OmniGraffle for Mac 7.10.1

March 7, 2019

Requires macOS 10.13

Version 7.10.1

  • Labels on Small Objects — Fixed a bug that caused label text to not appear on objects with text margins larger then the object itself.
  • Zoom — Fixed a bug that prevented zoom and Fit in Window from zooming correctly in some scenarios.
  • Object Selection — Fixed a bug that made it difficult to select objects without a fill when the “Click through objects with no fill” preference was enabled.
  • SVG Export — Fixed a bug that caused text in SVG exports to not be positioned correctly.
  • Tables — Fixed a bug that could cause tables to change size when moving.

OmniGraffle for Mac 7.10

March 5, 2019

Requires macOS 10.13

Version 7.10

  • Fill Shape with Text — Added a new Fill Shape with Text option to the Text Position inspector that fills the inner bounds of a shape with the label text. This makes it much easier to keep text within a diamond shape in a flowchart or as a creative background on a Bézier shape.
  • Line Labels — Added a new option to the Line inspector to allow line labels to clip a line’s stroke. This is best suited for when you don’t want a label to have a fill but you also don’t want the line to cross through the label.
  • Adjustable Distance when Text Follows Path — The distance adjustment control in the Geometry inspector is now available when using the “Follows Path” label orientation. This controls the distance that the text is positioned above or below the line.
  • Object Alignment — Object alignment is now performed based on object positions on the canvas, not z-order. Align to top means OmniGraffle aligns the selected objects with the top of the top-most object. Align to bottom means OmniGraffle aligns the selected objects with the bottom of the bottom-most object.
  • Text Following Path of a Curve — Characters are now placed on the path of the curve using the midpoint of the glyph, instead of the left corner, which makes the text flow smoother.
  • Preserve Aspect Ratio – Now the “Preserve Aspect Ratio” option is automatically enabled when images are added to the canvas.
  • Convert Text to Shape — Improved Text to Shape conversions, especially when text is rotated or wrapped around shapes.
  • Text Transformations — “Make Lower Case”, “Make Upper Case”, and “Capitalize” options for text were added to the Edit menu.
  • Superscript and Subscript — Superscript and Subscript now reduce the font size of the text in addition to changing the baseline position.
  • Zoom — When multiple canvases are selected, changing the zoom level changes all the selected canvases instead of only the visible canvas.
  • Performance — Improved performance when rendering shadows and squiggly lines.
  • Underline and Strikethrough — Fixed a bug that prevented the underline color and strikethrough color from changing with font color changes.
  • Mixed Font Attributes — Improved handling of labels with mixed font attributes. For example, changing the font size won’t clear the bold or italic states of individual words.
  • RTF Text — Fixed a bug that prevented some rich text (like hyperlinks) from being editable in an OmniGraffle label.
  • Export — Fixed a bug that would cause text position offsets to produce extra space in exports.
  • Label Background Color — Fixed a bug that caused a label’s background fill to remain straight when the text was following a curved path.
  • AppleScript — Fixed a bug that forced AppleScripts to use the UTI definition of some export formats (like com.adobe.pdf) instead of the natural name (PDF).
  • AppleScript — Fixed a bug that prevented shape deletion via AppleScript.

OmniGraffle for Mac 7.9.4

December 17, 2018

Requires macOS 10.13

Version 7.9.4

  • Performance — Improved performance when scrolling and dragging objects in certain scenarios.

OmniGraffle for Mac 7.9.3

December 3, 2018

Requires macOS 10.13

Version 7.9.3

  • Localizations and Documentation — Documentation and App Localizations have been updated to reflect recent UI changes.
  • Bézier Lines — Fixed a bug that caused some Bézier lines to incorrectly draw to the center of the shape.
  • Page Orientation — Fixed a bug that caused Page Setup to default to Portrait orientation when saved with a recent version of OmniGraffle.

OmniGraffle for Mac 7.9.2

October 11, 2018

Requires macOS 10.13

Version 7.9.2

  • Images — Fixed a bug that caused some embedded images to appear pixilated on the canvas.
  • Stability — Fixed a bug that caused a crash in some documents using line hops.