OmniFocus 3: Frequently Asked Questions

by Brent Simmons on September 25, 2018

We have answers for some questions people are asking…

OmniFocus for Mac

Light sidebar. This will appear in an update soon (though not the very next update, which is all about fixing bugs).

Dark Mode automatic switching. This will also appear in an update soon. OmniFocus will switch when you change the system setting. When in light mode, you’ll still be able to run with a dark sidebar, if you choose.

Notifications. The APIs changed in Mojave, and we’re working on bringing back notifications in a future release.

Installing without admin rights. If you don’t have permission to install to the /Applications folder, you can make an Applications folder in your home folder and install OmniFocus there.

Localizations. We’ll have localizations in an update soon, for Chinese (Simplified), Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese (Brazilian), Russian, and Spanish.

OmniFocus 2 Archive. Your old archive isn’t copied to OmniFocus 3 as part of the first run — but the first time you use the Archive feature in OmniFocus 3, the app will prompt you to copy it over.

Little Snitch. If it complains about OmniFocus and syncing, it’s because it’s actually a different app now, and you’ll need to create a new rule for it.

Tag locations. This is on our list of things we’d like to do, though we can’t promise when we might get to it.

Truncated titles. You can make titles not get truncated, via the View > Show Full Item > Always menu item.

Syncing with OmniFocus for iOS. Go for it. It worked when using OmniFocus 2 for Mac with OmniFocus 3 for iOS — but now that the Mac version has tags and enhanced custom perspectives, it all matches up.

OmniFocus for iOS

Siri Shortcuts. See our support article Using Siri Shortcuts with OmniFocus for instructions.

New Apple Watch complications. We’re working on adding support.

OmniFocus for the Web

Progress continues on OmniFocus for the Web, and you can sign up to help test.

We’re adding testers carefully, and we don’t have an ETA yet — we’ll let you know more once we have more to share.

OmniFocus in General

Forecast Tag. Which tag to use for the Forecast Tag is set on a per-machine/per-device basis, since it might be useful to have a different one on your iPhone than on your Mac at work, for instance. But this does mean that you need to set it in each place, if you use the feature.

Automation (OmniJS) and Collaboration. These remain on the roadmap, but weren’t scheduled for 3.0. We’ll let you know more when we have more to share.

Getting help. The fastest and best way to get help is still via Omni Support. Our Support Humans are awesome.

New Articles on Inside OmniFocus

by Brent Simmons on September 25, 2018

On Inside OmniFocus we like to publish articles by OmniFocus users who don’t work at Omni, since it’s useful — and often inspiring! — to read about other peoples’ workflows.

We published the first of these in the summer, and the last three over the weekend, in time for the OmniFocus 3 for Mac launch.

Outside OmniFocus by Jeff Porten — of TidBITS and Take Control of Your Productivity — talks about when to store data in OmniFocus and when to use other tools, such as OmniOutliner, and store pointers to that data inside OmniFocus.

What’s The Forecast? by James Dempsey — productivity podcaster and frontman of the chart-topping James Dempsey and the Breakpoints — talks about using Forecast as his primary view, and about how he uses due dates and tags.

How One Nerd Found Religion with OmniFocus Tags by David SparksMac Power Users and Automators podcaster, author of The OmniFocus Field Guide — talks about how he fell in love with tags and suggests some tags you might use.

Blowing Up Your Workflow with OmniFocus 3 by Allen Pike — who runs Steamclock Software — talks about looking at your workflows with fresh eyes in light of the new features in OmniFocus 3 Pro.

Enjoy! We’ll keep publishing these, since we hear from people that they help a lot in getting the most out of OmniFocus.

Mojave and Omni Apps

by Brent Simmons on September 24, 2018

We’re psyched for Mojave — the new macOS release — even though a number of us have been running betas all summer long. Or maybe because we’ve been running betas, and we really like the new system. Dark Mode is especially cool!

Here’s where we are with our apps:


OmniFocus 3 for Mac shipped earlier today and is ready for Mojave. Read the blog post for more details.


OmniGraffle 7.9 shipped today too — and it’s ready for Mojave and includes Dark Mode support. See the earlier blog post about this release.


OmniOutliner 5.3.4 is compatible with Mojave, but some of its controls don’t look quite right when using a document with a dark theme. Until OmniOutliner 5.4 ships — soon! — you might stick with lighter document themes when running on Mojave.


OmniPlan 3.10 shipped today, and it’s been updated with Mojave compatibility — but no Dark Mode support just yet. Expect a public test build with Dark Mode support soon.

Supporting Dark Mode has meant a lot of people doing a lot of hard work — reviewing and testing every part of the user interface, making design decisions and code changes, repeating until finished. But we love the results, and we’ll soon have all four apps shipping with Dark Mode support.

The Omni Show: OmniFocus 3 for Mac: Launch Day, New Design

by Brent Simmons on September 24, 2018

In this special episode of The Omni Show we celebrate the launch of OmniFocus 3 for Mac — today! — and we talk to Ken Case, Dave Messent, and Joel Page about the new design. Joel is a User Experience Designer, and this is his first time on the show.

The new design changed a lot from the early concepts to the design that shipped — which is not at all unusual, and it goes to how much thought and care we put into this work. We talk about the early ideas, and we go over various areas of the app and talk about how they changed and why.

And remember: you can read the episode if you’re not the podcast-listening type. We always provide a transcript.

We think this is one of our best episodes of The Omni Show yet, and we hope you enjoy it!

OmniPlan 3.10 for Mac and iOS Released

by Brent Simmons on September 24, 2018

OmniPlan 3.10 for Mac is Mojave-compatible, and it adds a major new feature to the Pro edition: a new Sync and Sharing workflow. This new workflow is much easier to discover and use than the previous system for managing accounts and for setting up publish and subscription actions.

Setting up a new action has been made easy. Here’s a screenshot:

Screenshot of OmniPlan’s new action sheet

Managing server accounts has been streamlined, as in this screenshot:

Screenshot of OmniPlan’s new server accounts window

OmniPlan now supports Google Calendar’s modern authentication API, which makes it much simpler to set up, since you no longer have to use an application-specific password or enable access to less-secure apps.

There’s plenty more — including new features and bug fixes in syncing and in other areas. This release represents a lot of hard work on the part of the OmniPlan team, and this is the best OmniPlan yet.

Definitely read the release notes for more details, including a note about backwards compatibility. (If you sync, you should update each copy of OmniPlan that you have.)

OmniPlan 3.10 for iOS is ready for iOS 12 and it supports Siri Shortcuts. As you create and open documents, Siri will notice and will make suggestions. The suggestions may appear in Spotlight, on the lock screen, and in Siri Settings.

The iOS app also includes the new file format changes — again, if you’re syncing, you should update all your copies of OmniPlan, on both Mac and iOS.

Read the release notes for more details on the changes.