OmniPlan for iOS 4.5

October 23, 2022

Requires iOS 14.1

OmniPlan 4.5 adds new toolbar functionality on iPads running iPadOS 16.

OmniPlan 4.5 for iPad and iPhone

  • Toolbar — New document toolbar functionality has been introduced on iPads running iPadOS 16 (this functionality is not available on iPhones). Changes include:
    • Customizable toolbar support.
    • New optional toolbar buttons for Reschedule, Catch Up, Split Task, Level Resources, Publish/Refresh, and task selection.
    • Support for new iPadOS 16 document title menu.
    • Access to options previously only accessible via the document browser toolbar, like the Reference Manual and Settings, via the document toolbar’s overflow menu.
  • Timeline Scale — Fixed a bug that could cause Gantt timeline scale options to present in incorrect language.
  • Stability — Using addAssignment on a task assignment via Omni Automation no longer triggers a crash.

OmniPlan for iOS 4.4

March 29, 2022

Requires iOS 14.1

OmniPlan 4.4

OmniPlan 4.4 improves OmniPlan’s leveling and scheduling logic on all platforms, and introduces localizations on iPad and iPhone. OmniPlan 4 is now localized in English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, and Spanish on all platforms.

  • Localizations — OmniPlan is now localized in English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, and Spanish.
  • Leveling — Leveling now supports assigning a resource group that contains only equipment resources with 0% efficiency (previously this would trigger a “no dependency chain available” violation). This is useful for automatically assigning an available conference room from a resource group of conference rooms, for example.
  • Omni Automation — Omni Automation improvements. For more detail, see the Omni Automation Release Notes (available in the Automation API Reference via the Automation menu in the toolbar).
  • Leveling — Improved leveling logic related to resource availability.
  • Leveling — A warning is now presented when leveling could cause a hammock task to stretch endlessly due to an assigned resource that is also in the dependency chain for the hammock’s end date.
  • Omni Account — Closing an Omni Account can now be initiated via the Omni Account settings.
  • Leveling — Leveling no longer unassigns resources assigned to manually scheduled tasks.
  • Leveling — Fixed a bug that could cause resource start dates to interfere with accurately scheduling tasks set to “Task progress requires: Any of the assigned resources.”
  • Leveling — Leveling a “Adjust Assigned Amounts” task that is assigned to multiple resources no longer over assigns units to resources with less than 100% unit availability (previously, OmniPlan split the assigned amount evenly across all assigned resources, regardless of individual resource availability).
  • Leveling — Resource leveling no longer gives up on scheduling long sequences of as-late-as-possible tasks that end up determining the project end date in projects scheduled from a fixed start.
  • Leveling — Fixed a bug that could cause leveling to repeatedly split and merge partially completed tasks.
  • Leveling — ALAP milestones in a forward project now level correctly.
  • Multitasking — Changes to sidebar visibility no longer affect all open documents.
  • Outline View — Task group expansion state is now restored in Outline View.
  • Scheduling — One hour tasks are now scheduled as expected over standard to daylight savings time changeover.
  • Scheduling — Hammock task now round to whole days as expected in projects set to daily scheduling granularity.
  • Stability — Fixed a crash that could occur when creating a hammock task between ASAP & ALAP tasks in some project schedules.
  • Violations — A violation is now presented when a resource is over-allocated due to simultaneous manually scheduled tasks.

OmniPlan for iOS 4.3

February 2, 2022

Requires iOS 14.1

OmniPlan 4.3 introduces Omni Automation actions for Shortcuts and fixes some issues with renewing an active subscription. This update requires iOS 14 or later.

  • Omni Automation — Support for triggering Omni Automation scripts and plug-ins from Shortcuts, using the new Omni Automation Script and Omni Automation Plug-In actions, has been added.
  • Documentation — In-app documentation has been updated to reflect recent changes.
  • Inspector — Task scheduling options are now labeled correctly in the Task Scheduling Inspector.
  • Leveling — Partially completed tasks are now handled properly by auto leveling.
  • Multitasking — On-screen keyboard now displays more consistently when multiple documents are open.
  • Subscription Renewal — Fixed some issues which could cause the app to lose track of an active subscription, requiring a fresh Omni Account sign-in each time the subscription renewed. Signing in to an Omni Account should now keep you signed in until you explicitly sign out, remove the app, or change your account password.
  • Stability — Fixed a crash that could occur when editing in Outline View.

OmniPlan for iOS 4.1

September 20, 2021

Requires iOS 14.1

OmniPlan 4.1 is a compatibility update for iOS 15 and iPadOS 15.

OmniPlan 4.1

  • Keyboard Shortcuts — Prevent keyboard shortcuts from being sent to the document browser when it is not visible on iOS 15 and iPadOS 15.
  • Date Picker — The time control in the date picker displays at the proper height on iPadOS 15.

OmniPlan for iOS 4.0.1

May 5, 2021

Requires iOS 14.1

OmniPlan 4.0.1

  • Reference Manual — The OmniPlan 4 for iOS Reference Manual can now be accessed within the application.
  • Default Template — New projects are now created with the “Simple Project” template.
  • Inspector — Miscellaneous Inspector appearance, behavior, and layout improvements.
  • Outline View — Task group disclosure triangle colors are no longer partially transparent in Outline View.
  • View Menu — Improved View menu layout.
  • Keyboard — Fixed a bug that could cause keyboard shortcuts to stop functioning after changes are made via the keyboard in the Inspector.
  • Layout — Addressed layout issues that could occur throughout app when using some Dynamic Type text sizes.
  • Network View — Right arrow key now changes selection as expected.
  • Outline View — Outline now scrolls to keep selected row visible when moving rows.
  • Outline View — Improved selection preservation.
  • Outline View — Up/down keyboard navigation no longer stops responding after a split or recurring task is encountered.
  • Outline View — Elapsed duration values can now be entered in Duration outline column.
  • Outline View — Improved behavior when navigating through editable cells via keyboard.
  • Outline View — Changes made in the Inspector are now immediately reflected in outline columns.
  • Outline View — Column selection no longer blocks selecting a row.
  • Recurring Tasks — Tapping the minus button when setting duration values for recurring tasks now reduces duration as expected.
  • Sync & Sharing [PRO] — OmniPlan now prompts for permission to access your local network the first time a sync action is triggered, improving sync reliability.
  • Toolbar — Fixed a bug that could cause the bottom toolbar to remain floating in the middle of the screen after the on-screen keyboard is dismissed.
  • Undo — Undo no longer reverts more than one change.
  • Performance — Improved Outline View performance.
  • Stability — Fixed a crash that could occur when creating a new task with a split task segment selected in the outline.
  • Stability — Editing the resource Start Date field after changing resource type no longer triggers a crash.
  • Stability — Fixed a crash that could occur after signing into an Omni Account.
  • Stability — Deleting all tasks in Outline view no longer triggers a crash.