OmniFocus for Web 2021.06.08

June 8, 2021

Requires web browser with JavaScript and active connection

  • Perspectives — The Projects, Tags, and Flagged built-in perspectives use the new API introduced for custom perspectives that brings improved performance and bug fixes to those views.
  • Perspectives — Single Action Lists do not appear not appear in the Tags perspective.
  • Perspectives — The On Hold icon in the sidebar is always tinted blue.
  • Perspectives — The No Folder row in custom perspectives has an icon.
  • Perspectives — The default tint color of custom perspective matches the color used by OmniFocus on other platforms.
  • Sidebar — Custom perspectives icons shown in the sidebar update immediately after syncing.
  • Sidebar — Tooltips appear for favorited custom perspectives using custom icons.
  • Quick Open — Path label shown in results correctly display emojis.
  • Quick Open — Fixed some visual and usability bugs with the Quick Open UI.

OmniFocus for Web 2020.12.21

December 21, 2020

Requires web browser with JavaScript and active connection

  • Quick Open — Navigating through Quick Open results via arrow keys now scrolls selected item into view when result list is long.

OmniFocus for Web 2020.12.15

December 15, 2020

Requires web browser with JavaScript and active connection

  • Quick Open — Navigate to any project, folder, tag, or perspective with ease using Quick Open. From any perspective, tap the ’O’ key and start typing the the name of the item to navigate to and select from the results.
  • Perspectives — Perspective title is now displayed when cursor hovers over perspective icon in sidebar.
  • Quick Entry — Full project hierarchy is no longer displayed after a project is selected in Quick Entry.
  • Custom Perspectives — Custom perspectives created in older versions of OmniFocus are now supported.
  • Notes — Displayed notes on project rows are no longer truncated to a single line when the project is selected in the outline.
  • Notes — Note display can now be toggled for project rows in the outline.
  • Notes — Long URLs in notes field now wrap.
  • Outline — Project field is no longer displayed in project rows in Forecast view outline.
  • Tags — It is no longer possible to inspect the “Untagged” group header.
  • Stability — Fixed underlying cause of error messages which could sometimes trigger login screen to display unexpectedly.
  • Stability — Addressed a crash that could occur when switching sidebar selection in a project mode perspective

OmniFocus for Web 2020.11.19

November 19, 2020

Requires web browser with JavaScript and active connection

  • Quick Entry — Increased width of the Project dropdown menu.
  • Forecast — The Due Date column will show the time when due on the day being viewed and the date when it doesn’t match, such as when showing deferred items.
  • Outline — The red highlight in the Due Date column for overdue items remains visible when the item is selected.
  • Outline — Margins for the date value when due soon or overdue remain consistent when the item is selected.
  • Outline — The Tag column for projects is horizontally aligned with action rows.
  • Outline — Row selection highlight updates when using the Tab key to move to another row.
  • Outline — yyyy-mm-dd date format does not wrap in the Due Date column.
  • Inspectors — The “Untagged” group header is not inspectable.

OmniFocus for Web 2020.10.26

October 27, 2020

Requires web browser with JavaScript and active connection

  • Custom Perspectives — You can now view custom perspectives created on iPhone, iPad, or Mac! They can be marked as favorites so to live in the sidebar or bookmarked for direct access.
  • API & Performance — New API has been built to support custom perspectives which require more flexibility. It also greatly improves the performance for large databases. This new API is currently in use by custom perspectives and Forecast. The other perspectives will switch over to it soon.
  • Built-in Perspectives — The built-in perspectives can be removed from the sidebar by un-favoriting them in the Perspective menu.
  • Forecast — Added an option to only show one week in the calendar.
  • Forecast — Added the ability to show deferred items.
  • Forecast — Added the ability to show times with a selected tag in the Today group.
  • Outline — A progress indicator will show when a perspective is loading.
  • Keyboard Support — The apostrophe key (’) starts editing on the note field in the outline.
  • Keyboard Support — Esc closes the ‘Add items from anywhere’ dialog without saving.
  • Inbox — An inbox zero graphic appears when there is nothing to show in the inbox.
  • Preferences — Preferences for first day of the week, 24-hour clock, date formats, and forecast options are saved on the server so they persist between devices and browsers.
  • Login — Your trial or paid subscription end date will be listed when attempting to log in after access expired.
  • Drag and Drop — Drag and drop works better across all browsers.
  • Keyboard Support — After assigning the first tag, the Tab key will let you immediately start assigning a second tag.
  • Keyboard Support — Return/Enter ends editing in the Due Date field.
  • Outline — Status colors on date fields remain visible when that row is selected.
  • Trials — The trial bar is visible on the very first login that starts the trial.
  • Sidebar — The sidebar no longer has a white gap at the bottom when the trial bar isn’t visible.
  • Sidebar — Long projects and tag names do not wrap to multiple lines when selected.
  • Inspector — Dropped date is shown in the inspector.