OmniGraffle 7.9 for Mac Released

OmniGraffle 7.9 for Mac is compatible with Mojave and includes Dark Mode support…

Screenshot of OmniGraffle in Dark Mode while editing OmniGraffle’s app icon

…which is an especially big deal when it means you can focus better on your content. And of course it’s beautiful!

OmniGraffle also adds a new preference for the size of handles (selection handles, magnets, and so on). See the Appearance tab in the Preferences.

It adds a cool new Quick Connect feature: when using the Line tool, if you cmd-click to connect a line to a shape, it will automatically create a magnet and the line will connect to it.

It brings back current exporting settings to AppleScript and fixes some automation bugs.

Other bug fixes include a performance bug fix for the Inspector when many documents are open at the same time, orthogonal line routing bug fixes, bug fixes for undo with Auto Layout and Enforce Style, and a whole bunch more.

Read the release notes for the entire list and for more details.

We think you’re going to love working with this new version of OmniGraffle.