OmniPlan 3.13 for Mac: Omni Automation and More

by Brent Simmons on August 6, 2019

OmniPlan 3.13 for Mac is a very important release — it brings Omni Automation to the Mac (in the Pro edition).

The recently released OmniPlan 3.11 for iOS also includes Omni Automation. With this release of the Mac app, you can now write scripts that work in both apps — and your scripts can work with other Omni apps that support Omni Automation.

Omni Automation has been integrated into the app in a number of different ways:

  • You can save plug-ins (bundles of scripts) and access them from the Automation menu.
  • The Automation Console gives you a place to write JavaScript, run it, and see the results.
  • In Sync & Sharing Actions, the “Run a Script” action can run an Omni Automation plug-in.

Omni Automation gives you the ability to do things we would never have thought of — and do things that make sense for your workflow, that make your job easier. It’s powerful, and we think you’re going to love it!

To learn more, visit

Other changes: View Options in the Network View are respected when exporting and printing; opening projects with very wide Gantt charts is faster; scheduling bugs related to split and hammock tasks were fixed; Sync and Sharing Actions (Pro edition) now respects the selected view (at configuration time) when publishing to an image format.

For the full scoop, read the release notes.

The Omni Show: OmniGraffle 7.11 Performance

by Brent Simmons on July 31, 2019

In the latest episode of The Omni Show, we have two interviews with members of the OmniGraffle team where we talk about the latest big performance update.

The first interview is with engineers Rey Worthington and Shannon Hughes; the second is with Ken Case (CEO), Tim Wood (CTO), and Dan Walker (OmniGraffle PM). We talk about finding the slow-downs, measuring them, fixing them — and making sure they stay fixed without causing any functional or performance regressions.

This episode is a little on the nerdier side — but it’s a good look behind the scenes at what it takes to make an app like OmniGraffle even better than ever.


OmniGraffle 7.11 for Mac Brings Significant Performance Enhancements

by Brent Simmons on July 29, 2019

OmniGraffle 7.11 for Mac improves performance in a number of ways:

  • Moving groups and multiple selections is faster
  • Scrolling, particularly in large documents, is faster
  • Working with very large images is faster
  • Using Variables in text fields is faster
  • Opening documents with hundreds of canvases is faster
  • Gradient Fill is faster
  • Fill shape with text, and aligning text to the bottom of the shape, is faster

Performance has been the major focus of this release, and we think you’ll find the app is much snappier.

We’ve also added some new features: you can customize the Solid Fill Pallette Colors; you can now automate Shape Combinations and the Fill shape with text option; and you can now view image metadata, so you can see things like file size, kind, and dimensions.

The image metadata is also helpful for performance: knowing, for instance, that an image is particularly large can help you optimize your documents.

Read the release notes for all the awesome details!

PS On Wednesday we’ll publish a special episode of The Omni Show that will go in depth on how we identified areas to improve and on how we improved them.

Recent Releases Round-up: OmniPlan for iOS, OmniFocus for Mac and iOS, OmniOutliner for iOS

by Brent Simmons on July 24, 2019

In the past week we’ve released a number of updates — work always continues!

OmniPlan for iOS

OmniPlan 3.11 for iOS adds a very big feature to the Pro edition: Omni Automation. You can write JavaScript scripts to automate OmniPlan for iOS (and other Omni apps with Omni Automation support).

Another big feature in this release is Site Licensing for businesses, schools, and other organizations. To learn more, please email

Other changes include fixes for leveling, resource load syncing (a Pro feature), scheduling, and stability. Check out the release notes for more info.

OmniFocus for Mac and iOS

OmniFocus 3.3.3 for iOS fixes several bugs: with counts, CSV export, notifications, and Omni Account creation. See the release notes for details.

OmniFocus 3.4.2 for Mac also fixes bugs: with counts, a Perspectives window crash, and handling of dropped items (notifications, summaries, and badges). Read the release notes for the full scoop.

OmniOutliner for iOS

OmniOutliner 3.3.4 for iOS includes a fix for a crash when launch on the current iOS 13 beta. (Note: more work remains for iOS 13 compatibility.)

As always: if you have any questions, please email — our amazing Support Humans are standing by, ready to help.

How to Sign Up for OmniFocus Testing with iOS 13

by Brent Simmons on July 11, 2019

If you’re already running iOS 13, and would like to help us test OmniFocus for iOS — for compatibility and new features — visit Omni Test Signups and sign up. We’ll send you a TestFlight invitation once we have builds that are ready for public testing.

Then let us know how it’s going, either by emailing or by posting on our Slack group. Thanks!

If you’re not already running iOS 13, please remember that it’s still in beta, and that means there are bugs. Please take this warning seriously — see Mac and iOS Public Betas and Omni Apps for more about this.