OmniFocus for Web 2019.08.08

August 8, 2019

Requires web browser with JavaScript and active connection

  • Forecast — By showing you what’s coming up, Forecast helps you plan better — you can see when a day has too many or too few things, and you can reschedule as needed.
  • New Keyboard Shortcuts
    • Sync— S
    • Toggle Sidebar— Shift-S
    • View Options— V
    • Clean Up— K
    • Undo— Z, Ctrl-Z, Cmd-Z
    • Redo— Shift-Z, Shift-Ctrl-Z, Shift-Cmd-Z
    • Quick Entry— C
    • Toggle Inspector— Shift-I
    • New Task— N
  • Misc — Tooltips for the toolbar buttons list their keyboard shortcut. Some options may have alternate shortcuts not listed.
  • Outline View — The due date column styling reflects the due soon or overdue status.
  • Quick Entry — When using Quick Entry, hitting return after entering a date value assigns that due date if valid.

OmniFocus for Web 2019.06.26

June 26, 2019

Requires web browser with JavaScript and active connection

  • Localizations — OmniFocus for the Web is localized in German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, and Simplified Chinese.
  • Dropped Actions — Added support for the dropped action feature being introduced in OmniFocus 3.4 for Mac and OmniFocus 3.3 for iOS.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts — Both ‘e’ and CMD-Return (Mac) or CTRL-Enter (PC) start editing the title of the selected action.
  • General — An auto-reconnect is attempted when your connection to the server is interrupted.
  • Misc — There is a link to manage your Omni Account under the OmniFocus menu.
  • Inspector — The inspector visibility state is saved locally.
  • UI — Popover menus have been redesigned.
  • Misc — The Stay signed in text is a click target for that option on the login page.
  • Tags — It is easier to assign multiple Tags in a row without using the mouse.
  • Inspector — The Go to Project control works when used on a nested action.
  • Outline View — Due dates set later than the due date of the containing action group or project, display in the due date column.
  • Quick Entry — The Due Date field shows the parsed result of input when editing ends on the field.
  • Tags — When assigning Tags, pushing the Return/Enter key in a blank Tag cell will not assign a Tag from a previously shown smart match menu.
  • General — Login status displays during a successful login after a failed attempt.
  • Smart Match Menu — The Create option at the bottom of the smart match menu is reachable with the Up/Down arrow keys.
  • Smart Match Menu — Emojis display in the smart match results as long as they are available on that OS.
  • UI — Fixed some layout issues when changing selection in the outline view.
  • Drag and Drop — Parent actions can not be dropped inside themselves.
  • Editing — In-progress edits are retained when switching to another tab, window, or application.

OmniFocus for Web 2019.03.03

April 3, 2019

Requires web browser with JavaScript and active connection

Welcome! OmniFocus for the Web is a hosted add-on service which lets you access your OmniFocus data from a web browser. This companion app to OmniFocus for Mac and iOS includes the core features: you can add new tasks, check things off, view your projects, tasks, and tags, and more.

It’s especially great for people who need to use a Windows or Linux machine — or a Mac where they can’t install software — for part of the day. This first release is designed primarily for use on desktops and laptops, rather than touch devices, though we may make it better on touch devices in the future.

As a companion app, it requires that you’ve installed OmniFocus 3 for iOS or OmniFocus 3 for Mac.

Access to this web service is available through the OmniFocus Subscription, which also unlocks the Pro edition of OmniFocus in its native Mac and iOS apps for $9.99/month. Learn more

Customers who have already purchased OmniFocus 3 have the option of only paying for a subscription to the Web Add-On service (since they’ve already paid for the native apps). The price for that subscription is $4.99/month.