The Omni Show: Christopher Harrington, OmniGraffle User

In the latest episode of The Omni Show, we talk with Christopher Harrington, Director of Creative Strategy at Gartner — and a long-time OmniGraffle user and advocate. One of the secrets of OmniGraffle’s appeal to Christopher is that it’s open-ended: he can solve all kinds of different problems with it.

Christopher, aka octothorpe, is also passionate about user experience, Prince, and otters — not necessarily in that order — and we talk about all three.

Enjoy! But, before you do, please note the content warning below.

Content warning: In the course of talking about user experience, Christopher discusses the user experience of his partner Bill as he undergoes treatment for cancer. The user experience is presented as exemplary, as the kind of thing designers can set up when they care about users. Nevertheless, we realize this may be a topic that some people would rather not hear about. If that’s you, please skip this episode, or stop listening when we switch to that topic.