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OmniFocus for iOS

iPad: $29.99
iPhone: $19.99

OmniFocus for Mac

14 Day Trial • Standard: $39.99 Pro: $79.99 

Version 2.1.1 • Requires OS X 10.10

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OmniFocus is flexible enough to be used however you want. Start with a workflow or system you know, like GTD®, or craft your own from the ground up.

Need another suggestion? Check out Inside OmniFocus.

Literally everywhere

You’ve always got your iPhone near you, right? Then you’ll never miss out on a game-changing idea. And? Walk by a grocery store and your pocket will buzz; pick up some milk and bread. There’s no need for you to keep track of all that yourself. And OmniFocus has its own, bespoke, sync engine that uses web standards. Enjoy it with our free Sync Server, or use your own.

Quick Entry

The quickest way to add an action on each platform. Just a tap or keyboard shortcut away. And with iOS 8, you can even add actions using the system-wide share sheet or with 3rd party apps.

Location Awareness

With an iPhone or iPad that supports location notifications, use proximity alerts to know when you’re near a grocery or hardware store.

Siri Capture

Hey Siri, can you please add check out the museum of history and industry to my OmniFocus list? Thanks.

Super powerful

What makes OmniFocus 2 so special is the simplicity—anyone can get started. But extra power reveals itself when you need it. We’ve tucked a bunch of powerful things into the Professional upgrade, like focusing on projects or folders, scripting, and creating perspectives for your every whim.

But that’s not all

Not even close. OmniFocus has more features that make it awesome, like Attachment Support for images and audio, Calendar Integration so you can do work around your events, Local Notifications on actions with a deadline, TextExpander support, Quick Open to instantly get to a project, action, or folder, Exporting as CSV, Sharing, and more. Ready yet?

Compare OmniFocus features
Mac iPad iPhone
Quick Entry
Add actions quickly no matter where you are in the app
Attachment Support
Throw in images, audio, and PDFs on the Mac, or add pictures and audio notes on iOS
A view to get a grip on your day and week. Even more on Mac
View Options
Filter out the unnecessary to concentrate on the now
Calendar Integration
See your calendar events in Forecast mode
Reliable Syncing
Use our own Sync Server, or set up a private server
Never miss a due date — customizable notifications everywhere
Today Extension
A quick glimpse of your day right from the Notification Center
Share Sheet
Add to OmniFocus using the native Share Menu on iOS and Mac
Siri Capture
Ask Siri to remind you of something, and we’ll take it from there
Location-based Alerts
Coming or going, we’ll remind you of your tasks
Review Mode
Periodically review each project’s status to stay on top
Quick Open
Find your folder, project or perspective lightning fast
Save to common formats like plain text and HTML on Mac, or CSV on iPad
Focus PRO
Concentrate only on what you need to see
Custom Perspectives PRO
Save frequently used views for later
Customizable Sidebar PRO
Move your most frequent perspectives to the top
AppleScript PRO
Script away! Use an extensive AppleScript library to do everything

Inside OmniFocus

We put together a brand new site to show off different workflows from a few OmniFocus users, tools or services that work well with the suite, and systems like GTD® or one of your own design.

System Requirements

Mac: OS X 10.10

iPad: iOS 8

iPhone: iOS 8

Latest Versions

Mac: v2.1.1

iPad: v2.0.3

iPhone: v2.4.4

Older versions

If your Mac doesn’t meet the system requirements, you may have better luck with a previous version from the downloads archive.


Mac: German, English, Spanish, French, Japanese, Dutch, Italian, Russian, Simplified Chinese

iPad: German, English, Spanish, French, Japanese, Dutch, Italian, Russian, Simplified Chinese

iPhone: German, English, Spanish, French, Japanese, Dutch, Italian, Russian, Simplified Chinese