Mojave and Omni Apps

We’re psyched for Mojave — the new macOS release — even though a number of us have been running betas all summer long. Or maybe because we’ve been running betas, and we really like the new system. Dark Mode is especially cool!

Here’s where we are with our apps:


OmniFocus 3 for Mac shipped earlier today and is ready for Mojave. Read the blog post for more details.


OmniGraffle 7.9 shipped today too — and it’s ready for Mojave and includes Dark Mode support. See the earlier blog post about this release.


OmniOutliner 5.3.4 is compatible with Mojave, but some of its controls don’t look quite right when using a document with a dark theme. Until OmniOutliner 5.4 ships — soon! — you might stick with lighter document themes when running on Mojave.


OmniPlan 3.10 shipped today, and it’s been updated with Mojave compatibility — but no Dark Mode support just yet. Expect a public test build with Dark Mode support soon.

Supporting Dark Mode has meant a lot of people doing a lot of hard work — reviewing and testing every part of the user interface, making design decisions and code changes, repeating until finished. But we love the results, and we’ll soon have all four apps shipping with Dark Mode support.