Sal demonstrating Omni Automation at MacTech conference

by Derek Reiff on November 9, 2017

In this session, Sal will show you Omni Automation — a technology developed by The Omni Group to tackle this problem. Omni Automation delivers dual-platform automation through scripts, plugins, libraries, menus, and user-assigned action triggers. Based on JavaScript Core in WebKit, Omni Automation will ultimately automate all of Omni’s suite of productivity applications for both iOS and macOS with real object-model scripting support rivaling the traditional automation tools of macOS.

There’s a lot of other great talks at MacTech this year that go deep into the system administration side and, of course, scripting and automation. You can still register for the full 3-day conference in Los Angeles.

For those that don’t know, Sal has been providing invaluable advice on our cross-platform automation project for nearly a year now!

Testing Begins for OmniOutliner 3 for iOS

by Derek Reiff on November 3, 2017

Yesterday, we put OmniOutliner 3 for iOS in Public Test. We’ve spent a lot of time getting it to this point, and we’re looking for feedback specifically about new Pro features.

This is a major upgrade for OmniOutliner for iOS, and while the final version will have a focus on simplicity—3 will be the first version to include Essentials for iOS—right now we’re finishing up work on the Pro feature set.

So what’s new in 3? Omni Automation is the biggest addition: cross-platform scripting, using JavaScript, to automate nearly everything in OmniOutliner for iOS. If you’re familiar with the language and could stand to automate common tasks, try writing a script! Sal Soghoian’s website gives a great overview, and OmniOutliner provides an in-app API reference.

This version also includes support for Drag and Drop, encrypting documents with a password, a brand new implementation of our sidebar and inspectors (with major work ongoing for the filtering tab of the sidebar), row focus, section lists, printing, and PDF support.

Check out our signup page to learn about the latest features.

Putting OmniOutliner 3 through your paces

So what are we looking for input on?

  • How’s Pro working, on your iPad and iPhone, as your central repository for how you outline, write, and manage your ideas?
  • What doesn’t it have that you think it should?
  • How’s it working with your keyboard, your shortcuts, and everything that you’ve come to expect from the Mac?

Submitting Feedback: Use the Send Feedback button under the Document Browser’s Gear Menu. Or, say something on Twitter, via an email here, or talk about it on Discourse. (Or join our Slack Workspace! It’s brand new.)

OmniGraffle 7.5: The Big Automation Update

by Derek Reiff on October 11, 2017

In OmniGraffle 7.5 for Mac, new automation features are introduced, a whole lot of functions and classes are improved, and a lot of bugs are vanquished.

The release notes give all the details, but this is a big release if you’ve been working with (and sending feedback on—thanks, if that’s you!) Omni Automation.

As an aside, feel free to share your scripts and quick workspace improvements that Omni Automation brings to OmniGraffle—we’re working on a better way to share them, but if it’s worth sharing with others, let us know!

And don’t forget that Twitterrific for Mac is back!

OmniOutliner 2.11 for iOS out today!

by Derek Reiff on October 5, 2017

OmniOutliner 2.11 for iOS is out now, bringing Open in Place support for iOS 11’s Files app! With iCloud (and other storage providers that support it), you’ll be able to quickly open a document, make edits, and save those changes to the original location. Open in Place isn’t limited to iOS 11, though—you’ll see the same capabilities in iCloud Drive (on iOS 10) and other apps that support it.

For the full set of changes in this update, check out the release notes.

Files alongside OmniOutliner 2.11