OmniFocus for Mac 3.15.7

July 1, 2024

Requires macOS 11

OmniFocus 3.15.7 for Mac

  • OS Compatibility — OmniFocus now presents an informative one-time alert when launched on an unsupported OS.
  • Software Update — Updates no longer fail to install when System Integrity Protection is disabled.

OmniFocus for Mac 4.3.1

June 24, 2024

Requires macOS 13

OmniFocus 4.3.1 for Mac

  • Custom Perspectives [Pro] — Displayed perspective rules now refresh automatically when changed in another context (such as another window, another device, or through some automation).
  • Custom Perspectives [Pro] — When a perspective is organized by projects, hiding the “Preserve hierarchy” switch, its hidden value no longer affects the contents of the perspective.
  • Custom Perspectives [Pro] — Restored ability to cancel out of upgrading legacy custom perspectives.
  • Focus Filters — Device Focus filter bar now adapts to Dark Mode.
  • Localization — Restored missing Spanish strings in View Options.
  • Tags — Popover to assign a Search location is now scrollable.
  • Unsupported OS Alerts — Unsupported OS alert no longer presents on every app launch.
  • Stability — Fixed a crash that could be triggered by Omni Automation scripts which focus on a folder.
  • Stability — Made a change intended to address a crash triggered by an infinite layout loop.
  • Stability — Fixed a crash that could occur when quickly typing into inspector note field for a newly created action.

OmniFocus for Mac 4.3

June 5, 2024

Requires macOS 13

OmniFocus 4.3 for Mac

OmniFocus 4.3 introduces support for device Focus Filters and a new Set/Remove Favorite Perspective shortcut. Additionally, this release includes a wide range of improvements and bug fixes, including new custom perspective rule comments, enhanced Apple Watch sync reliability, and improved outline behavior in a variety of contexts.

All Platforms

  • Device Focus Filters — In the Focus section of the Settings app, you can now configure Focus Filters for OmniFocus to limit which folders are visible when a device Focus is enabled. Note that when a device Focus is applied in this way, it’s no longer possible to use the custom Focus feature in OmniFocus Pro until you exit the device Focus. (OmniFocus Focus Filters require macOS 14, iOS 17, or iPadOS 17. Support for device Focus is not available in visionOS at this point in time.)
  • Shortcuts — New Set/Remove Favorite Perspective shortcut. With this shortcut, you can change your favorite perspectives based on your device focus or by using a Siri command. (Shortcut requires macOS 14, iOS 17, or iPadOS 17.)
  • Custom Perspectives [Pro] — You can now intersperse comments among your perspective rules.
  • Clean Up — Selected items now immediately clean up when removed from current view via drag & drop or a key command.
  • Forecast Calendars — Calendar events are now enabled by default in Forecast on iPhone, iPad, and Apple Vision Pro, matching the default behavior on Mac.
  • Import — Choosing to skip syncing during setup now offers to import data from previous versions of OmniFocus.
  • Inspector — Updated Inspector layout code to be better shared cross-platform, including some visual changes for cross-platform consistency.
  • Localizations — Localization updates.
  • Outline — Improved overall stability/reliability of outline order when editing.
  • Review — Review now supports filtering by availability.
  • Sync — Provide more context in the encryption passphrase prompt.
  • Custom Perspectives [Pro] — The correct tag is now assigned when adding an action to a custom perspective which groups actions by tag but doesn’t sort them in Tags Order.
  • Custom Perspectives [Pro] — Addressed a bug that could cause manually sorted custom perspectives to temporarily reorder after assigning a tag to an item.
  • Custom Perspectives [Pro] — When a perspective is grouped, hiding the “Preserve hierarchy” switch, its hidden value no longer affects the contents of the perspective.
  • Forecast — Improved flexible Forecast order logic when both “Preserve Hierarchy” and “Keep Sorted” are enabled.
  • Forecast — Indenting an item in Forecast no longer causes temporary duplicate display of that item.
  • Inbox — Fixed a bug that could cause Inbox items to reorder unexpectedly.
  • Outline — Fixed a bug where items in the Inbox could not be reordered in the Projects perspective the way they could be in the Inbox perspective.
  • Quick Open — Fixed a bug where using Quick Open to find a project or folder would fail to select that target in the sidebar when the window was focused.
  • Sidebar — Fixed a bug that could cause content displayed in the outline to fall out of sync with the selection in the sidebar.
  • Sync — Prevented a rare sync conflict that could be encountered when a device syncs changes while edits are in progress.
  • TaskPaper — Default defer/due times are now respected when pasting TaskPaper items that only have a date.
  • TaskPaper — The current year is now assumed when TaskPaper items include partial dates.
  • Stability — Fixed a crash that could occur when a perspective with a date-based filter rule refreshes its reference date.


  • Rich Text Notes — Added a Text submenu to the Format menu, with options to Align Left, Center, Justify, Align Right, and change the Writing Direction. Moved the existing font controls into a Font submenu, and added support for Strikethrough, Kern, Ligatures, and Baseline (i.e. Superscript, Subscript, Raise, Lower).
  • Settings — General Settings now has an option to delete items without requiring the Command key.
  • Custom Perspectives [Pro] — Adding a new item via “Add Perspective…” menu item no longer opens the Perspectives window unnecessarily.
  • Custom Perspectives [Pro] — Assigning a keyboard shortcut to a custom perspective now saves correctly and no longer breaks additional edits to custom perspective rules.
  • Forecast — Corrected the display of the date headers in Forecast when “Show toolbar button shapes” is enabled in System Accessibility Settings.
  • Keyboard — Keyboard focus is now placed in the main outline when opening a perspective via its URL.
  • Notes — Improved buggy “Add Link” behavior.
  • Notes Inspector — Fixed a bug where the notes inspector could accidentally save edits to a newly selected item, or continue to display content from an old item if the cursor was still in the notes field when a new item was selected (using some interaction that didn’t first move the cursor’s focus to another field).
  • Outline — Note text is now properly aligned with other content in the main outline.
  • Outline — Items now immediately display in their new order when using the “Sort Once” command.
  • Perspectives List — In the Perspectives List, each row’s Action button is easier to click on.
  • Search Scope — Fixed a regression introduced in 4.2 where the search scope was being reset whenever a different perspective was opened.
  • Software Update — Updates no longer fail to install when System Integrity Protection is disabled.
  • View Options — The “Preserve Hierarchy” checkbox now updates to reflect its checked state immediately.
  • Stability — Fixed a crash pasting into the note field of the Inspector.
  • Stability — Fixed a crash that could occur creating a child action in Forecast.

OmniFocus for Mac 4.2.1

April 15, 2024

Requires macOS 13

OmniFocus 4.2.1 for Mac

  • Custom Perspectives [Pro] — “In the past” date range rules now include items through the current time today.
  • Custom Perspectives [Pro] — Adjusted vertical spacing when configuring a “Has date in range” rule.
  • Omni Automation [Pro] — Improved Omni Automation’s Install Link support for plug-ins hosted on Github.
  • Custom Perspectives [Pro] — Addressed a bug that could cause incomplete outline content to display after modifying a custom perspective rule.
  • Custom Perspectives [Pro] — Corrected capitalization for “Has date in range” rule summaries.
  • Forecast — Non-functional disclosure triangles are no longer displayed in outline when “Preserve hierarchy” is not enabled.
  • Repeats — Fixed a bug that blocked customizing weekly repetitions in the Inspector on macOS 13.

OmniFocus for Mac 4.2

April 8, 2024

Requires macOS 13

OmniFocus 4.2 for Mac

OmniFocus 4.2 introduces new custom perspective rules that let you filter based on dates, repeats, and more. These new perspective rules require OmniFocus 4.2 or later; custom perspectives which use these rules will not be displayed in prior versions of OmniFocus. Custom perspectives require OmniFocus Pro.

  • Custom Perspectives [Pro] — New “Has date in range” rule type enables filtering a perspective by assigned date range.
  • Custom Perspectives [Pro] — New “Is repeating” rule enables filtering repeating tasks.
  • Custom Perspectives [Pro] — New “Is project, group, or neither” rule type enables filtering for projects or groups.
  • Custom Perspectives [Pro] — New “Is in single actions list” rule type enables filtering for items in single action lists.
  • Omni Automation [Pro] — Omni Automation now supports “Install Links” for simplified Omni Automation plug-in installation.
  • Omni Automation [Pro] — It’s now possible to write a plug-in which changes the filter rules which define the contents of a perspective. See Perspective.Custom.archivedFilterRules.
  • Omni Automation [Pro] — See Automation API Reference Release Notes for additional Omni Automation updates.
  • Localizations — Localization updates.
  • App Icon — In direct downloads of the app, the icon chosen in Appearance Settings will continue to be used in the dock when the app isn’t running.
  • Delete — “Delete” option in Delete confirmation prompt is now default button, allowing for confirmation via keyboard.
  • Inspector — Improved alignment of flag button in Inspector.
  • Inspector Notes — Fixed a bug which could cause notes edited in the Inspector to be written to the wrong row when changing selection.
  • Keyboard — Keyboard focus is now consistently places in the outline when switching perspectives.
  • Outline — Fixed a bug that could cause edits to estimated duration, repeat interval, or review interval to display for incorrect item in outline.
  • Perspective List — The button to add a perspective is no longer offered when using Standard rather than Pro.
  • Perspective Rules [Pro] — Perspective rules correctly describe themselves using restrictive clause phrasing (“that”).
  • Review — Non-functional project disclosure triangles are no longer displayed in Review.
  • Search — Back/forward navigation no longer restores previous search terms in an unexpected manner.
  • Settings — Hooked up the “Learn more…” button in Settings > Layout.
  • Sidebar — Sidebar width is now perserved across app relaunches.
  • Sidebar — Sidebar now resizes as expected when an empty folder is selected.
  • Sync — Improved logic for updating linked encryption passphrase when account password is changed.
  • Trial Mode — Toolbar customizations are now preserved when running in Pro trial mode.
  • Trial Mode — Previously open custom perspective is now preserved across launches when running in Pro trial mode.
  • Stability — Addressed crash on launch that could be encountered after creating a new item.