OmniFocus 3 for Mac to Ship in September

Ken Case, CEO of The Omni Group, tweeted:

Now that we’ve had a chance to evaluate how WWDC’s announcements affect our development schedules, I’m happy to share that we plan to ship the Mac edition of OmniFocus 3 in September.

We’ve got details…

OmniFocus 3 for Mac will be available from the Mac App Store and from our website. It will be a free download with a 14-day trial. The Standard edition will cost $39.99, and Pro will cost $79.99.

Everyone who bought a previous version of OmniFocus for Mac will get a 50% discount, and everyone who bought OmniFocus for Mac since our announcement last October will get a free upgrade. (Which also means that you can buy OmniFocus 2 for Mac today and you’ll get a free upgrade to OmniFocus 3 for Mac.)

OmniFocus 3 for Mac will bring tags, enhanced custom perspectives, interleaved Forecast, the Forecast tag, enhanced repeating tasks, and other new features already found in OmniFocus 3 for iOS.

How You Can Help

It’s not in beta-testing yet, but our team’s hard at work and it will be in testing this summer, and you can sign up to help test. We appreciate it!

If you previously signed up to help test OmniFocus 3 for iOS, you don’t need to sign up again. We’ve got you. :)