The OmniFocus team has been hard at work on OmniFocus 4, a major new version of OmniFocus for all supported platforms. Today, we are excited to provide a first look at the update currently in development for iPad and iPhone, and invite you to share feedback with us via the OmniFocus 4 TestFlight!

Through all the decades of our history, customer privacy has been an important value for us. It's fundamental to who we are, guiding our decision-making from day one. With the terrific improvements in iOS 14, we take heart that we're not the only company with these values. We appreciate the support and attention this brings to treating each of you with respect.

OmniPlan 4 for iPad and iPhone, available today, introduces a brand new Outline View on iPad and iPhone, optimized for quickly creating and organizing projects, with fully customizable column display and enhanced keyboard navigation support. In addition to this powerful new view, this release brings new scheduling features like recurring tasks and manual task scheduling, originally introduced in OmniPlan 4 for Mac, to iPad and iPhone, as well as a wide range of improvements throughout the app, making OmniPlan easier than ever to use for day-to-day project management tasks, no matter how complex your project is.

OmniFocus can be as simple or as complex as you choose to make it. It's essentially an outline of tasks that can be tagged and filtered in different ways. This makes it incredibly flexible—much like paper—which lets it grow with your needs. Capturing things in your Inbox and checking them off as you do them are all you need to know to start accomplishing more every day using OmniFocus.