Blogging the keynote from the Macworld Expo floor

by Joel on January 9, 2007

I typically don't enjoy waking up early in the morning, whether it's to go fishing or watch Steve give the keynote address for the Macworld Expo (in fact, seeing as we had to wake up at 4:00 am to catch our flight down here, I avoided the situation entirely by not sleeping at all, hence, no waking up).

As a result, I head on down to the exhibition floor, help set up the booth, and either watch the keynote information on someone else's website (just like those of you who can't attend), or mosey on over to the curtained-up Apple pavilion and listen to the audio of the address.

It's a relaxing and therapeutic environment for me, the floor is not nearly as crowded as when the attendees are present, exhibitors are tirelessly setting up the final preparations for their booths, vacuum cleaners running over the last little bits of debris and there's an expectant electricity in the air as the last few minutes remain until all chaos breaks loose.

Oh, and apparently it's the iPhone.


OmniFocus get-together during Macworld week

by Linda Sharps on January 4, 2007

We have finally finalized the details for next week's meet-up. Mark your calendars!

What: OmniFocus informal presentation/chat/discussion.

Where: SF Apple Store, located on the corner of Ellis Street and Stockton Street, just a few blocks from the Moscone Center.

When: Monday, January 8, 4:30-5:30 PM.

Merlin Mann, esteeemed author of 43 Folders (and one of my personal all-time favorite places on the interweb, 5ives), will be joining us.

I'm sorry if this time doesn't work for some of you, it was a major pain in the challenging to find a venue and time that accomodated as many people as possible.

One more note: we aren't planning to actually demo OmniFocus. We'll be telling you a little more about our plans – the goals and features and why it's going to be awesome – but please don't expect to see exciting live OmniFocus action just yet.

Okay! We hope to see you there. If you're coming to Macworld but can't make the meeting, please swing by our booth (#602, the big one with the fancy blue structure) and say hi.


Bug report: wet pants

by Linda Sharps on January 3, 2007

Coming in the next post: details on the OmniFocus Macworld Get-Together Thingie, Which May or May Not Involve Party Hats. Stayed tuned!

In the meantime, I wanted to share this actual email exchange with Omni's technical support department:

Subject:  [Bug Report] Water Outside Building

Date:  Thu, 21 Dec 2006 23:41:50 -0800


From:  “David”

Ticket:  130265

Product/Component: Omni Development, Inc.

Classification: UI/Usability

Reproducible? Y

Error: A large (4-5 inches deep?) puddle was present outside Omni Group's office earlier tonight.

Steps to Reproduce:

1. Wait for large amount of rain and power outage.

3. Exit Zoka onto NE Blakeley Street, heading in the direction of 25th Ave NE.

4. Note lack of lighting outside building, due to power outage.

5. Accidently step into deep pool of water next to Omni Group parking lot.

6. Notice wet pants and shoes.

7. Take sad bus ride home with wet pants.

Expected Results: Stepping onto concrete.

Actual Results: Stepping into deep puddle.

Workaround: Leave Zoka from the opposite door, heading towards 30th Ave NE. This workaround is not optimal, as it requires that the user navigate around University Village Mall in order to reach University of Washington's campus.


*** blakeley.street Thu Dec 21 19:48:09 2006

—- blakeley.street Thu Dec 21 23:31:26 2006


*** 1,4 ****



- Puddle


—- 1,3——

....and the response from one of our Support Ninjas, Joel:


This is less of an Omni bug and has more to do with the COSFrameworks, as all we really do is take advantage of the easements provided (as do other companies such as Zoka) and when there is a decided *lack* of a leak such as the case here, well, the water tends to pool up and sadly there's not much we can do about it until COS fixes it.

I have heard tell that in future releases garbage collection may be able to take care of such problems, that remains to be seen as I doubt leaves shall be considered in this schema and I'm not sure if independent GC (as is done now) will be able to or be willing to accept the challenge.

A more simple workaround would be to cross Blakeley somewhere between steps 3 and 5. I see you have no step 2, which is puzzling and preventing me from reproducing this bug here. A much more complex solution would be for Omni and/or Zoka to move to another location (such as ~/Blakeley/ instead of /Blakeley/).

Thanks for the feedback, and hope that helps.

Joel Page

Support Engineer

The Omni Group


Show of hands for those attending Macworld

by Linda Sharps on December 26, 2006

Well, I certainly hope you all had a happy whatever-you-might-be-celebrating and are on the mend from overdoses of baked goods and festive family gatherings. Merry Festivus, Omni Blog Readers!

So, we are considering an OmniFocus/GTD get-together at Macworld, just to meet with those of you who are going to be in town and might be interested in chatting about…oh, I'm not quite sure yet. Personal Productivity Applications: Their Concept and Execution, maybe. How To Make OmniFocus The Best OmniFocus It Can Be. Something like that.

We have no idea how many of you to plan for, though, and we haven't made any decisions about venue or dates or whether to include party favors or anything. Therefore, we're hoping you can help us out; if you're reading this and thinking, hey, I'm going to Macworld! Hey, I would love to talk with Omni about this OmniFocus thing, if only to harass them about its ship date! – then please, let us know. Drop us a line in the comments section or send a quick email, okay?