OmniFocus Updates

A big part of our new OmniFocus 2 for Mac and iOS releases this week is related to work on OmniFocus 3 — with these new versions, testers can run the beta and still run the shipping versions.

One example of this work is enhanced support for repeating items: our cool new schemes in OmniFocus 3 will be recognized by these latest OmniFocus 2 releases.

But that’s not all! There are a number of bug fixes, including fixes for database migration and a fix for a crashing bug with drag and drop. For more details, see the release notes for Mac and for iOS.

Even though we’re busy at work on 3.0, it’s important to keep OmniFocus 2 updates coming — and there will be more bug-fix releases, possibly as soon as next week.

The Receipt Checking Bug

We released OmniFocus for iOS 2.22 early this week, and some customers ran into a problem where OmniFocus didn’t realize that they had previously purchased a Standard or Pro license.

As support was helping affected customers as quickly as possible, our engineers rushed out a work-around in 2.22.1 — breaking speed records for turnaround time, because this is a serious issue.

And then, for reasons unknown, it took 36 hours for the otherwise quickly-approved update to appear on the App Store.

Our deepest apologies go to anyone affected by this. If you’re still stuck, please contact us as soon as possible so we can help you get up and running again: either email us, or call us at 1-800-315-OMNI.

OmniFocus 3 Progress

We have a couple dozen people testing OmniFocus 3 so far, and we will continue to add people — though not all at once, since we don’t need thousands of people finding the same bugs at the same time.

Feedback has been great so far! Detailed and valuable, yes, and also complimentary. People like it!

This is great because it lets us know we’re on the right path toward making the OmniFocus that you want. The one that helps you get things done your way.

For more about OmniFocus 3, read the second half of Omni Roadmap 2018 and listen to the interview with Ken Case on The Omni Show. (Or read it, since there’s a transcript on the page.)

We have about 7,500 people already signed up to help test — and you’re invited to sign up too. That is, if you haven’t already. :)