OmniGraffle for Mac 7.18.1

December 7, 2020

Requires macOS 10.14

Version 7.18.1

  • Omni Automation [PRO] — Omni Automation now supports calls to network resources that require authentication or use a RESTful API. For more detail, see the API Reference Release Notes.
  • Text — The Substitutions menu is available under the Edit menu.
  • Localizations — Localization improvements.
  • Misc. — Stopped OmniGraffle from being assigned as the default owner of .framework files on macOS Big Sur. Logging out or rebooting may be required for the change to take effect.
  • Stencils — Submitting a stencil to Stenciltown on macOS Big Sur no longer causes OmniGraffle to hang.

OmniGraffle for Mac 7.18

November 12, 2020

Requires macOS 10.14

Version 7.18

OmniGraffle 7.18 for Mac introduces support for macOS 11 Big Sur. This release is a macOS Universal app, which can run natively on both Apple Silicon Mac and Intel-based Mac computers.

  • macOS Big Sur — OmniGraffle has been updated for compatibility with macOS Big Sur.
  • macOS Universal App — OmniGraffle now runs natively on both Apple Silicon Macs and Intel-based Mac computers.
  • Point Editor Tool — Command-Click a selected point to deselect it.
  • Omni Automation [PRO] — OmniGraffle now recognizes simple plug-ins that use the .omnigrafflejs file extension.
  • Omni Automation [PRO] — Omni Automation has been updated with improved security and per-script approval for external scripts.
  • AppleScript — Embedded AppleScript support has been updated with improved security to require per-script approval.
  • App Icon — The app icon has been updated to feel at home on macOS Big Sur.
  • Inspectors — Updated the appearance of the color well.
  • Text — Text stays sharp on non-retina displays while editing.
  • Export Panel — Keyboard focus starts in the export format options instead of on the PNG button. The selected format has a new appearance to differentiate it from the others.
  • Bézier Objects — Additional fixes for adding points to Bézier paths.
  • Inspectors — Fixed the width of the Flexible Canvas buttons to resize based on the text.
  • Images — PDF images set to tile and scaled up really large render on-screen and export with the correct resolution.
  • Lines — An alert will display when there are lines are missing enough points to define it. Points will be automatically created to allow the file to open.

OmniGraffle for Mac 7.17.5

September 17, 2020

Requires macOS 10.14

Version 7.17.5

  • Lines — Fixed a bug with adding additional points to lines with a corner radius causing the point to be added in the wrong order.
  • Inspectors — Fixed a bug causing inspector customization to be reset on relaunch under certain licensing conditions.
  • File Formats — Fixed a bug preventing changing the format of files that are saved on iCloud Drive and some external drives.
  • Stability — Fixed a multithreading crash with PDF rendering.

OmniGraffle for Mac 7.17.4

August 24, 2020

Requires macOS 10.14

Version 7.17.4

  • Stencil Browser — Fixed a bug preventing stencils from loading in the Stencil Browser.
  • Exports — Fixed a bug preventing certain documents from being exported.

OmniGraffle for Mac 7.17.2

July 29, 2020

Requires macOS 10.14

Version 7.17.2

  • Connected Lines — Manipulating a multiple selection of objects redraws the position of any connected lines that are part of the selection when resizing or rotating.
  • Licensing — Open documents become editable when the app is unlocked and exits Free Reader Mode.
  • Export Panel — The format selection button area of the Export panel has been changed to fix layout issues when running a beta OS.