OmniPlan 3.10.3 for Mac: Localizations, Help, and Bug Fixes

by Brent Simmons on December 28, 2018

OmniPlan 3.10.3 for Mac includes new localizations — most importantly, the new Sync & Sharing workflow, introduced in OmniPlan 3.10, is now fully localized.

The in-app Help has been updated to include information about the new Sync & Sharing workflow, and the Custom Template Tokens chapter includes additional tokens.

This release also includes a number of bug fixes. Just a few examples: the Server Accounts window now refreshes automatically; sync performance has been enhanced; a crashing bug — when editing a task’s title after it was deleted in Network View — has been fixed.

Read the release notes for all the lovely details.

Also, while we’ve got your attention… Happy New Year from everyone at The Omni Group!

The Omni Show: Tim Wood, Chief Technology Officer

by Brent Simmons on December 12, 2018

For our special holiday episode we bring you the interview you’ve always wanted — Tim Wood, CTO and founder!

Tim talks about writing tools and serving as educator and resource for our dozen or so engineers. We also talk about Omni frameworks, the Seattle Sounders and their fan organization, and pottery.

Enjoy! And please accept our best holiday wishes from The Omni Show!

Note: after this we’re taking a short break. Our next episode will be published January 9, 2019. We’ve got some great shows planned for next year. :)

OmniFocus for the Web in Public Testing

by Brent Simmons on December 11, 2018

If you sign up to help test OmniFocus for the Web, the browser-based companion app to OmniFocus for Mac and iOS, you should receive an immediate invitation.

We had been sending invitations in batches, so we could monitor performance and stay up with feedback — but we’re at the point now where we can just add people automatically.

Here’s what to do:

Log in to your Omni Sync Server account, and then scroll down to the “OmniFocus for the Web Test” section, then join the testing group. You should receive an email, pretty soon after, with getting-started instructions.

Thanks in advance for all your help!

OmniFocus Books: One New, One Updated

by Brent Simmons on December 11, 2018

New book!

Rose Orchard and Ryan Dotson — two very active and knowledgeable members of the OmniFocus community — have written a new ebook: Build Your OmniFocus Workflow. In their words:

This book is a book we’ve written for all users of OmniFocus, from those taking their first steps with the app to those who are experienced and familiar with it. Irrespective of where you fall on this spectrum, you will be facing one truth: you must build your workflow. OmniFocus is a tool, like a screwdriver, that you will use in disparate situations to accomplish a variety of goals. Our work and lives are all quite different to our neighbours’ and thus our workflows will be just as diverse. Fortunately OmniFocus is a really good screwdriver that adapts to work in lots of different ways.

Check it out! On the website there’s a sample chapter you can download and read.

(If you would rather buy it on Apple’s bookstore, it appears that it’s available for pre-order: expected ship date is listed as Dec. 18.)

Updated book!

Kourosh Dini, long-time OmniFocus book author, has published Creating Flow with OmniFocus 3, an update which covers the latest in OmniFocus 3 for Mac and iOS, including tags and enhanced custom perspectives.

Kourosh writes:

Creating Flow 3 was written to offer an “unfolding” approach. You don’t need to go through the whole text to have a working system. In fact, you could just get by with “Getting Started” and be up and running. But if you want to really crush it, you can always turn the page to keep enhancing your system into a more and more powerful machine.

Gabe Weatherheard writes on Macdrifter, in a review, that the book is “well worth the price of admission for anyone using OmniFocus for complex task management.”

Check it out!

OmniGraffle 3.9 for iOS: Site Licensing Now Available

by Brent Simmons on December 11, 2018

This new release of OmniGraffle for iOS is the first of our iOS apps to offer Site Licensing for businesses. Ken Case, CEO of The Omni Group, wrote about this recently on this blog:

Looking around at how other people have solved this problem, one of the better approaches is to offer a single sign-on based licensing solution. (This is an approach Microsoft supports for licensing Office 365, for example.) The idea is that an organization will purchase licenses for use by a team, and the app will offer to let team members sign in with a set of credentials which will be verified by that organization using their single sign-on server. This lets the organization be responsible for purchasing and distributing their team’s licenses — including redistributing licenses when appropriate.

We’ve published a walk-through, with screenshots, showing how it works from a user’s perspective — see How do I install my organization’s OmniGraffle for iOS site license on my iOS device?

If you work at a business or school or other organization, and you might be interested in a site license (for OmniGraffle for iOS or any of OmniFocus, OmniPlan, or OmniOutliner for iOS), please email Feel free to cc Ken at

Or, if you’d rather, you can call us at 800-315-OMNI or +1 206 523-4152.