OmniPlan for Apple Vision Pro 4.8

April 24, 2024

Requires visionOS 1

  • Omni Automation [Pro] — Omni Automation now supports “Install Links” for simplified Omni Automation plug-in installation.
  • Inspector — Improved appearance of Publish & Subscribe Inspector options.
  • Omni Automation [Pro] — Updated appearance and organization of Omni Automation navigation bar and menus.
  • Windows — Document window now grows to accommodate Inspector when Inspector is opened.
  • Outline — Custom Data outline columns are now supported.
  • Outline — Column borders now display for full height of document.
  • Outline — “Copy” contextual menu item now functions correctly.
  • Outline — Abandoning a drag action no longer causes rows to disappear.
  • Licensing — Fixed an issue with subscriptions sometimes triggering a “Re-authenticate with (null)” prompt around renewal time.

OmniPlan for Apple Vision Pro 4.7.3

March 14, 2024

Requires visionOS 1

  • Outline View — Column configuration is accessible from the View menu.
  • Network View — Scale settings are accessible from the View menu.
  • Inspectors — The sidebar that contains the inspectors is wider.
  • Inspectors — Uneditable Task Start and End Dates have an appropriate appearance.
  • General — Release notes open in its own window.
  • Gantt View — Date headers display across the whole view.
  • General — Added red tinting to Delete options.
  • General — The Move function displays instructions with an option to cancel.
  • General — Various layout and display issues fixed in the inspectors and menus.
  • Outline View — Tasks created when a filter is active will be visible.

OmniPlan for Apple Vision Pro 4.7.2

February 1, 2024

Requires visionOS 1

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