Styling is here in OmniFocus 2.5 for Mac!

by Derek Reiff on March 30, 2016

Today we’ve released OmniFocus 2.5 for Mac—a fresh new release with a few big things.

OmniFocus Styles

In OmniFocus Preferences you’ll see a brand new pane: Style. Inside are both font collections and color palettes. Along with the ability to create your own styles, we’ve included some good-looking pre-made sets.

Under color palettes we’ve included two: OmniFocus Light and OmniFocus Dark. OmniFocus Light is what you’re used to already, while OmniFocus Dark is brand new. We spent quite a bit of time tweaking colors for readability and comfort (at night, especially!).

If you’re wanting to create your own color palette or font collection, check out this support article for more about what’s involved. Be aware! There are a lot of colors involved—it might be a productivity-breaker!

Fixes, sync, and more

Also of note:

  • OmniPlan 3 clipping is here!
  • Default calendar app preferences are respected
  • TextExpander fill-in snippets are working in the sidebar

We’ve also made a number of improvements to situations that might stomp over edits that you didn’t finish making. Say, for example, OmniFocus wanted to pull in sync changes to an action you were actively editing—we wait until you’re done.

Enjoy! Check for updates in the direct version or within the App Store app.

3D Touch in OmniFocus 2.12 for iOS

by Derek Reiff on March 15, 2016

We’ve just released the latest version of OmniFocus for your iPhones and iPads. Check for updates on your device now!

Peek and Pop in OmniFocus for iPhone

First and foremost in this release is, of course, the addition of 3D Touch support to devices that support it. (iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus) In addition to already supporting Quick Actions—which enabled one-press access to several perspectives and Quick Entry from the home screen of your iPhone—you’ll be able to Peek and Pop each row for common tasks.

On an action, that amounts to details about the action itself, like notes if there are any, the project, context, or dates, and swiping up will bring up additional actions to quickly flag or due today (or tomorrow, depending). Delete or complete actions, and even mark projects as Reviewed, too.

Not using a 3D Touch device?

Even if you’re not using an iPhone 6s or 6s Plus, you still have access to the same actions! Swipe left on a row, then tap ‘More.’

Watch improvements

Using an Apple Watch? Our Complication now supports Time Travel for custom perspectives. To keep things humming along, completing an action will trigger a sync on iPhone.

And more, of course

That’s not to mention the good amount of general maintenance this release packs in: crash fixes, bug zaps, and a bigger app icon sized for iPad Pro.

For the full set of release notes, you can head here.


OmniOutliner 4.5 for Mac is here!

by Derek Reiff on March 2, 2016

Check OmniOutliner or Mac App Store for updates, ‘cause there’s something waiting for ya.

OmniOutliner 4.5 makes life a lot better for people that need (or want!) to print. It’s available for both direct download and App Store customers right now.

New options on the Print panel include:

  • Printing only the selected rows
  • Filtering by status
  • Expanding to show all descendants
  • Flattening indentation
  • Expanding all notes
  • Printing column titles
  • Printing row handles
  • Printing alternate row colors
  • Printing other background colors

Aside from that, you’ll see a lot of improvements in exporting, theming, templating, and more. Check out the release notes for all the details.

We’re hiring!

by Tami on February 24, 2016

Folks often ask us how to join our team. Opportunities to come on board have been few and far between as we’ve maintained a small company (less than 70 employees) over our 20+ years in business. We work hard to protect our small company culture and, as a result, we have low turnover. This is a rare day–we have multiple job openings right now!

If you’re interested in joining the realms of Omni, our current openings are:

Plan advanced projects with OmniPlan 3 for iOS

by Derek Reiff on February 4, 2016

With today’s iOS release, we’re matching some of OmniPlan’s biggest features on the Mac, and we’re excited to get it in your hands! New, advanced features make OmniPlan 3 for iOS an incredible upgrade for a wide range of project managers’ needs. We’d love for you to check out all it has to offer right now!

OmniPlan 3 for iOS screenshot

Standard Features

Network Diagrams help visualize projects, and it’s a big addition in OmniPlan 3. The mode adds an extra view that shows flow and context within your project, but also enables an easy way to set up dependencies. And it fits in well on iOS! (Plus, it was one of our most asked for requests, so we had to do it!)

You can now Catch Up and Reschedule your project very quickly, define a task as a Meeting to make sure everyone actually can attend, and even let OmniPlan assign resource percentage on tasks with Unlinked Duration and Effort.

Pro Features

One of the biggest features in OmniPlan 3 for Mac that assisted big projects in running on time was Monte Carlo Simulation—and now it’s on iOS! Tap a button to simulate different scenarios that take effort, duration, and resource efficiency into account to get an estimate on when the project might plausibly finish. Then, make adjustments.

With Auto-Effort Estimation you’ll automatically know the best- and worst-case scenarios on each task you’re not sure about. Not everything runs on time, so OmniPlan will help out on estimates.

Pricing & Availability

OmniPlan 3 is available today from the App Store for $74.99. Customers who upgrade from an earlier release of OmniPlan for iOS will receive a free Pro Upgrade. For new OmniPlan users, Pro features are a $74.99 In-App Purchase.

For more information on upgrading to OmniPlan 3, check out our support article.

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