Ken Case Joins 58keys to Talk About OmniOutliner

Ken Case (our CEO) was invited onto the 58Keys podcast to discuss how he uses OmniOutliner for writing with William Gallagher, a bona fide writer’s writer, and Deputy Chair of the Writers’ Guild of Great Britain.

About recording the podcast, Mr. Gallagher said, “I think Ken is so interesting in the interview. He is a joyous treat.” He further explained that OmniOutliner is “the outlining app for writers whether they like outlining or not. OmniOutliner is an ideas manager, a way to massage the mess in our writing minds out into a message, whether that’s a novel, script or an event. Ken explains what the app brings for writers, reveals why the Omni Group created it, and gives just a little hint about where it’s going next.”

And here’s what Mr. Gallagher wrote about the podcast in advance of it:

Speaking of software, Ken Case from the Omni Group agreed to talk about his firm’s major writing app, OmniOutliner. Today is the first day in months I haven’t opened OmniOutliner, but only because it’s early. I know for certain that later today I will be planning out two complicated articles in it, for instance.

Actually, that might be the moment in next week’s more than two hours of interviews that tickled me the most. Ken confessed that he’d prepared for the interview by making some notes in OmniOutliner –– and I had to confess right back that so had I. We both had this app on our screens throughout. Love that software.

You can watch the entire episode right here:

And you can try OmniOutliner for 14-days or learn more about OmniOutliner here.