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Fresh and familiar design for the trusted, gold standard to‑do app

Screenshot showing the Inbox with seven items. Screenshot showing the Tags perspective, with the Errands tag selected.

How it Works


Add actions — so you never forget anything. Use Siri, even, so you don’t have to type.

Screenshot showing the Quick Entry window open in front of Inbox. In Quick Entry, a pulldown menu appears with a list of tags.


Group your actions by project, the way you already think of them. Add tags for things like location, people, energy level, and priority.

Screenshot showing the Projects perspective selected, with a hierarchy of projects.


Then use perspectives to plan your day — and do the next things on your list.

Screenshot showing the custom perspectives editor, with column options and a number of filters.


Review your projects and actions from time to time, so you can stay on track.

Screenshot showing the Review perspective, with a Mark Reviewed button.


Let notifications remind you when something is coming up, so you don’t have to keep checking the app.

Screenshot of a notification regarding an OmniFocus task — the cat pictures are due to be uploaded to the website in five minutes.


And let syncing make sure your data is the same on all your devices.

Picture of a laptop and an iMac, each running OmniFocus.

Standard for Mac

Take control of your to-do list with all the powerful features of the Standard edition of OmniFocus 3.

Pro for Mac

Level up with OmniFocus Pro. You can upgrade at any time. Pro features include:


Standalone Mac

iOS and Web not included

Pro $99.99 USD Standard $49.99 USD Buy OmniFocus for Mac


Cross-Platform for Mac, iOS, and Web


Web Add-On

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World-class phone and email support

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Looking for specific features?

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Screenshot showing the Forecast perspective, with 36 actions. Screenshot showing the Flagged perspective, with the Quick Entry window open in front. Screenshot showing Inbox, with seven items. Screenshot showing the Tags perspective, with a hierhachy of tags.

“OmniFocus allows me to be my best me by freeing my mind from storing all of my incompletes. With the ease of getting things into it and the power and flexibility of its perspectives to look at what is there, I can confidently tackle my days with a clear mind.
Also: being able to have multiple windows open across my Mac’s screen is boss.”

Scotty Jackson, @heyscottyj

“OmniFocus for Mac is my most valuable software companion, encompassing every aspect of my life. Its power on every platform keeps me consistently productive. I am helplessly in love.”

Ryan Dotson

“OmniFocus 3 for Mac is a powerful and highly-refined task manager; the culmination of ten years of development. It’s the app that I trust for honouring my commitments, making effective use of my time and energy, and giving all areas of my life the appropriate amount of attention.”

Tim Stringer, Founder, Learn OmniFocus

“OmniFocus for Mac has long been my favorite task manager. Now with tags and enhanced perspectives, it’s easier than ever to break down my day by what matters most.”

Josh Hughes, Web Designer

Inside OmniFocus

Learn more about how other OmniFocus users organize their workflows — how they do everything from running a freelance business, to managing meetings, to organizing grocery shopping.

Read the Inside OmniFocus blog to learn about the great new features in OmniFocus 3!

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