Tech Support Status

We’ve released a whole bunch of big updates lately — OmniFocus 3 for Mac, yes, and plenty more — and we’re continuing to work on OmniFocus for the Web. (We’ve just added a new round of testers.)

As a result, our sales and support teams are working through a larger-than-usual number of requests for help. CEO Ken Case writes that “helping lots of new customers is a good problem to have!”

But we should let you know what’s up, and so Brian Covey, Support Manager, writes on our forum that we’re continuing to pull out all the stops, and that we’re making progress toward getting back to normal — but, in the meantime, we most sincerely appreciate your understanding. Thank you!

It’s also worth knowing that there are other ways to get questions answered, too. The apps include extensive manuals. Our support site is searchable. You can jump on our forums or join our Slack group — sometimes your question will already have been asked and answered, and other times another user of the app might have an answer you’re looking for.

And, again, we appreciate your patience as we get back to our normal quick turnaround.