Team Subscriptions Now Available for OmniPlan, Other Apps Coming Soon

Team subscriptions are a great new purchasing option that dramatically simplifies licensing for teams—and it’s available now in OmniPlan 3.14 for Mac (the pi release!) and OmniPlan 3.13 for iOS.

It’s not just for OmniPlan: Team subscriptions will be coming soon to the rest of our apps.

Update 6 Mar 2020: team subscriptions are now available for OmniFocus too!

Introducing Team Subscriptions

A team is a group of people subscribing to and paying for an app using a single subscription, rather than as individuals.

The team subscriptions option has several benefits:

  • It simplifies payment—a single bill covers all team members
  • It simplifies management—no need to track individual licenses
  • It reduces up-front investment—recurring costs are predictable

For some teams this is perfect, but it’s not for everybody. It’s important to remember that this is an option.

You can read more about purchasing and using team subscriptions on our support site.

If you have further questions about team subscriptions or the best way to purchase a license or multiple licenses, please email.

OmniPlan Changes

OmniPlan has addressed a compatibility issue importing some Microsoft Project files and added support for team subscriptions. Other fixes include enhanced stability, Omni Automation, Siri Shortcuts fixes, and more.

Read the OmniPlan for Mac change notes and OmniPlan for iOS change notes for the full scoop.