OmniFocus for Web Test 2019.01.15

January 15, 2019

Requires web browser with Javascript and active connection

As of frontend r324327:

  • Login — The Stay signed in option works and is defaulted to off. It was previously only working for accounts with a separate encryption passphrase. Note— Credentials were being saved until an explicit logout before this. If you want to stop having credentials saved, use the Sign Out option under the OmniFocus menu in the top left to clear the saved credentials and leave this option unchecked.
  • New Actions — The all the options in the UI to add new actions from anywhere are functional now. There are still some edge cases and styling being fixed.
  • Login — Modified some login error messages.

OmniFocus for Web Test 2019.01.11

January 11, 2019

Requires web browser with Javascript and active connection

As of frontend r324139:

  • Actions — If an action is set to repeat, the Inspector displays basic info about it.
  • New Item — The UI overlay for adding a new item is undergoing work towards the final design. The Project, Tag, Due Date fields do not function yet.
  • Inline Editing — Inline editing in the outline view and sidebar have been rewritten to give us more control so numerous bugs could be fixed. Note: Firefox has a bug preventing proper interaction with the inline text fields. We are looking for workarounds.
  • Inline Editing — When editing titles in the sidebar or outline, the Return key will end editing.
  • Inline Editing — Action title text will not shift position when starting editing.
  • Inline Editing — Note fields stay the correct size when editing it toggled.
  • Inline Editing — Starting editing place the cursor in the location clicked. Note: Firefox has a bug preventing this from working correctly as well as changing the cursor position with the mouse. We are looking for workarounds. Arrow keys with Alt, Cmd, or Ctrl, modifiers can be used to move the cursor around.
  • Inline Editing — Items with no names or names of all white space can be edited in the sidebar or outline view.
  • Inline Editing — The styling of items while editing has been updated.
  • Inspector — The Return key ends editing in the Title field.
  • Outline View — Due Dates for Projects display correctly in the Due Date column.
  • Outline View — The smart matching results for Projects and Tags always appears in the correct location.
  • Login — There is a currently non-functional “Stay signed in” checkbox at the log in screen.
  • UI — Numerous tweaks to layout and font sizes throughout the app.

OmniFocus for Web Test 2018.12.21

December 21, 2018

Requires web browser with Javascript and active connection

As of frontend r323572:

  • Quick Entry Button — The Quick Entry button now behaves consistently across perspectives.
  • Inbox — The new item toolbar button is now displayed in the Inbox.
  • Inspector — Project Inspector now immediately displays changes to a project’s status.
  • Tags — Restored ability to place tags On Hold.
  • Outline View — Corrected alignment of Tags and Due Date column.
  • Outline View — Tags now wrap to multiple lines when task is selected.

OmniFocus for Web Test 2018.12.18

December 18, 2018

Requires web browser with Javascript and active connection

As of frontend r323408:

  • Outline View — The contextual menu on rows now has functional delete and new action options.
  • General — The OmniFocus app menu has been updated. Not all options are enabled yet.
  • General — The new Inbox Item UI is undergoing updates. Not all features work yet.
  • Outline View — Fixed multiple layout bugs.
  • General — Fixed wrong font being used when editing items in the main view and sidebar with Firefox and Edge.
  • Outline View — Tag column overflow on Project rows is now hidden.
  • Inspector — Fixed multiple layout bugs.
  • Toolbar — Disabled toolbar buttons don’t react to mouse rollover or hover.

OmniFocus for Web Test 2018.12.14

December 14, 2018

Requires web browser with Javascript and active connection

As of frontend r323206:

  • General — Numerous UI tweaks.
  • Outline View — There’s a new menu to the right of the Flag icon. This menu does not function yet.
  • General — Hopefully fixed a browser caching issue that was causing an old frontend revision to be used even after reloading while the menu listed latest revision. However, this will requiring clearing the browser’s cache to fix it.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts — Some new shortcuts have been added, such as ‘e’ for starting editing on an item and left and right arrow keys to expand and collapse. More will be coming. Thank you to everyone who sent in their feedback.