OmniFocus for Apple Vision Pro 4.2.1

April 15, 2024

Requires visionOS 1

OmniFocus 4.2.1 for Apple Vision Pro

  • Custom Perspectives [Pro] — “In the past” date range rules now include items through the current time today.
  • Omni Automation [Pro] — Improved Omni Automation’s Install Link support for plug-ins hosted on Github.
  • Custom Perspectives [Pro] — Addressed a bug that could cause incomplete outline content to display after modifying a custom perspective rule.
  • Custom Perspectives [Pro] — Corrected capitalization for “Has date in range” rule summaries.
  • Omni Automation [Pro] — Improved layout of Omni Automation window.
  • Stability — Fixed a crash that could occur when changing search scope.
  • Stability — Fixed a crash trigged by Omni Automation plug-ins which attach a file to an email.

OmniFocus for Apple Vision Pro 4.2

April 8, 2024

Requires visionOS 1

OmniFocus 4.2 for Apple Vision Pro

OmniFocus 4.2 introduces new custom perspective rules that let you filter based on dates, repeats, and more. These new perspective rules require OmniFocus 4.2 or later; custom perspectives which use these rules will not be displayed in prior versions of OmniFocus. Custom perspectives require OmniFocus Pro.

  • Custom Perspectives [Pro] — New “Has date in range” rule type enables filtering a perspective by assigned date range.
  • Custom Perspectives [Pro] — New “Is repeating” rule enables filtering repeating tasks.
  • Custom Perspectives [Pro] — New “Is project, group, or neither” rule type enables filtering for projects or groups.
  • Custom Perspectives [Pro] — New “Is in single actions list” rule type enables filtering for items in single action lists.
  • Siri — Implemented Siri support.
  • Omni Automation [Pro] — It’s now possible to write a plug-in which changes the filter rules which define the contents of a perspective. See Perspective.Custom.archivedFilterRules.
  • Omni Automation [Pro] — Updated appearance and organization of Omni Automation navigation bar and menus.
  • Omni Automation [Pro] — See Automation API Reference Release Notes for additional Omni Automation updates.
  • Repeats — Updated layout of repeat customization UI.
  • Attachments — Correct appearance of audio recording hover effects.
  • In App Purchases — “Done” button is now displayed after restoring a previous purchase.
  • Inspector — Corrected padding for repeat and review text fields.
  • Perspective Rules — Perspective rules correctly describe themselves using restrictive clause phrasing (“that”).
  • Sidebar — Improve the animation used when hiding and showing the sidebar.
  • Sync — Improved logic for updating linked encryption passphrase when account password is changed.
  • Stability — Addressed crash on launch that could be encountered after creating a new item.

OmniFocus for Apple Vision Pro 4.1

March 13, 2024

Requires visionOS 1

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