The Omni Show Returns with a New Host: Andrew Mason

The Omni Show would not exist if not for our original podcast team, host Brent Simmons and producer Mark Boszko and their combined commitment to making it a success. We’re grateful to them, and although we recognize it will be the end of an era, we’re delighted to announce the return of The Omni Show—which will officially relaunch this fall—and introduce its new host, Andrew J. Mason. Andrew is a passionate podcaster and audio producer who has lent his voice to help elevate others for the past 12 years. Below, Andrew shares a little about himself, what he’s excited for as the new host, and the direction he’d like to take the show going forward.

How did you become the new host for The Omni Show?

Andrew: Before I became the producer and host for the GTD Podcast, I recall telling GTD creator David Allen I’m the best podcaster you’ve never heard of! I love anything that has to do with amplifying ideas. I’ve been an Omni superfan for a long time—OmniFocus is an integral part of my process for getting things done. I’ve interviewed Omni Group CEO Ken Case previously and I’ve always wanted to be the host for The Omni Show. A friend of mine encouraged me to ask Ken, and I’m excited to work with Omni in this capacity—they’re great people, they make great software, and it’s always been clear to me how much Ken truly cares about the people he serves.

In what direction are you planning to take the podcast?

A: The first episode features an interview with Ken, and I’m excited to have him as my first guest as the new host. Following that episode, I would like to share the stories of people who are passionate about using the software. I’m a diehard OmniFocus fan and I want to hear from others who are a part of this thriving community of professionals using these products to drive their lives. I want listeners to hear why and how other people use this software to do great work.

What are you hoping listeners take away from the show?

A: There are two levels: (1) Giving listeners an inside look into the company by sharing details about the software, new features, and all the exciting things happening, and (2) highlighting the passion found within the continually widening user base.

How would you describe your interview style?

A: I don’t do hardball-style interviews. I’m skilled in asking a question in a way that draws out an unexpected response, which often leads to a unique answer that surprises my guests.

What are you the most excited about as the new host of the podcast?

A: Outside of OmniFocus, I’m an entry-level user. I can’t wait to dive deep with guests and listeners. It’s exciting to have the opportunity to become an even more well-versed fan and learn more about Omni software with a community of people just as passionate about the products as I am. As a superfan, I’ll get the chance to pose questions to power users and bring that learning to other people. That’s what I’m passionate about—digging into things fans would like to know but wouldn’t get to hear anywhere else.

We’re excited to have Andrew join our team and look forward to sharing his talent and enthusiasm with our fans soon on The Omni Show. To learn more about what makes people so passionate about apps from the Omni Group, download OmniFocus for Mac. And if you have any questions or feedback, email—our amazing Support Humans are standing by, ready to help.