Wee little glitch…

by Brian on June 15, 2007

For approximately 12 hours, starting last night at 10pm Pacific Daylight Time, the trouble ticket system we use was malfunctioning - mail to our support addresses was bounced back to the folks that sent it without being added to our support queues. We can see that folks sent us mail, but the actual contents of that mail was lost.

Our sysadmin is working on untangling exactly what happened. To anyone that sent us support mail: please accept our apologies for the inconvenience this caused. We'd also like to ask you to re-send the messages that bounced back to you. We'll get your mail processed and get responses back to you as soon as possible.



OmniWebsite 7.0

by Linda Sharps on June 7, 2007

Our intrepid James has been toiling behind the scenes for many weeks now to convert Omni's website into something a little less baroque, content-management-wise. I don't know all the technical details, but he seems to have streamlined a giant pasta-dish of code into a far more accessible system that can actually be updated without doing the web version of Twister. Plus, we have finally gotten rid of the dreaded FRAMES that earned us one of the more entertaining flame mails I've ever read (it involved many, many exclamation points).

Please take a look around when you get a chance, we're hoping you let us know if you encounter any glitches.


OmniFocus demo at the San Francisco Apple Store

by Linda Sharps on June 5, 2007

Hey, what are you doing Thursday, June 21st? If you're in the area, you should come by the San Francisco Apple Store around 7 PM, because we're going to be showing off OmniFocus.

(“Showing off” = “fervently praying the app doesn't crash”, of course.)

Our pal Merlin Mann will be presenting, so even if the topic of personal productivity normally bores you to tears (gosh, I can't imagine why it would; now let us discuss the finer points of Moleskine notebooks for twelve straight hours) you should still show up, because Merlin is almost frighteningly entertaining. He's the kind of speaker where first you're laughing, then you're nodding, and before you know it you're chugging the funny-tasting Kool-Aid, you know?

He'll be talking about productivity tips in general and discussing how OmniFocus fits in his workflow, so it should be more fun and interesting than your basic software demo. You should definitely come by and say howdy.

OmniFocus Presentation:

Apple Store SF, June 21 7 PM

One Stockton Street

San Francisco, CA 94108

(415) 392-0202


If you're on the other coast, never fear! We're tentatively planning a visit to New York in the next month or so.

Also: if you're planning to be at WWDC next week, and you'd be interested in an informal OmniFocus meet-up, let us know. Leave a comment or email us.



OmniPlan 1.1.1 rc 1 is ready!

by James on May 30, 2007

OmniPlan 1.1.1 rc 1 is now available, including some important bug fixes.

Please keep in mind that this release is still under development. Your feedback will help us improve the software, and we apologize if it crashes, corrupts your files, or otherwise misbehaves. A more stable release that does not include localizations is also available.

As always, please let us know if you have any questions or comments. You can contact us directly via our support page or by using the Send Feedback feature in your copy of OmniPlan.

Download the beta now!


OmniFocus: The Feedback Cometh

by Brian on May 30, 2007

Just wanted to say thanks to everyone participating in the OmniFocus alpha. We're getting tons of good feedback. The graph below shows the number of items we have in our system, broken out by product. See the blue line? That's OmniFocus. Red line? OmniWeb. Green line? OmniPlan. Nothing else even makes it onto the chart right now. If it takes us a while to respond to you, now you know why.