Hello, OmniPlan 3

by Derek Reiff on October 7, 2015

Today we’re happy and very proud to present OmniPlan 3 for Mac—the most advanced way to plan projects, manage resources, and impress bosses.

2015 brought a whole lot of major updates to our iOS and Mac apps, but this is the biggest release of the year: new, advanced features, a whole new style that looks great on El Capitan, and even an entry-level price for customers that don’t need Pro’s more complex features.

One of the new things we’re most proud of (and OmniPlan’s most requested feature) is the Multi-Project Dashboard. Add projects of a particular theme to a central, gorgeous view, and stay on top of progress and resource utilization. Think every company project, Quarter 4’s projects, or each module in the website redesign.

OmniPlan 3 also adds Network Diagrams for project flow and dependency work—a standard feature. In Pro: Earned Value Analysis—the best way to track spending or whether you’re actually earning value along the way, and Monte Carlo Simulation—milestone forecasting made easy.

As is always the case, upgrade discounts are available right now for anyone that purchased any version of OmniPlan in the past from our Online Store, and upgrades to Pro are discounted for anyone that purchased OmniPlan 2 from the Mac App Store.

OmniPlan starts at $149.99; Pro is available for $299.99. (On the Mac App Store, Pro will be available via In-App Purchase.)

Download OmniPlan 3 to try it out free for two weeks, and purchase today from our own Omni Store. OmniPlan 3 will also be available for purchase on the Mac App Store as soon as it finishes App Store review.

Larch needles are turning as gold as an iPhone 6s—we’d recommend you check those out if you live in the north.

Omni’s Apps and El Capitan

by Derek Reiff on September 30, 2015

Generally speaking, all of our currently shipping Mac applications are A-OK with El Capitan. In some cases, bigger-than-just-compatibility releases are coming fast!

In one case—OmniPlan—we’ll have a lot more information next week. In short: it’s really ready for El Capitan.

OmniGraffle for Mac is ready right now with v6.4, and has a great new feature in the update that came today: haptic feedback. It’s worth checking out if you have the corresponding trackpad with those tiny haptic engines.

Here’s how it works. When you have Smart Guides on, you’ll get a little bit of a vibration when an object is aligned with a neighbor (or other object on the same X or Y plane).

Just check for updates in OmniGraffle 6, or check the Updates tab in the Mac App Store app.

OmniFocus for Mac 2.3 is nearly ready for total public consumption, but can be downloaded right now on our Public Test page. It works great on El Capitan, adds custom columns to all views, and generally adds even more polish and shine.

With Custom Columns, you can fit more in a smaller window, too:

Custom Columns in OmniFocus 2.4

We’ll have more about OmniFocus v2.3 soon.

OmniOutliner for Mac, too, is nearing completion. We have a major update coming in v4.4, but want to include a few more bug fixes that are still being wrapped up. It brings stability, but adds a few big features:

  • External Linked Folders - Add an arbitrary folder outside of the sandbox to bring in templates to the Resource Browser. (Think: OmniPresence or iCloud Drive.)
  • HTML Export Row Linking - Row links are preserved when exporting to HTML and Dynamic HTML.
  • Word Export Row Linking - In Pro, Row Links are converted to Bookmarks when using docx export.

Finally: OmniPlan 2 for Mac works great on El Capitan, so we don’t have an update for you right now. We do have an update coming soon for a few miscellaneous fixes, though.

Stay tuned for the release of OmniPlan 3next week!

It’s looking good:

OmniPlan 3!

Multitask with Omni and iOS 9

by Derek Reiff on September 16, 2015

Remember the initial introduction of the iPad? We do! It was huge, and everyone was excited about bringing our apps over. We weren’t sure how much work it would be, but knew the iPad would be a great screen to be productive with.

(Turns out it was a whole lot of work.)

Apple’s announcements last week have us super excited all over again. Bigger things are brewing…

But let’s talk about iOS 9.

Split Screen and Slide Over

It’s a cliche phrase to use, but “it’s never been easier” to get stuff in or out of our apps. With Split Screen and Slide Over, adding a new Inbox item to OmniFocus is fast, while referencing an Outliner document with OmniGraffle open sort of gives us goosebumps.

Split View

Spotlight Search

And never before have files—and with OmniFocus, tasks—been integrated more closely with iOS. In iOS 9, though, we’re happy to see Spotlight available across all of our apps:

Spotlight Search

Spotlight Search will start working right away: just pull down on your home screen and search. (OK, launch the app first.) We’ve set up indexing for pretty much what you’d expect:

  • OmniFocus : projects, tasks.
  • OmniPlan: document names, text.
  • OmniGraffle: document names, text.
  • OmniOutliner: document names, text.

Apple Watch, watchOS 2, and Fast OmniFocus

We’re really happy with the improvements to watchOS 2 and our OmniFocus app. Having a native app on the Apple Watch—no need for an iPhone connection for a response—is quite incredible. Check it out as soon as your watch finishes updating. (With some amount of convincing, we might be able to get someone to write about the technical side of the improvements over on our developer blog.)

And we’ve got some great Complications for you, too.

Complications on Apple Watch Face

When you customize an Apple Watch Face, OmniFocus will be a brand new option at each Complication size. In the biggest, you’ll see the first task that needs attention, along with a count of the actions that you’d like to show. (Based on the sum of whatever you select in OmniFocus 2 for iOS: Overdue, Due, Due Soon, Deferred, Flagged, and Inbox.) In the smallest, a simple badge count.

Apple Watch Complications and Today Extension options With Pro, you can choose custom perspectives.

Waiting on watchOS 2

Because Apple made a decision today to hold back watchOS 2 and because OmniFocus for Apple Watch requires watchOS 2, the app will not install on devices running watchOS 1. We expect that Apple will release watchOS 2 soon, but if your workflow requires OmniFocus for Apple Watch, hold off on updating OmniFocus for iOS.

Requiring iOS 9

Because of the significant changes and features that were just released, OmniGraffle, OmniOutliner, OmniPlan, and OmniFocus will each require iOS 9 for the latest additions. The Apple Watch app will require watchOS 2.

OmniGraffle 6.3 for Mac: Extensive Release Notes Edition

by Derek Reiff on August 31, 2015

Remember at the end of Mad Max: Fury Road when the water pipes were thrown open—wide open? That’s what OmniGraffle’s PM Joel did with this latest version of OmniGraffle. 6.3 is a major—but still free—update, and something we’re excited to make available today. It’s currently ready for both direct customers and those of you that bought in the App Store!

The list is long for features, fixes, and more fixes, but here’s a big one:

External Resource Folders

The most noteworthy addition is External Folder Linking. Add a folder anywhere on your drive to bring in all of your stencils and templates.

Open up the Resource Browser, tap the linked-folder icon in the lower left corner and add any folder—especially your OmniPresence or iCloud folder—and any new stencils and templates will appear automatically and stay in sync.

Oh, and we made Automatic Layout, Undo, export, Guides, Style Tray, text, drawing, the Stencil Window, Grids, sidebars, performance, Fill Effects, Drawing Tools, Inspectors, Quick Look, Preferences, Menus, Pasteboard, and overall stability a lot better. (Really, there’s too much to list. Everything is better.)

It’s a lot to process. Pore over the release notes and give it a download!

(And in a world with much too short release notes, this just feels good.)

OmniGraffle 2.2 for iOS with Actions and Document Provider support

by Derek Reiff on August 17, 2015

Today we’re releasing a great update to OmniGraffle for iOS! There’s a whole lot under the hood that makes it worth checking out right now, but there are also two Big Things:

  • Actions support (Pro)
  • Document Provider extension support (BETA)


Actions are brand new to iOS. Create new Actions on iOS via the Action Inspector, or use the Browse Action Tool to interact with Actions that you already added to documents from the Mac. You can jump to a specific spot in a document, toggle layers on and off, and link to URLs. (Certain actions on Mac won’t work on iOS, like “Runs a Script” and “Open a File.”)

Document Provider extension

Document Provider extension support in OmniGraffle 2.2 for iOS

Plus, with iOS 8’s Document Provider extension, you’ll be able to store documents directly in iCloud! It’s important to point out that some other storage providers will automatically show up if you have them installed, but not all are equal. (Or support the file package format.) You could lose data using storage providers other than iCloud, so we’ve marked this feature as BETA while we work with individual providers to improve compatibility. To turn it on, tap the gear icon, head to Settings, and toggle on the “Use Cloud Storage Providers” switch.

Find out more in the Working in the Cloud chapter of OmniGraffle’s manual.

We’ve also done a lot of work on Inspectors so that they’ll work on smaller screens, fixed some crashes, and improved freehand drawing. Enjoy the new features!