OmniGraffle 3

for iOS

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Apple Pencil Support

Enjoy the easy, natural precision of the new Apple Pencil when creating and editing shapes and lines — make your documents pixel-perfect, even faster. And customize the double-tap gesture: make it switch to the previous tool or toggle the Navigation Sidebar, Inspector, or full-screen mode. (OmniGraffle supports both generations of the Apple Pencil, but the double-tap gesture is a feature of the 2nd generation.)

Siri Shortcuts

Siri will suggest activities to you — in Spotlight, on the lock screen, and in Siri Settings — based on your patterns of creating new documents and opening existing documents.

Drag and Drop

Taking advantage of iOS 11’s Drag and Drop functionality, OmniGraffle makes it even easier to get images or text into your document. You can even drag directly into a spot in your Navigation Sidebar hierarchy to get an object exactly where you want it.

Artboards & Artboard Layers Pro

Work faster than ever with artboards. They’re great for organizing your canvases and quickly moving things around — they uniquely alter interactions with elements above them.

Screenshot showing an artboard in the sidebar.

Canvas Size Modes

Three canvas modes that cover each and every document you make:

  • Fixed: exactly the dimensions you choose.
  • Flexible: decide which way you’d like the canvas to grow. New objects expand the canvas—just enough—in those directions.
  • Infinite Canvas: never worry about width or height again. The canvas grows in any direction.

Screenshot showing a canvas with arrows showing that it will grow in all directions.

Interface v3

We’ve redesigned the entire interface for fewer taps, far faster access to objects, groups, and canvases, and a floating, movable tool palette.

  • Canvas & Inspector sidebars can be toggled off and on.
  • The new, floating Tool Palette can be aligned vertically or horizontally at each corner of the canvas.
  • More common inspectors at the top—everything else just below!

App Lock

Protect your documents with a password and Touch ID. Feel confident handing off your iPad full of pixel-perfect Graffles to a small, tap-ready toddler.

Convert Text to Shapes Pro

The power to edit character shapes without firing up the font editor. Convert any text to Bézier-handled objects.

Screenshot showing a lowercase letter e converted to a Bézier shape, with visible handles.

Automation with JavaScript Pro

Need automation power? You’ve got it. OmniGraffle provides access to objects, canvases, and more. Package your common scripts up in Plug-Ins for quick access and cross-platform compatibility.

Plus so much more.

Improvements in every nook. Even better on iPad Pro. Better for lefties. And righties. Fewer taps. More Canvas options.

Download on the App Store.