OmniFocus 3 for iOS

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for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch
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How it Works


Add actions — so you never forget anything. Use Siri, even, so you don’t have to type.

Screenshot showing entering a new action for the Inbox.


Group your actions by projects, the way you already think of them. Add tags for things like location, people, energy level, and priority.

Screenshot showing a list of projects.


Then use perspectives to plan your day — and do the next things on your list.

Screenshot showing a custom perspective named Important.


Review your projects and actions from time to time, so you can stay on track.

Screenshot showing review of a project.


Let notifications remind you when something is coming up, so you don’t have to keep checking the app.

Screenshot showing a notification — the daily run is due at 4:50 pm


And let syncing make sure your data is the same on all your devices.

Stylized representation of an iPad and an iPhone, with a big checkmark on each screen.

“OmniFocus is both my sword and shield against the hordes of digital projects I manage, the seemingly endless events I coordinate, and the minutiae of the organizations I help run. It also ensures the dog always gets his food picked up from the store, too.”

Henry Faber, Designer, Producer, and Community Developer for Digital Artists and Game Makers.

“OmniFocus has been an essential part of my productivity system for many years. It’s a meticulously crafted app with a rich feature set that I use to manage all areas of my life with ease and efficiency.”

Tim Stringer, Founder, Learn OmniFocus

“OmniFocus is truly my trusted system, and it works the way I do. I can’t imagine inventorying, planning, or accomplishing my life’s commitments without it!”

Scotty Jackson


Rose Orchard

“OmniFocus 3 triples the focus I can achieve thanks to perspective rules, tags and batch editing. It’s exceptional.”

Ryan Dotson

Actions at Hand

Pro for iOS

Level up with OmniFocus Pro. You can upgrade at any time. Pro features include:

Inside OmniFocus

Learn more about how other OmniFocus users organize their workflows — how they do everything from running a freelance business, to managing meetings, to organizing grocery shopping.

Read the Inside OmniFocus blog to learn about the great new features in OmniFocus 3!


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