Sal demonstrating Omni Automation at MacTech conference

In this session, Sal will show you Omni Automation — a technology developed by The Omni Group to tackle this problem. Omni Automation delivers dual-platform automation through scripts, plugins, libraries, menus, and user-assigned action triggers. Based on JavaScript Core in WebKit, Omni Automation will ultimately automate all of Omni’s suite of productivity applications for both iOS and macOS with real object-model scripting support rivaling the traditional automation tools of macOS.

There’s a lot of other great talks at MacTech this year that go deep into the system administration side and, of course, scripting and automation. You can still register for the full 3-day conference in Los Angeles.

For those that don’t know, Sal has been providing invaluable advice on our cross-platform automation project for nearly a year now!