trigger a save if edits were made. This reduces the frequency of causing an error on the Mac side if the same file was currently opened and being synced.
  • Stability — Fixed a hang when typing three dashes in a row with Smart Punctuation active.

OmniOutliner for Mac 5.1.4

October 5, 2017

Requires OS X 10.11

Version 5.1.4 - Thursday, October 5 2017

OmniOutliner 5.1.4 is a minor update focused on bug fixes and stability.

  • Inspectors — Fixed an issue with the inspectors appearing blank when trying to edit a value under macOS High Sierra.

OmniOutliner for iOS 2.11

October 5, 2017

Requires iOS 10

OmniOutliner 2.11 adds Open in Place support to give you more freedom in where you store your outlines. This release requires iOS 10 or later.

  • Open in Place — Files can be opened and edited in place from sources that allow it, such as iCloud Drive.
  • Templates — Now when opening an OmniOutliner Template in iCloud you are prompted to create a new document based on the template or open the template itself for editing.
  • Cloud Storage Providers — The Cloud Storage Providers feature has been taken out of beta and is always enabled.
  • Stability — Fixed a crash caused by pasting a hyperlink into an existing row.
  • Stability — Fixed a crash with renaming synced flat .ooutline files that contain attachments.

OmniOutliner for Mac 5.1.3

October 2, 2017

Requires OS X 10.11

Version 5.1.3 - Monday, October 2 2017

OmniOutliner 5.1.3 is a minor update focused on bug fixes and stability.

  • Stability — Fixed a crash encountered when closing a document that contains attachments.