OmniGraffle 5.0.1 is now available

by Joel on July 23, 2008


(Well, not too much of a surprise in that there were no significant changes from beta 5 to the release candidate, but hey)

Things have gone well for this release at the end, and the 5.0.1 release is live and ready for download. So, enjoy!

What's next for OmniGraffle? Good thing you asked, because I, as product manager, have the answer to this question. We got a fairly hefty set of changes to the Japanese localizations a little too close to the final release of 5.0.1, so we'll be turning this right around with a 5.0.2 beta very shortly. OmniGraffle 5.1 looms in the far distance, and there will be lots of things to peruse in that release.

OmniGraffle download page

Historical release notes

OmniPlan 1.6 Beta 1 Released!

by Skwirl on July 17, 2008

Hey everybody, OmniPlan 1.6 Beta 1 is ready for public beta testing! If you saw the Sneaky Peek announcement but wanted to hang back for the beta, now is the time!

Please keep in mind that this release is still under development. There are many changes in this version which you can read about in our complete release notes here, but some of the highlights of OmniPlan 1.6 (for those of you who didn't check out the Sneaky Peek) include:

  • Importing Microsoft Project 2007 is now supported.
  • Dragging on the Gantt chart no longer gets stuck with some third party mouse input drivers (Wacom tablet mouse and Synergy keyboard/mouse sharing software, to name two).
  • Fixed a number of rounding errors that resulted in slightly incorrect or weirdly formatted time spans (“1h 1s”, or “59m 60s” instead of “1h”).

In OmniPlan 1.6 Beta 1, we fixed a bug where undoing changes to resource assignments for fixed duration tasks resulted in incorrect duration and effort, as well as corrected some minor rounding errors in leveling that resulted in a rare infinite loop. We also fixed code that was intended to find and correct the problem that sometimes caused bad resource allocation when the assigned resource has no normal working hours in their schedule.

Your feedback will help us improve the software and we apologize if it breaks your computer, corrupts your files, and ruins your weekend.

As always, please let us know if you have any questions or comments. You can contact us directly via our support page or by using the Send Feedback feature in your copy of OmniPlan.

OK, enough chit-chat, you can download the beta here!

OmniGraffle 5.0.1 release candidate 1 is now available

by Joel on July 16, 2008

So, a funny thing happened to me on my way to writing the release notes: There weren't any to write up.

Yep, no changes since the release of beta 5, so I guess that's why they call these thing release candidates.

As always, the beta page awaits. No link to the release notes, as they're kind of boring this go around.

OmniFocus 1.1 sneaky peek available

by Linda Sharps on July 11, 2008

Hey, sneaky peek fans! Hot off the servers, get an early look at OmniFocus 1.1 here. OmniFocus 1.1 adds support for synchronizing between computers and with OmniFocus for iPhone and iPod touch.

The sneaky peek page allows you to grab all of our most recent alpha builds for this release, and if you'd like to give it a try we recommend you update to a new build on a fairly frequent basis – and don't forget to turn on frequent backups in your OmniFocus preferences, Just In Case.


OmniFocus for iPhone arrives

by Ethan on July 10, 2008

The Omni Group is proud to announce the birth of a new bouncing baby app: OmniFocus for iPhone. Don't let its size fool you. It may fit in your pocket, but it's got all the same classy and nifty that you get with OmniFocus for Mac. For instance:

  • Full featured as a stand alone iPhone app, or…
  • Sync wirelessly with OmniFocus 1.1 on your Mac (via MobileMe or generic WebDAV)
  • Same powerful management of your projects, contexts and actions
  • Easy access to special lists such as Due Soon, Overdue, and Flagged

We figured that as long as we were building an iPhone app, we should take advantage of some of the neat stuff you can do on the phone. Here are some of the iPhone-only features that are shipping in the application right now:

  • Dynamic location-aware action lists: Let OmniFocus for iPhone put together a list of actions that can be accomplished near to your current location!
  • Photo capture: Save quick snapshots to your OmniFocus inbox. If you're using sync, these will show up in OmniFocus on your Mac.
  • Voice notes: Sometimes it's just faster to record a quick voice note to yourself.

There's more information and links to the App Store on the OmniFocus for iPhone page. Also, our very own Michaela has put together a great intro video for OmniFocus for iPhone. If you're curious about the application and would like to see more before purchasing, check it out now. It's a 26MB 15MB download so you might want to option-click that link to start it downloading rather than wait for the page to load it in fully.