OmniPlan 3.10 for Mac and iOS Released

OmniPlan 3.10 for Mac is Mojave-compatible, and it adds a major new feature to the Pro edition: a new Sync and Sharing workflow. This new workflow is much easier to discover and use than the previous system for managing accounts and for setting up publish and subscription actions.

Setting up a new action has been made easy. Here’s a screenshot:

Screenshot of OmniPlan’s new action sheet

Managing server accounts has been streamlined, as in this screenshot:

Screenshot of OmniPlan’s new server accounts window

OmniPlan now supports Google Calendar’s modern authentication API, which makes it much simpler to set up, since you no longer have to use an application-specific password or enable access to less-secure apps.

There’s plenty more — including new features and bug fixes in syncing and in other areas. This release represents a lot of hard work on the part of the OmniPlan team, and this is the best OmniPlan yet.

Definitely read the release notes for more details, including a note about backwards compatibility. (If you sync, you should update each copy of OmniPlan that you have.)

OmniPlan 3.10 for iOS is ready for iOS 12 and it supports Siri Shortcuts. As you create and open documents, Siri will notice and will make suggestions. The suggestions may appear in Spotlight, on the lock screen, and in Siri Settings.

The iOS app also includes the new file format changes — again, if you’re syncing, you should update all your copies of OmniPlan, on both Mac and iOS.

Read the release notes for more details on the changes.