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Project management made painless.

Brand new for iOS 9: Quick Actions, Multitasking, and Spotlight integration.

OmniPlan for iOS

Standard: $49.99 • Pro: $99.98 

OmniPlan for Mac

14 Day Trial • Pro: $199.99 

Version 2.4.1 • Requires OS X 10.10

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The best-looking screen in the business. OmniPlan’s Gantt View is beautiful, functional, and customizable. Use it exclusively to work on your project, or in combination with our completely customizable Outline View.


Stay focused on the information you need — hide what you don’t. Filter out dates you aren’t concerned with, or tasks the team doesn’t need to worry about yet. OmniPlan can be as simple as you need, and with massive projects, simple can be great.


Keeping projects up-to-date is incredibly easy with OmniPlan. Everyone stays current with whole-project sharing, change-tracking, automatic publishing, and instant updates via Bonjour. Always there, always current.


Use Change Tracking in OmniPlan for revision notifications that teammates are making to the timeline, tasks, or the amount of work they’ve marked as complete. Accept or reject the changes one by one, or en masse.


Sync your projects with others using a self-hosted web server, or sign up for our own, free Omni Sync Server. Click Save, and OmniPlan can automatically publish: Calendar Events, all of our file export options, and the entire plan.


It’s the easiest way to dip your toe into project management, yet the most comprehensive tool on OS X & iOS. Gantt charts have never been better looking and outlines more useful. You can even hook up automatic workflows on Save with AppleScript. And don’t forget Change Tracking.

Multiple Baselines
Change Tracking

See it in action



Mac iOS
Change Tracking
Turn on to approve or reject changes from colleagues
Publish & Subscribe
Just like sync — automatic and easy to set up
Smart Scheduling
Make sure your resources aren’t overburdened, automatically
Multiple Baselines
Take snapshots to chart and compare progress along the way
Critical Path
Quickly see the tasks necessary to complete on time
Friendly Interface
A project management app where getting started is easy
Many Export Options
Show off a complete web page, a quick PDF, and more
Easy Task Management
Helpful inspectors make it all quick-work
Spotlight Search
Search inside and outside your Plan files with Spotlight
Automatic Resource Allocation
You don’t have to do it manually, in other words
Violation Resolution
If something doesn’t quite look right, OmniPlan will tell you
Resource Load Sharing
Share work schedules across all projects
Stunning Gantt Timelines
The best view on the block
View Filtering
Focus on resources, date ranges, and more
Printing & AirPrinting
Need it on paper? It can do that, too
Microsoft Project Support PRO
Import and export Project files on Mac, iPad, and iPhone
Take full advantage of iOS 9’s Slide Over and Split View support on iPad
Quick Actions
With an iPhone 6s or 6s Plus, create a new document right from the iPhone’s Home Screen
Task Outline View
Add tasks and create groups just like an Outliner would
AppleScript Support
A full library of AppleScript terms, plus automatic execution

System Requirements

Mac: OS X 10.10

iPad & iPhone iOS 9


Mac: Release notes, Documentation

iPad & iPhone: Release notes, Documentation

Latest Versions

Mac: v2.4.1

iPad & iPhone: v2.2

Older versions

If your Mac doesn’t meet the system requirements, you may have better luck with a previous version from the downloads archive.


Mac: German, English, Spanish, French, Japanese, Dutch, Italian, Russian, Simplified Chinese

iPad & iPhone: German, English, Spanish, French, Japanese, Dutch, Italian, Russian, Simplified Chinese