Now Hiring: Front-End Web Developer

From our jobs page:

The Omni Group is seeking a front-end web developer to build and expand the web edition of OmniFocus, our award-winning task management application. OmniFocus for the Web brings the productivity power of our native macOS and iOS apps to cross-platform customers.

You’d work with us in Seattle, enjoy good food, benefits, and your own office — and you’d work with a great bunch of people on a cool new app.

OmniFocus for the Web is built in React and Redux. To learn more, listen to (or read the transcript of) our podcast episode How We Built OmniFocus for the Web. Also read OmniFocus for the Web: Under the Hood.

PS Here’s a lovely view of Lake Union and Capitol Hill from our office. You’d get to enjoy this too — it’s a beautiful place to work. :)

View of Lake Union and Capitol Hill, on a sunny day, photographed at the offices of The Omni Group.