OmniFocus with iOS 13 Features in TestFlight

OmniFocus 3.4 is now available via TestFlight — it adds support for new iOS 13 features, and we’d love to get your help testing it. (Update: OmniFocus 3.4 is out! You can get it on the App Store.)

(OmniFocus 3.3.6, the current release on the App Store, is compatible with iOS 13 but doesn’t add support for new features.)

Changes in 3.4 are extensive. Everything should be considered a work in progress, including functionality and design. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Multiple windows: On iPadOS you can create a new window by dragging the OmniFocus icon from the Dock or via App Exposé. You can also drag a folder, project, or tag row to the edge of the screen to create a new OmniFocus window showing that item’s contents, and we added an “Open in New Window” contextual menu item for Folders, Projects, and Tags.
  • Dark Mode: The app supports iOS 13 Dark Mode, and it follows your iOS system setting.
  • Contextual Menus: Long-press on an outline row to get a contextual menu with actions you can perform.
  • New Shortcut Actions: “Query Tasks,” “Add Task,” and “Get Database Object from Input” actions help you build more robust workflows using the Shortcuts app.
  • Modal presentations: Some presentations, such as the compact inspector, use the new card appearance when appropriate, which means they can be swiped downward to be dismissed.

We appreciate your bug reports! One thing to know, though: we can’t respond to bugs reported via TestFlight’s screenshot feedback feature. If you need a response, please use OmniFocus Settings > Contact Omni. Thanks!

Speaking of screenshots — here’s what the new Dark Mode looks like:

Screenshot showing OmniFocus running with iOS 13 Dark Mode enabled.

PS Reminder: you can check the iOS 13 status of each of our apps.