OmniGraffle for Mac 6.5

January 27, 2016

Requires OS X 10.10

Recent Changes

Version 6.5 - Tuesday, January 19, 2016

OmniGraffle 6.5 is a major update that adds the ability to submit stencils to Stenciltown from within the application and addresses bug fixes and stability improvements.

  • Stencils — The ability to submit your stencils directly to from within the application has been added.
  • Stencils — Ivory Coast and Ghana as well as the capitol of Nevada are properly named in their respective notes.
  • Resource Browser — Fixed a bug where it was impossible to edit a copy of an existing stencil.
  • Stability — Fixed a crash when using the Find and Replace panel on a shared layer.
  • Stability — Fixed a potential crash when converting vertex points to Bézier.

OmniGraffle for Mac 6.4.1

November 4, 2015

Requires OS X 10.10

Recent Changes

Version 6.4.1 - Wednesday, November 4, 2015

OmniGraffle 6.4.1 is a minor update that addresses bug fixes and stability improvements.

  • Preferences — Trackpad Multi-Touch and Haptic Feedback preferences now reside in their own Preference Pane.
  • Inspectors — Fixed a regression where floating inspectors would not load on launch.
  • Accessibility — Fixed accessibility support for graphics to enable the define service.
  • Drawing — Fixed a rendering bug where selection highlight artifacts could be left on screen when rotation and moving groups.
  • Shadows — Fixed a regression where shadows set to cast on the layers below could be lost on a save and re-open.
  • Sidebar — Fixed a bug where a solitary shared layer on a canvas could be set to non-printing, but the printing control icon would not properly reflect that state.
  • Force Touch — Force Touch haptic feedback should now properly fire off when connecting directly to magnets on lines as well as when starting from one magnet to another on a single shape.
  • Force Touch — Fixed a bug where excessive haptic feedback could occur when moving an object with multiple alignment guides to consider.
  • Visio — [Pro] Fixed a Visio import bug where shapes would come in with the wrong fill color (usually black).
  • Visio — [Pro] Fixed a Visio regression where label text would be stripped upon import.
  • Visio — [Pro] Visio stencils that are opened but not moved to the Container will prompt the user for action after editing.
  • Resource Browser — Fixed a regression where adding resources to the Library via the Gear menu would not work.
  • Resource Browser — Fixed a hang when importing the entire Home Folder into the Resource Browser.
  • Localizations — The About Panel should no longer refer to OmniFocus in the French localization.
  • Stability — Addressed a number of deallocation issues after closing a document with floating inspectors showing.
  • Stability — Fixed an automatic layout related issue that could either crash the GraphViz engine or the application itself.
  • Stability — Fixed a crash when deleting LinkBack objects from a pasted PDF.
  • Stability — Fixed a crash when editing certain stencil files.
  • Stability — Fixed a crash when opening documents on multiple monitor setups depending on window position.
  • Stability — Fixed a possible crash when dragging stencils to the canvas.

OmniGraffle for Mac 6.4

September 30, 2015

Requires OS X 10.10

Recent Changes

Version 6.4 - Wednesday, September 30, 2015

OmniGraffle 6.4 is a major update that adds haptic feedback for Force Touch trackpads, improves compatibility with Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan, and includes some important bug and crash fixes.

  • Haptic Feedback — For trackpads that support Force Touch, OmniGraffle now offers haptic feedback when snapping to guides and connecting directly to magnets.
  • Documentation — Added a paragraph to the documentation about Option-Command clicking through a resize handle to get at a vertex point beneath it.
  • Inspectors — Image assets in segmented controls should now be vertically centered in proper fashion when running on Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan.
  • Visio — [Pro] Fixed a text encoding issue when importing certain Visio documents.
  • Visio — [Pro] Fixed a Visio related regression when opening files that had EMF or WMF images embedded in them.
  • Stability — Fixed a leak involving multi-canvas documents with links between canvases.
  • Stability — Fixed a crash when zooming in past 1300% on documents that had complex PDFs placed on the canvas.
  • Stability — Fixed a crash when exporting a multi-canvas document resulting in an error.
  • Stability — Fixed a possible data corruptor when sending in feedback and obscuring text.

OmniGraffle for Mac 6.3.2

September 15, 2015

Requires OS X 10.10

Recent Changes

Version 6.3.2 - Tuesday, September 15, 2015

OmniGraffle 6.3.2 is a minor update that focuses on stability fixes.

  • Saving — Changed the way our code interacts with a Powerbox related crash.
  • Export — Exported JPEG files should once again get the proper file extension.
  • Export — Fixed an issue where exporting certain file formats with a fresh set of preferences would not append the file extension.
  • Diagram Styles — Fixed a regression where the Diagram Style sheet had the Templates section of the sidebar hidden by default.
  • Stencils — Fixed a bug where stencils in their own window would not scale with window resizing.
  • Stencils — Fixed a bug where the Style Tray would not accurately reflect a selection when in Grid View Mode.
  • Stencils — Fixed a crash when editing stencils and running with floating inspectors.
  • Stencils — Fixed a crash when quickly dragging stencils onto the canvas after editing the document.
  • Resource Browser — Fixed a crash that could occur when creating preview images in the Resource Browser.
  • Stability — Fixed a crash that could occur when opening documents that had certain kinds of fills.
  • Stability — Fixed a crash when an unexpected filetype got incorrectly referenced as an image.
  • Stability — Fixed an undo stack related crash with the Action Inspector.
  • Export — Fixed a crash when exporting documents that have actions that open files to SVG or HTML Image Map.

OmniGraffle for Mac 6.3.1

August 31, 2015

Requires OS X 10.10

Recent Changes

Version 6.3.1 - Monday, August 31, 2015

OmniGraffle 6.3.1 is a minor update that fixes a floating inspector related crash.

  • Inspectors — Fixed a crash on launch that could occur with certain inspector layouts.

Version 6.3 - Monday, August 31, 2015

OmniGraffle 6.3 is a major update that adds the ability to read application resources from a folder outside of the Sandbox, improves interface and usability, and fixes a large number of bugs.

  • Resources — You can now select a folder of your choice (such as an OmniPresence folder) outside of the Sandbox to read in resources such as Stencils and Templates, etc.
  • Inspectors — Color Well popups now provide better suggested colors.
  • Canvases — The minimum canvas size is now 1 px by 1 px, down from 10 px by 10 px.
  • AppleScript — [Pro] A new entry has been added to the Help Menu to more easily access the Scripts Folder in ~/Library/.
  • AppleScript — [Pro] The ability to set and query the names of objects via AppleScript has been added.
  • Interface — New document icons have been introduced.
  • Interface — The Preferences toolbar icons have been updated.
  • Interface — The ability to collapse stencil folders has been added.
  • Layout — Leaf nodes should now lay out into more centered arrangements beneath their parents, and let the parents slide away from their siblings when using automatic layout and orthogonal lines.
  • Shared Layers — [Pro] Standard users who created shared layers in the Pro trial should be able to recover data contained in those shared layers.
  • Export — The Export Sheet should now fit better on smaller displays.
  • Quick Look — The Quick Look plugin has gotten some brushing up.
  • Actions — Actions that open documents work more appropriately with Sandboxing.
  • ColorSync — [Pro] ColorSync profiles should now be retained properly on close and reopen of a document, and no longer ignored or discarded.
  • Undo — Point selection should now be restored on undo.
  • Undo — Selection state should now be restored with undo/redo.
  • Undo — Fixed a bug where text alignment would change after re-doing an undo of text deletion.
  • Undo — You should now be able to redo text alignment changes.
  • Undo — Undo should now work correctly when rearranging the canvas order.
  • Export — Fixed an export issue where Acrobat, Chrome, etc. would report PDFs as damaged.
  • Export — Fixed an export bug where PDFs would be double the expected file size.
  • Export — Fixed a regression where exporting a multi-canvas document to raster format with the ”Entire Document” setting would append a file extension to the folder name.
  • Export — The export area should once again default to Entire Document when exporting a multiple canvas document.
  • Import — [Pro] Fixed a bug where Visio documents could not be opened due to a conflicting file extension with a different application.
  • Guides — Fixed an issue where Smart Guides would often prefer more distant objects when nearer, more reasonable objects are available.
  • Guides — Smart Guides should give more accurate distances when using centimeters.
  • Guides — Fixed a bug where holding the Command key to temporarily turn off smart guides would work only when resizing objects, not when creating them.
  • Style Tray — Fixed a regression where dragging the text style chit from an object with no text would not apply any text styling to the destination object.
  • Style Tray — The Style Tray in the toolbar should once again work when in Full Screen Mode.
  • Style Tray — Fixed a bug where text padding wasn’t captured when propagating styles via the style chit between a text box and a shape.
  • Style Tray — Fixed an issue where dragging the Font style chit from one object to another always disabled Auto-Kern.
  • Text — Fixed a bug where changing font size via the keyboard while text editing wouldn’t update the inspector field.
  • Text — Fixed a bug where the font size field in the Font Inspector could be inaccurate when an object contained multiple sized text.
  • Text — Text padding should now scale with the object size.
  • Text — Fixed a bug where text would wrap based on the canvas size regardless of the object’s text wrap setting.
  • Text — You should be able to see or increment the kerning value for individual pairs once again.
  • Text — Fixed a bug where the Font Inspector controls could be inaccurate while editing text.
  • Drawing — Fixed a bug where the targeting reticle for the Rubber Stamp tool persisted after switching drawing tools.
  • Drawing — Fixed a bug where shadows with a large offset value wouldn’t fully disappear when disabled.
  • Drawing — Fixed a bug where line endings would draw off-pixel at 100% zoom.
  • Drawing — Fixed a rendering issue for objects that were less than a pixel thick.
  • Drawing — Fixed a number of rendering artifacts.
  • Drawing — Fixed an issue where dragged out stencils could be squished or stretched.
  • Drawing — Fixed a bug where automatic scrolling was too aggressive when zoomed in past 1600%.
  • Drawing — Fixed some canvas boundary bugs.
  • Drawing — Fixed an issue where the Magnify Fill Effect would pixelate when exported.
  • Stencil Window — Stencil searches are no longer case-sensitive.
  • Stencil Window — Stencil searches should now show local results as well as ones from Stenciltown.
  • Grid — Fixed a bug where centimeter grids could secretly become inaccurate.
  • Grid — Fixed a bug where smaller canvases would draw in the upper left corner of the window depending on grid settings.
  • Grid — Adding new points to shapes by double-clicking should now obey the grid settings.
  • Sidebar — Fixed some focus issues when switching between the canvas area, sidebars, and inspectors.
  • Sidebar — The Sidebar contextual menu should no longer show canvas options when clicking on a layer.
  • Sidebar — Fixed a bug where the Contents Slab would not immediately update text labels after editing.
  • Sidebar — Fixed a regression where opacity didn’t count for differentiating shapes by fill in the style matrix.
  • Sidebar — [Pro] Fixed a bug where it was impossible to set shared layers to nonprinting unless there was more than one non-shared layer.
  • Sidebar — [Pro] Fixed an issue where deleting the last shared layer on a canvas would leave an empty canvas.
  • Layout — Fixed a bug where orthogonal lines would draw asymmetrically even with reasonable auto-layout settings.
  • Layout — Fixed some orthogonal line routing issues.
  • Layout — Fixed some line-to-magnet connection issues.
  • Performance — Fixed a performance issue when very large PDFs were placed on a canvas.
  • Performance — Fixed a performance issue when scrolling at 200% zoom or more when objects have shadows.
  • Performance — [Pro] Performance improvements for the new Fill Effects have been made.
  • Fill Effects — [Pro] Fixed a bug where the magnify blend mode would show the background grid when exporting an image.
  • Drawing Tools — Fixed a regression where using the Pen Tool would not display bezier handles when initially drawing out a shape.
  • Metadata — Fixed a bug where user data variables would paste improperly in other applications.
  • Inspectors — Fixed a timing issue when tabbing into inspector input fields.
  • Inspectors — Fixed a rounding issue concerning object dimensions.
  • Inspectors — Input fields in the Geometry mini-inspector no longer cut off 3-digit values.
  • Inspectors — Fixed a bug where sidebar inspectors would not be scrolled to the top on launch when the window height was fairly short.
  • Inspectors — [Pro] Fixed a number of instances where Pro features would not immediately display after completing the In-App Purchase.
  • Images — Fixed a regression where duplicating an object with an image would change the new image property to natural size.
  • Quick Look — Fixed another Quick Look Satellite crash.
  • Quick Look — Fixed a bug where shadows on objects weren’t always rendering in Quick Look previews
  • Menus — Fixed a bug where ‘TEMP’ instead of Hide/Show Inspectors would display when the document was not the frontmost window.
  • Preferences — The button in the Drawing Tools preference pane should again correctly open the System Preferences Keyboard Shortcuts pane.
  • Pasteboard — Fixed a UTI issue that prevented objects copied in OmniGraffle 5 and earlier from pasting into version 6.1 or later.
  • Visio — [Pro] Fixed regression where label text would get stripped when importing certain Visio files.
  • Stability — Fixed a crash when switching between sidebar and floating inspectors.
  • Stability — [Pro] Fixed a crash when dragging objects from a regular and shared layer to a non-shared layer.
  • Stability — [Pro] Fixed a crash when opening certain Visio documents.
  • Stability — [Pro] Fixed a crash that could occur when closing a document window, not saving, all while an object was selected and the Properties Inspector tab was showing.
  • Stability — Fixed another automatic layout related crash.
  • Stability — Fixed a large number of leaks.