OmniGraffle 3 for iOS


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The Infinite Canvas

An infinitely expanding canvas — never worry about adding width or height and moving everything down and to the right again. The canvas grows in any direction...if you’d like.

App Lock

Protect your documents with a password and Touch ID. Feel confident handing off your iPad full of pixel-perfect Graffles to a small, tap-ready toddler.

Artboards & Artboard Layers Pro

Work faster than ever with artboards. They’re great for organizing your Canvas and setting up advanced, exportable elements, and uniquely alter interactions with elements above them.

Interface v3

We’ve redesigned the entire interface for fewer taps, far faster access to objects, groups, and canvases, and a floating, movable tool palette.

  • Canvas & Inspector sidebars can be toggled off and on.
  • The new Tool Palette can be aligned vertically or horizontally at each corner of the canvas.
  • More common inspectors at the top—everything else just below!

Convert Text to Shapes Pro

The power to edit character shapes without firing up the font editor. Convert any text to Bézier-handled objects.

Automation Pro

Need automation power? Automation in OmniGraffle provides access to objects (and manipulating them) in OmniGraffle for iOS. And coming very soon: cross-platform compatibility.

Plus so much more.

Improvements in every nook. Even better on iPad Pro. Better for lefties. And righties. Fewer taps. More Canvas options.

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