The Omni Show: How Photographer Aaron Hockley Uses OmniFocus to Maximize Productivity

In this episode of The Omni Show, Andrew is joined by Aaron Hockley, an award-winning photographer who has been recognized by the Professional Photographers of America (PPA). In 2014, Aaron’s work placed third in the commercial illustrative category at the PPA Grand Imaging Awards. Aaron serves on the board of directors for the Oregon Professional Photographers Association, for which he also officiated as president in 2017 (and he’s been nominated for the role again this year).

Aaron’s passion for photography began as a teenage hobby, but he ended up pursuing a professional career in the tech world doing software development. In 2008, Aaron started his photography business—officially taking his hobby-turned-side-hustle to the next level. His work has evolved to include several types of photography: special events, conferences, trade shows, company meetings, business spaces, portraits, and products.

In the podcast, Aaron shares how he uses OmniFocus to keep his personal and professional life on track—a crucial balance for a business owner, husband, and father of two. OmniFocus helps Aaron stay on top of multiple workflows, prioritize upcoming tasks, and keep an eye on projects in progress. With the Custom Perspectives feature, Aaron keeps his calendar in sync and easily manages engagement with his network—and it’s just one of the many OmniFocus features that help him get things done. “Being able to manage all of these areas of my life does require investing a little bit of time and energy into task management,” Aaron says. “I often describe OmniFocus as a tool kit that people can use to build the productivity system that works for them.”

To boost your productivity and balance life’s challenges efficiently, download OmniFocus for Mac. And if you have any questions or feedback, email—our amazing Support Humans are standing by, ready to help.